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Brown Judaic Studies has been publishing scholarly books in all areas of Judaic studies for forty years. Our books, many of which contain groundbreaking scholarship, were typically printed in small runs and are not easily accessible outside of major research libraries. We are delighted that with the support of a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities/Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Humanities Open Book Program, we are now able to make available, in digital, open-access, format, fifty titles from our backlist. Once digitized the volumes will be freely available through ProjectMUSE, JSTOR, ACLS Open Humanities and the Hathi Trust. The volumes will also be available for purchase as print on demand.
Books in JSTOR from Brown Judaic Studies
37 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
The Aggada of the Bavli and Its Cultural World 2018
Approaches to Modern Judaism OPEN ACCESS 2020
Barukh Kurzweil and Modern Hebrew Literature OPEN ACCESS 2020
Behind the Essenes: History and Ideology in the Dead Sea Scrolls OPEN ACCESS 2020
Claude Montefiore and Christianity OPEN ACCESS 2020
A Conceptual Commentary on Midrash Leviticus Rabbah: Value Concepts in Rabbinic Thought OPEN ACCESS 2020
Diasporas in Antiquity OPEN ACCESS 2020
Essays on Biblical Method and Translation OPEN ACCESS 2020
From Rebuke to Consolation: Exegesis and Theology in the Liturgical Anthology of the Ninth Av Season OPEN ACCESS 2020
Goodenough on the Beginnings of Christianity OPEN ACCESS 2020
History and Literature: New Readings of Jewish Texts in Honor of Arnold J. Band OPEN ACCESS 2020
A History of Sukkot in the Second Temple and Rabbinic Periods OPEN ACCESS 2020
A History of the United Jewish Appeal OPEN ACCESS 2020
How America Met the Jews 2017
The Jewish Family in Antiquity OPEN ACCESS 2020
Jewish Thought Adrift: Max Wiener (1882-1950) OPEN ACCESS 2020
Kol Nidre: Studies in the Development of Rabbinic Votive Institutions OPEN ACCESS 2020
The Law of Jealousy: Anthropology of Sotah OPEN ACCESS 2020
The Libes Briv of Isaac Wetzlar OPEN ACCESS 2020
Mishnah’s Theology of Tithing: A Study of Tractate Maaserot OPEN ACCESS 2020
A Most Reliable Witness: Essays in Honor of Ross Shepard Kraemer 2015
"The One Who Sows Bountifully": Essays in Honor of Stanley K. Stowers 2013
The Peri Pascha Attributed to Melito of Sardis: Setting, Purpose, Sources OPEN ACCESS 2020
Philo’s Perception of Women OPEN ACCESS 2020
Praying Legally 2019
Predicting the Past in the Ancient Near East: Mantic Historiography in Ancient Mesopotamia, Judah, and the Mediterranean World 2012
Scholastic Rabbinism: A Literary Study of the Fathers According to Rabbi Nathan OPEN ACCESS 2020
Sectarian Law in the Dead Sea Scrolls: Courts, Testimony and the Penal Code OPEN ACCESS 2020
Strength to Strength: Essays in Honor of Shaye J. D. Cohen 2018
Supplementation and the Study of the Hebrew Bible 2018
Tangled Roots: The Emergence of Israeli Culture 2020
Tasting the Dish: Rabbinic Rhetorics of Sexuality OPEN ACCESS 2020
The Theology of Nahmanides Systematically Presented OPEN ACCESS 2020
Valuable and Vulnerable: Children in the Hebrew Bible, especially the Elisha Cycle 2013
When Texts Are Canonized 2017
A Wise and Discerning Mind: Essays in Honor of Burke O. Long OPEN ACCESS 2020
Worship, Women and War: Essays in Honor of Susan Niditch 2015