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The John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation Digital Library: The Museums Cycle


[First published in AWOL 3/27/09. Most recently updated 6 DEcember 2021 (corrected URLs)]


Since 1997, with financing by the Latsis Group and Eurobank Banking Group and then with financing by the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, a volume dedicated to an archaeological museum of the country is published each year, aiming to create a series of albums which, with their scientific validity and their aesthetic approach, contribute to the deeper knowledge and understanding of the individual pages of the history of Greek culture.

The foundation also issues them in open access digital format. The volume on Eleuthrnais the most recent to appear. Nineteen volumes are now available:

    Aravantinos, Vassilios. Τhe Archaeological Museum of Thebes 

    Banou, Eleni S.; Bournias, Leonidas K. Kerameikos

    Colonia, Rosina. The Archaeological Museum of Delphi 

    Dimopoulou - Rethemiotaki, Nota. The Archaeological Museum of Herakleion

    Fotopoulos, Dionissis; Delivorrias, Angelos. Greece at the Benaki Museum

    Grammenos, D.V. The Archaeological Museum of Thessalonik

    Hadjidakis, P. J. Delos 

    Hatzi, Georgia E. The Archaeological Museum of Olympia 

    Kaltsas, Nikolaos. The National Archaeological Museum

    Kottaridi, Angeliki Aigai: The royal metropolis of the Macedonians

    Lilibaki-Akamati, Maria, Ioannis M. Akamatis, Anastasia Chrysostomou, Pavlos Chrysostomou  Τhe Archaeological Museum of Pella  

    Ntoumas, Christos. Prehistoric Thera 

    Papadimitriou, Alcestis Mycenae

    Papaggeli, Kalliopi. Elefsis: The Archaeological Site and the Museum 


    Steinhauer, George. The Archaeological Museum of Piraeus 

    Steinhauer, George. Marathon and the Archaeological Museum

    Trianti, Ismini. The Acropolis Museum 

    Τsakos, Konstantinos, Maria Viglaki-Sofianou. Samos: The archaeological museums.

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