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Online Proceedings: Water in Antiquity: Cura Aquarum in Israel 14-20 October 2012

15th International Conference: Water in Antiquity: Cura Aquarum in Israel 14-20 October 2012
 Dr. Tsvika Tsuk 
Cura Aquarum 15, 14-20/10/2012
The aqueducts of Tralleis
Prof. Dr. Eddie Owens
Dr. Daniel Warner 
 Mr. Hillel Glassman

The Early Islamic aqueducts to Ramla and Hebron
 Dipl.-Ing. Anna Androvitsanea Ms. Dipl.-Ing. Anna Androvitsanea M.Sc.
 Qanat Systems in the Holy Land
​Dr. Yosef Porath
 Mr. Amir Gorzalczany and Dr. David amit

 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hartmut Wittenberg

Ancient Water Systems of the Lamas Cayi and the surrounding hinterland
Mr. Dennis Murphy

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Henning Fahlbusch 

 Antike Wasserbauten Von Antiochia (Tuerkei)
​Prof. Dr.Mathias Döring

Water as weapon and military target in Ancient Mesopotamian 
Dr.-Ing. Ariel Bagg

   Sinter deposits in Roman aqueducts
Ms. Gül Sürmelihindi and Prof. Dr. Cees Passchier
The Atlas Project of Roman Aqueducts (ROMAQ)
Prof. Dr. Cees Passchier, Mr. Driek van Opstal, Mr. Wilke Schram and Ms. Gül Sürmelihindi

Currents of Water & Knowledge: Turning ancient water works into current education content
Dr. Amnon Shefi 

Mr. Wilke Schram

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