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Arabic and Middle Eastern Electronic Library (AMEEL)

Arabic and Middle Eastern Electronic Library (AMEEL)
AMEEL is a Web-based portal and a digital collection of information for the study of the Middle East, including its history, culture, development, and contemporary face. Within this portal, Yale University Library offers the OACIS serials database and integrates existing scholarly digital content with newly digitized resources to make such materialS easier to find and use efficiently and freely.

Currently, AMEEL holds approximately 250,000 pages of full text, indexed and searchable in the language of publication including Arabic and Western scripts. The full text in AMEEL has been extracted using Optical Character Recognition software (OCR) rather than re-keying all works. Our digitization team aimed for accuracy rates of higher than 90% when converting modern Arabic text.
AMEEL Journals  (titles marked with  are only available inside Yale University domains)


Dirāsāt al-'Ulūm al-insānīyah wa-al-ijtimā'īyah

Dirāsāt tārīkhīyah : majallah faṣlīyah

Études internationales

Journal for the history of Arabic science

al-Kātib al-ʻArabī

al-Lughah wa-al-adab

Majallat Jāmiʻat Dimashq lil-ādāb wa-al-ʻulūm al-insānīyah wa-al-tarbawīyah

Majallat Jāmiʻat al-Malik ʻAbd al-ʻAzīz, vol. 1

Majallat al-Majmaʻ al-ʻIlmī al-ʻIrāqī

Majallat al-muʾarrikh al-ʻArabī. The Arab historian


al-Muʾarrikh al-Miṣrī : dirāsāt wa-buḥūth tārīkhīyah

Report on the excavations in ʻIraq ... Report on the activity of the Department of Antiquities

Revue Tunisienne de Sciences Sociales

Silsilat Awraq al-dhakirah: al-Junun wa-al-mar'ah fi Misr nihayat al-qarn al-tasi' 'ashar

Silsilat Awraq al-dhakirah: al-Mar'ah wa-al-hayah al-diniyah fi al-Usur al-Wusta bayana al-Islam wa-al-Gharb

Silsilat Awraq al-dhakirah: al-Nisa wa-mihnat al-tibb fi al-mujtama'at al-Islamiyah


al-Thaqāfah al-jadīdah

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