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Open Access Journal: Arctos: Acta Philologica Fennica


[First posted in AWOL 28 December 2013, updated 6  December 2021]

ISSN: 0570-734X  

Arctos is the principal classical journal of Finland. Published since 1954, it appears annually since 1974 (vol.8).

Arctos welcomes submissions dealing with any aspect of classical antiquity, and the reception of ancient cultures in mediaeval times and beyond. Arctos presents research articles and shorter notes in the fields of Greek and Latin languages, literatures, ancient history, philosophy, religions, archaeology, art, and society. Arctos publishes articles in English, French, German, Italian, and Latin. Each volume also contains reviews of recent books.

Arctos is published annually in printed form. After one-year embargo period, the contents of the volume are published in open-access form in the section past issues of these web-pages.

Correspondence regarding the submission of articles and general enquiries should be addressed to the Executive Editor and Secretary at arctos-secretary@helsinki.fi.

Most resent online volume

Vol. 53 (2019)

All articles and book reviews publised in Arctos 53 (2019) are licensed with Creative commons license standard CC BY-NC, now commonly used in scientific publishing. 

Due to technical problems, footnotes 12 and 13 were erased from the printed version of Olli Salomies' article "Latin Cognomina Ending in -illianus". This mistake has been corrected in the PDF version made available on this website. 

Published: 2020-06-29

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