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Online Libanius Translation Project

[First posted in AWOL 18 March 2011.  Updated 14 August 2013 (The site had been taken offline in 2012 because of the activity of malicious spambots. It is back online on a secure server as of August 2013)]

Libanius Translation Project
You are invited to join this open, collaborative project to translate the writings of the the fourth-century CE orator Libanius of Antioch. The first phase is the translation of the fifty-one Declamations, short orations on historical and mythological subjects. Most of these have never been translated into English.

To get started:

1. e-mail the editors to create an account (libaniuseditor @ gmail . com)
2. see the Quick Start Guide and download PDF's, scanned by Google, of the Foerster critical editions:

* 1-12 at Google Books
* 13-30 and at Google Books
* Scanned edition of Libanii opera volume 7, containing Declamations 31-52, in process.

3. For navigation, see the Index of Declamations, Summary of Declamations and Index of Commentaries to the Declamations.

For previously translated declamations and editions of the text, see a short Bibliography.
The Libanius Translation Project is one of the arms of [http://www.hephaistos-text.org/ Hephaistos Text], a springboard for free, open, and collaborative scholarship in the classics.

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