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Open Access Journal: Oqimta: Studies in Talmudic and Rabbinic Literature

Oqimta: Studies in Talmudic and Rabbinic Literature
Oqimta is a digitized research journal devoted to all spheres and types of talmudic and rabbinical literature – Halakha and Agada
The articles in this journal undergo academic appraisal and redaction, and are published in the accepted languages for Judaica research.
Oqimta will be appearing once a year, in digitized form, and is available free of charge to the reading public. Articles that have completed the publication process will be uploaded to the site prior to the finalization of the issue, and can be found on the "In Publication" page.
We are pleased to present the inaugural issue: Oqimta 1 (5773 [2013]) containing thirteen articles. We take this opportunity to invite you to subscribe to our mailing list (see subscribe), and to send us your submissions (see Instructions for Authors).
Issue 1 (5773 [2013

Shlomo E. Glicksberg
Noise as a nuisance in Tannaitic literature, from Casuistics to Conceptalization (Heb.)
פתח קובץ Summary

Moti Arad
"Ye shall surely destroy all the places, wherein the nations that ye are to dispossess served their gods” - The Annihilation of Idolatry in Tanaitic Halakha (Heb.)
פתח קובץ Summary

Gilad Sasson
"God Stands in the Congregation of God" - Divine Inspiration by the Praying Congregation (Heb.)
פתח קובץ Summary

Ephraim Bezalel Halivni
Either X or Y: are both Options Equally Appropriate (Heb.)
פתח קובץ Summary

Menachem Ben Shalom
Additional Notes on the Verse: “For an impaled body is an affront to God” (Heb.)
פתח קובץ Summary

Shamma Friedman
Three Sage Stories in Light of a Recently Discovered Unknown Textual Tradition of Tractate Shabbat (Heb.)
פתח קובץ Summary

Rabin Shushtri
The Comparative Relation of the Yemenite Textual Witnesses for Tractate Sukkah of the Babylonian Talmud (Heb.)
פתח קובץ Summary

Israel Hazani
Meir Ish-Shalom on the Emigration of Jacob's Sons to Egypt, or: “Who is a Jew?” (Heb.)
פתח קובץ Summary

Shulamit Valler
The Talmudic discussion on building a porter's lodge and a door for the courtyard
פתח קובץ Summary

Yishai Kiel
Cognizance of Sin and Penalty in the Babylonian Talmud and Pahlavi Literature: A Comparative Analysis
פתח קובץ Summary

Jay Rovner
Metasystemic and Structural Indicators of Late-Stage Babylonian Stammaitic Compositions, Both Halakhic and Aggadic
פתח קובץ Summary

Leor Jacobi
Jewish Hawking in Medieval France: Falconry, Rabbenu Tam, and the Tosafists
פתח קובץ Summary

Israel Drazin
Nachmanides Introduced the Notion that Targum Onkelos Contains Derash
פתח קובץ Summary

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