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Open Access Journal: Geochronometria

[First posted in AWOL 3 November 2009. Updated 20 March 2013]

ISSN: 1733-8387 (print version)
ISSN: 1897-1695 (electronic version)
Geochronometria is aimed at integrating scientists developing different methods of absolute chronology and using them in different fields of earth and other natural sciences and archaeology. The methods in use are physical (e.g. radiocarbon and other isotopic methods, luminescence etc.) as well as non-physical (e.g. dendrochronology or varve chronology), and they are used in so diverse fields of science as geology, palaeoclimatology, palaeobiology, palaeohydrology, archaeology, etc.. Each method can be applied in many fields, and vice versa, each field can benefit from application of many chronological methods. The journal enables an easy exchange of information about the potential and limitations of various chronological methods to solve specific problems in various branches of science, and stimulates formulation of new ideas on their further development and application.
In the sense of classical division of sciences, Geochronometria is multidisciplinary and in fact, interdisciplinarity is quite a common feature of most modern research dealing with methods of absolute chronology. 

Geochronometria publishes papers that are concerned with all methods of absolute dating. Papers focusing both on techniques/methodology and on applications of dating are equally encouraged. Papers combining and comparing results of various methods are especially desirable.

In order to increase the international accessibility of Geochronometria, starting from Volume 26 (year 2007) it has been published in electronic form by the publishing house Versita using the platform of MetaPress up to volume 37 (year 2010). From the beginning of 2011 (volume 38) Springer is the co-publisher and distributor of Geochronometria and is available on the SpringerLink platform. Geochronometria's volumes up to volume 37 are available free of charge.
Since 2011
Vol. 37, 2010
Vol. 36, 2010
Vol. 35, 2010
Vol. 34, 2009
Vol. 33, 2009
Vol. 32, 2008
Vol. 31, 2008
Vol. 30, 2008
Vol. 29, 2007
Vol. 28, 2007
Vol. 27, 2007
Vol. 26, 2007
Vol. 25, 2006
Vol. 24, 2005
Vol. 23, 2004
Vol. 22, 2003
Vol. 21, 2002
Vol. 20, 2001
Vol. 19, 2000
Vol. 18, 2000

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