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Trismegistos Places

Trismegistos Places (GEO and GEOREF)
Currently 30495 place records (GEO) and 117663 place attestation records (GEOREF).
A database of places related to the ancient world
by Trismegistos

Based on the foundations of the Fayum Project (Graeco-Roman Egypt) of the KULeuven and the project Multilingualism and Multiculturalism in Graeco-Roman Egypt of Cologne University. 

Fully reworked in a project sponsored by the Hercules Foundation.
Expanded to places outside Egypt in the framework of the CIP Europeana EAGLE project.

General coordination (Trismegistos): Mark Depauw, Herbert Verreth
General coordination (Fayum Project): Willy Clarysse, Katelijn Vandorpe
Database structure (Filemaker 7-11): Bart Van Beek
Online version (PHP & MySQL): Jeroen Clarysse, Bart Van Beek, Mark Depauw
Data processing (Fayum Project): Bart Van Beek; formerly Hans Proost, Inge Uytterhoeven
Data processing (Trismegistos): Herbert Verreth
TOP 2 (Click to download)
H. Verreth
A survey of toponyms in Egypt in the Graeco-Roman period
Version 2.0 (July 2013), Köln / Leuven 2013, 1253 pp. (12 Mb).
ISBN: To be determined (Version 1.0: 978-9-490604-0-35)
(The old version 1.0, from September 2008, is still available as well: click here to download in pdf).

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