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Open Access Journal: Gephyra: Journal for the Ancient History and Cultures of the Eastern Mediterranean

 [First posted in AWOL 13 April 2015, updated 13 December 2018]

Gephyra: Journal for the Ancient History and Cultures of the Eastern Mediterranean
ISSN: 1309-3924 
e-ISSN: 2651-5059
GEPHYRA is an open access online journal compiled by the Research Centre for Mediterranean Languages and Cultures of Akdeniz University to publish contributions from all fields of research into Asia Minor and the Eastern Mediterranean, insofar as they shed new light on the history and culture of this geographical and historical region. Epigraphic, archaeological, numismatic and art historical contributions, commented and evaluated material presentations, as well as historical reflections and essays are all equally welcome.
Creative Commons License

The content of this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
Please contact the publisher to purchase print volumes of Gephyra before No.15 via http://www.arkeolojisanat.com/
GEPHYRA 16 (2018)Last Issue
Volume 16 - Issue - Nov 2018
  1. The Annals and Lost Golden Statue of the Hittite King Hattusili I
    Pages 1 - 12
    Trevor R. Bryce
  2. Anmerkungen zum Namen der Karer
    Pages 13 - 17
    Diether Schürr
  3. Δημήτριος…ἀργυροκόπος ποιῶν ναοὺς ἀργυροῦς Ἀρτέμιδος: Die Silbertempel des Demetrios und die „Kistophoren“ des Claudius I (Ein Vorschlag)
    Pages 19 - 36
    Stefan Karwiese
  4. Countermarks in the Name “Galba” on Roman Imperial and Provincial Coinages: Considerations on the Countermarks and the Circulation of Local Bronze Coins in Pannonia (?), Moesia, Thrace and Asia Minor (?)
    Pages 37 - 73
    Rodolfo Martini
  5. Reconstructing the Past in a changing Landscape. Reflections on the Area of Ephesus and other Sites in Western Asia Minor
    Pages 75 - 90
    Andreas Külzer
  6. The Andriake Marbles: record of “a small ruined temple of very white marble” -a Roman 1st-2nd century hilltop mausoleum and coastal navigational marker at Andriake, Lycia, that disappeared in the early 19th c.
    Pages 91 - 142
    Terrance Michael Patrick Duggan
  7. Eine neue Inschrift der dionysischen Speira von Histria
    Pages 143 - 154
    Alexandru Avram
  8. Timbriada et son Territoire
    Pages 155 - 166
    Guy Labarre
  9. Crops and Envy in Cilicia
    Pages 167 - 172
    Robert Parker
  10. The Late Milestones of Asia Minor
    Pages 173 - 183
    Sylvain Destephen
  11. Germanen in frühbyzantinischen Inschriften: Vom Namen der Person zur Identität der Gruppe
    Pages 185 - 204
    Ulrich Huttner
  12. Nicht hinter jeder griechischen Signatur muss ein Grieche stecken. Pseudonyme unter Bildenden Künstlern des antiken Italien
    Pages 205 - 227
    Michael Donderer

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