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New Open Access Journal: Comparative Mythology

Comparative Mythology
ISSN: 2409-9899
The International Association for Comparative Mythology (http://compmyth.org ) is happy to present the inaugural issue of our long - planned journal Comparative Mythology. 
IACM was founded in 2006, and we have held annual conferences on three continents. Comparative Mythology was conceived near the beginning of the organization, but the birth has been (like that of Väinamöinen ) protracted for technical reasons. The aim of th e new journal – the only one dedicated to comparative mythology with a worldwide scope – is to study ancient and current mythologies by employing various appropriate methodologies, some traditional, some radically new. 
We have long felt that the field of mythology is in need of an international journal dealing with world - wide mythology, as distinct from journals with a local or regional focus and from those of the adjacent field of folklore. The lack of a journal fully dedicated to comparative mythology h as been and still is a large lacuna in the field. Even though the new French journal Nouvelle mythologie comparée (http://nouvellemythologiecomparee.hautetfort.com ) covers some of the same territory as ours, it rather seems to focus more narrowly on Indo-European myths. Instead, we want to include accounts of mythologies from all regions and time periods, including prehistory as far as visible in Stone Age rock art or as appearing in careful reconstructions. The latter includes the innovative approach of combining traditional comparison with the historical study of myths, both extinct and current, which allows for the reconstruction of earlier stages. 
Comparative Mythology will thus include studies on the various forms that mythologies have taken in history and prehistory, including their use in ritual, their presence as archaeological remnants and in various religions, while making use, when relevant, of philological, linguistic, genetic and other scientific information and methods. Attention will also be given to the study of the origin and spread of the mythologies of human populations out of East Africa, possibly remnants of the tales of the “African Eve” 

Vol 1 (2015): Issue 1

Front Matter

Front Matter and Table of Contents
Editorial Board


Michael Witzel

Emily Lyle

Nick Allen

Christophe Helmke, Jesper Nielsen

Klaus Antoni

Atsuhiko Yoshida

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