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Open Access Bibliographical Database: DAPHNE

[First posted in AWOL 120 October 2010. Updated 3 January 2013]

DAPHNE - Data in Archeology, Prehistory and History on the Net
DAPHNE (Data in Archaeology, Prehistory and History on the Net) is a portal providing a single entry point to free subject-oriented bibliographic databases.
Subjects : Prehistory, Protohistory, Archaeology (from early human evidences to the industrial era), Sciences of Antiquity (all aspects : religion, politics, society, philosophy, economics, art, daily life, etc.) and History until the year 1000 on all continents.
Data Types : Bibliographic records covering international literature and resulting from the indexing and analysis of various types of documents (journal articles, books, conference proceedings, exhibits, theses, journals, electronic resources, etc). Records include keywords and abstracts (depending on the analysis specificity).
Special Features : The main idea behind this portal is to provide relevant answers to targeted queries through the use of precise and up to date indexing languages.
Thus, DAPHNE pools together data from three databases : BAHR, FRANCIS (Prehistory and Protohistory, Art and Archaeology files and part of the History and Science of Religion), FRANTIQ-CCI.
This pooling of resources takes two forms :
  • Terminological convergence (indexing term matching) and
  • Data convergence according to the MODS international format for DAPHNE
However, the three databases continue to exist on their own and can be searched separately.
DAPHNE guaranties that the data are available at no charge. Therefore, non CNRS users can have free access to part of the FRANCIS database.

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