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The Ancient Theatre Archive: A Virtual Reality Tour of Greek and Roman Theatre Architecture

The Ancient Theatre Archive: A Virtual Reality Tour of Greek and Roman Theatre Architecture
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Augustodunum (modern Autun, France)
Lugdunum (modern Lyon, France)
Arausio (modern Orange, France)
Arelate (modern Arles, France)
Forum Julii (modern Fréjus, France)
Vasio Vocontiorum (modern Vaison-la-Romaine)
Vienna (modern Vienne, France)
Aegae (modern Vergina, Greece)
Aegeira (modern Egira, Greece)
Argos (modern Argos, Greece)
Cassiope (modern Kamarina, Greece)
Corinth (modern Kórinthos, Greece)
Corinth Odeum (modern Kórinthos, Greece)
Delphi (modern Delfi, Greece)
Delos (Modern Delos, Greece)
Dionysus (modern Athens, Greece)
Dium (modern Malathriá, Greece)
Dodona (modern Dodoni, Greece)
Elis (modern Ilida, Greece)
Epidaururs (modern Epidauros, Greece)
Eretria (modern Eretria, Greece)
Gythium (modern Githio, Greece)
Herodes Atticus
Isthmia (modern Isthmia, Greece)
Mantinea (modern Mantinea, Greece)
Megalopolis (modern Megalopoli, Greece)
Messene (modern Mavromati, Greece)
Milos, Cyclades, South Aegean
Mytilene, Lesbos, North Aegean
Nicopolis (modern Preveza, Greece)
Odeum of Herodes Atticus (modern Athens
Orchomenus (modern Orhomenos, Greece)
Orchomenos, Boeotia, Sterea Hellas
Oropos, the Amphiareion , East Attica
Patrai (Patras), Patra, Achaia, Greece
Philippi (modern Krenides, Greece)
Sicyon (modern Kiato, Greece)
Sparta (modern Sparti, Greece)
Stobi (modern Pustogradske, Greece)
Thessalonica (modern Thessaloniki, Greece)
Thera (modern Thira, Greece
Thoricus (modern Thorikos)
Arretium (modern Arezzo, Italy)
Asisium (modern Assisi, Italy)
Falerii Novi (modern Fabrica di Roma)
Ferentium (modern Ferento Viterbo, VT, Italy)
Interamnia Praetuttiorum (modern Teramo, Italy)
Iguvium (modern Gubbio, Italy)
Mevania (modern Bevagna)
Marcellus (modern Rome, Italy)
Ocriculum (modern Otricoli, TR, Italy)
Ostia (modern Ostia Antica, Italy)
Pompeii Odeum (modern Pompeii, Italy)
Pompeii (modern Pompeii, Italy)
Segesta (modern Calatafimi-Segesta, Italy)
Spoletium (modern Spoleto, Italy)
Syracusae (modern Siracusa, Italy)
Tauromenium (modern Taormina, Italy)
Acinipo (modern Ronda la Vieja, Spain)
Augusta Emerita (modern Mérida, Spain)
Baelo (modern Tarifa, Spain)
Bilbilis (modern Calatayud, Spain)
Clunia (modern Peñalba de Castro, Spain)
Carthago Nova (modern Cartagena, Spain)
Italica (modern Santiponce, Spain)
Malaca (modern Málaga, Spain)
Metellinum (modern Medellin, Spain)
Olisipo (modern Lisbon, Portugal)
Segobriga (modern Saelices, Spain)
Tarraco (modern Tarragonia)
Urso (modern Osuna, Spain)
Antiphellus (modern Kas, Turkey)
Arycanda (modern Arif, Turkey)
Aspendus (modern Belkiz, Turkey)
Aphrodisias (modern Geyre, Turkey)
Ephesus (modern Selçuk, Turkey)
Ephesus Odeum (modern Selçuk, Turkey)
Halicarnassus (modern Bodrum, Turkey)
Hierapolis (modern Pamukkale, Turkey)
Letoon (modern Bozoluk, Turkey)
Miletus (modern Balat, Turkey)
Myra (modern Demre, Turkey)
Patara (modern Kelemis, Turkey
Pergamum (modern Bergama, Turkey)
Pergamum Roman Theatre (Bergama, Turkey)
Perge (modern Aksu, Turkey)
Phaselis (modern Tekirova, Turkey)
Pinara (modern Minare Köyü, Turkey)
Priene (modern Güllübahçe Turkey)
Side (modern Eski Antalya, Turkey)
Simena (modern Kale, Turkey
Telmessus (modern Fethiye, Turkey)
Termessus (modern Güllük, Turkey)
Tlos (modern Düver, Turkey)
Troia (Troy) Odeum (modern Hisarlik, Turkey)
Xanthus (modern Kõnõk, Turkey)

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