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Princeton University, Research Photographs, Archaeological Archives

Princeton University, Research Photographs, Archaeological Archives
The archaeological archives consist of unique photographic and textual documentation generated by over 100 years of expeditions and excavations conducted and sponsored by Princeton University. In addition to the primary corpus of photographs, glass plate and film negatives, drawings, there are supplementary materials such as journals, field notebooks trench reports and other ancillary records. Together these collections form a singular archive manifesting Princeton's continued participation in and sponsorship of excavations, a tradition that began in 1899 with Howard Crosby Butler's first expedition to Syria and continues with the excavations at Balis in central Syria.

RUDOLF-ERNST BRÜNNOW AND ALFRED VON DOMASZEWSKI ARCHIVE 1897-1898 Photographs of the Roman province of Arabia, including such sites as Amman, Bosra and Petra, to provide illustrations for Die Provincie Arabia published from 1904-1909. Princeton retains drawings, the original glass negatives and an accompanying set of mounted photographs. The collection also holds the complete set of the earliest panoramic photographic documentation of Mshatta’s facade, made by Rudolf-Ernst Brünnow in 1898. Catalogue of photographs....please be patient

HOWARD CROSBY BUTLER ARCHIVE American Archaeological Expeditions to Syria 1899-1900 Princeton University Archaeological Expeditions to Syria 1904-1905 and 1909 Photographs of secular buildings, fortifications, churches and monasteries, dating from the first to the seventh centuries A.D., in northern and southern Syria. In addition to the primary corpus of photographs, negatives and drawings, there are journals, diaries and personal sketches. Catalogue of photographs...please be patient

AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR THE EXCAVATION OF SARDIS 1910-1914 Photographs and negatives of the excavation of the ancient Lydian capital of Sardis taken during the seasons of 1910 – 1914. The collection includes extensive documentation of the excavation of the Temple of Artemis, as well as photographs of architectural details and other objects found at the site. Catalogue of photographs...please be patient

COMMITTEE FOR THE EXCAVATION OF ANTIOCH-ON-THE-ORONTES 1932-1939 Photographs and negatives from the excavation of this late antique site and its objects. The archive, most noted for its extensive documentation of mosaics, also includes inventories, field notebooks, diaries, trench reports, drawings and other ancillary records.  Catalogue of photographs....please be patient

PRINCETON ARCHAEOLOGICAL EXPEDITION TO MORGANTINA 1955 – 1963 and 1966-1967 Photographs, negatives and slides from the excavation of this prehistoric - Early Roman site. The collection also includes an extensive set of architectural drawings, trench notebooks and field books.

PRINCETON ARCHAEOLOGICAL EXPEDITION TO POLIS 1983 – PRESENT Photographs, negatives, and slides, from the excavation of the archaic and classical city of Marion in Cyprus. The collection includes drawings, trench notebooks, field books, and other ancillary records.

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