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New Open Access Journal: REUDAR. European Journal of Roman Architecture

REUDAR. European Journal of Roman Architecture
ISSN: 2603-6177
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REUDAR aims to be a proactive scientific agent to enrich the European common culture which binds more than 300 millions of citizens. REUDARintends to achieve this enrichment of the European citizenship through its historical architecture, concretely, the Roman architecture, which influence in the different European Classicism styles and is so prevalent in the European urban landscapes. REUDAR was created with a vocation of union and consensus through the scientific debate, leaded by researchers from different European countries, with contributions in all the European languages. REUDAR seeks to be, in essence, a 3rd Millennium intellectual forum to share a common topic, which is, sometimes, scattered in a multiplicity of existing Classical Archaeology journals, with no intention of replacement. REUDAR intends to be a reference, a call for scientific creativity through science, brightness, innovation and change inherent to our common secular identity with the Roman architecture as a driving force.

Núm. 1 (2017)

Table of Contents


Marina Covolan

Simone Dilaria

Sebastián Vargas Vázquez

Oscar Mei, Lorenzo Cariddi, Massimo Gasparini


Filippo Venturini

Jordi Pérez González

Christopher Courault

Call for papers_ Vol. 2 N° 1-2 (2018)

REUDAR call for papers for Vol. 2, 1-2 (2018) is open.
Articles will be published in early view form in three month maximum after submission. Full issues of Reudar 1-2 will be published in June/December 2018.
Papers should be submitted electronically via ojs system of REUDAR, including a cover sheet containing corresponding author's name, affiliation, mailing address, phone, email and address. Here you can download the template.

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