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Newly Open Access Journal: Pseudo-Dionysius

First published in 1999, Pseudo-Dionysius is run by undergraduate and graduate students at Dalhousie and the University of King's College.  It offers the opportunity for university students at all levels to publish their work.

Vol 15 (2013)

A publication of the Classical Studies Society of the University of King's College and Dalhousie University.

Table of Contents


An Offer He Can’t Refuse: Virtue in the Marketplace in Plato’s Symposium An Offer He Can’t Refuse
B.W.D. Heystee
Getting Used to God: Augustinian and Avicennian Approaches to the Habit of Mysticism Getting Used to God
Daniel J. Gillis
Plato’s Eros Reflected in Ovid’s Narcissus Plato’s Eros Reflected in Ovid
Kaitlyn Boulding
Weaving the Great Web: Helen’s Poetic Perspective in the Iliad Weaving the Great Web
Hilary Ilkay
Being and Time in Plato’s Timaeus Being and Time in Plato
Daniel Heide
Ὁ Λόγος Δέων: The Binding Ratio Ὁ Λόγος Δέων: The Bin
Justin Singer
Metamorphoses 10.483-500 (Myrrha) Myrrha
Brian Lam
Metamorphoses 11.1-19 (Death of Orpheus) Death of Orpheus
Brian Lam
‘Optasne Frixa cum ea?’: Creating a Model of the Big Mac in Ancient Rome 'Optasne Frixa cum ea?"
William C Coney
Epistemology and Ontology in Aristotle’s History of Philosophy in Metaphysics Book Alpha Epistemology and Ontology
Caroline Michaud
Poema Epicum Canadense Poema Epicum Canadense
Bruce Russell
“Call me not a lord, for I am lady”: Elagabalus’ Effeminacy and Subversion of Roman Sexual and Gender Paradigms Elagabalus’ Effeminacy
Marybeth Osowski
Dialectic in Dialogue: Being and History in Aristotle's Metaphysics and Plato's Sophist Dialectic in Dialogue
Joseph Gerbasi
Dulce Periculum Est: The Role of Bacchus in the Poetic Process of Horace
Kevin Gaul
The Circles of the Soul and their Unity
Daniel Watson
An Instructive Failure: The Status of Anaxagoras in Plato’s Phaedo and Parmenides, and Aristotle’s Metaphysics Book A An Instructive Failure
Simcha Walfish
Pindar: Pythian 2 Pindar: Pythian 2
Paul McGilvery

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