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Latin OWL is an iOS app for the iPhone, which I have made, and that you can download for free from the iTunes Store. The program is copyright 2013 Scot Mcphee.

LatinOnlineWordLookup (LatinOWL)

Can’t work out the root form of a irregular Latin conjugation? Confused as to whether it’s a 3rd declension neuter plural or a 1st declension feminine ablative .. or even nominative? Is that 1st/2nd pl. dative or ablative, or a 3rd m/f sing. genitive? Know how to parse the form, but don’t know the vocabulary? There’s an app that that!
The Latin Online Word Lookup (LatinOWL) is an iOS app that, by using data from the Perseus Latin Word Tool, allows a user to lookup any Latin word, locate the root (i.e. the nominative singular for nouns and adjectives or the 1st person singular present active indicative for verbs), and parse the entered form. It gives all possible forms for the word entered. The tool then links the root(s) to the online Lewis & Short dictionary from Perseus, and also from that dictionary, provides links to the works in the Perseus database that are quoted in the dictionary.
You can download it from the iTunes App Store for free by clicking on the icon above or by using this link: LatinOWL in the iTunes AppStore (this link should redirect you to your regional store, where you will be able to download it).
There are a few planned features for future versions, however, some of these may go only into the iPad version which may not be free, but a buck or two at the most:
  • save word lookup history
  • save favorite dictionary entries to local storage in the iPhone
  • a much better iPad version that will have afar better way to view the links to the source works from the dictionary, also better master/detail views, due to the increase in available screen real estate
  • possibly a Macintosh OSX version
There won’t be an Android version, I’m not interested in developing for Android. You can build your own, off my source code (see below).

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