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Open Access Journal: SCRIPTA: International Journal of Writing Systems

SCRIPTA: International Journal of Writing Systems
ISSN: 2092-7215
SCRIPTA, the official journal of the Hunmin jeongeum Society, is a refereed journal published annually in September. SCRIPTA welcomes submissions from scholars of various disciplines whose work especially pertains to writing systems. Submissions should not substantially duplicate work that any of the authors have published elsewhere.
Scripta Volume 1, Sepember 2009
Reflections on the Invention of the Hunmin jeongeum [pdf]
'Hind Leg' + 'Fish': Towards Further Understanding of the Indus Script [pdf]
Some Remarks on Hankul Transcriptions of Middle Japanese [pdf]
Towards a Comparative Study of Sinographic Writing Strategies in Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese [pdf]
Writing Chinese in Tibetan: On the Alternatives for an Wutun Orthography [pdf]
Tokens and Writing: The Cognitive Development [pdf] 
Scripta Volume 2, Sepember 2010
The Korean Writing System in the World of the 21st Century [pdf] 
A Survey of the History of Hunmin jeongeum Research [pdf]
Toward an International Vocabulary for Research on Vernacular Readings of Chinese Texts (漢文訓讀 Hanwen Xundu) [pdf]
An Examination of Chinese Character Transcriptions of Jurchen and Manchu Personal Names as Reflected in the Annals of the Choson Dynasty [pdf]
Numerical Signs: The Sumerian and Chinese Cases [pdf]
On the Reconstruction of the Fragmented Documents Excavated from Seokga Pagoda 釋迦塔 [pdf]
Scripta Volume 3, Sepember 2011
Hunmin jeongeum: Dissemination Policy and Education [pdf]
Ancient Indian and Chinese Models of Sound Classification and their Reflections in the Writing Systems [pdf]
The Development of Japanese Kana [pdf]
Sino-Japanese Hybrids between Writing Systems: Wakan Konkōbun Seen through Grammatology [pdf]
The Ubiquity of the Gloss [pdf]
Styles of Decipherment: Thomas Young, Jean-François Champollion and the Decipherment of the Egyptian Hieroglyphs [pdf]
Indus Script: A Study of its Sign Design [pdf]
Scripta Volume 4, Sepember 2012

Tokens in China, Europe and Africa – The Significance [pdf]
Tongguk chŏngun and the Phonological System of Middle Korean [pdf]
On the Old Korean Numerals Inscribed on Wooden Tablet no. 318 [pdf]
Aspects of Writing Manchu in Hangeul in Joseon Dynasty [pdf]
Describing Old Japanese Kanji Usage: The Inadequacy of Traditional Terminology [pdf]
Khitan: Understanding the Language Behind the Scripts [pdf]
Religion, Art and Literacy: Three Critical Devices for the Legitimation of King Darius’s Kingship [pdf]

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