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Open Access Journal: Sino-Platonic Papers

[First posted 8/30/10. Most recently updated 21 August 2017]

Sino-Platonic Papers
ISSN: 2157-9679 (print)
ISSN: 2157-9687 (online)
Sino-Platonic Papers is an occasional series edited by Victor H. Mair of the University of Pennsylvania's Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations. The purpose of the series is to make available to specialists and the interested public the results of research that, because of its unconventional or controversial nature, might otherwise go unpublished.

Since issue no. 171 (June 2006), Sino-Platonic Papers has been published electronically on the Web at no cost to readers, with older back issues also being released periodically for free in e-editions. Paper copies of issues nos. 1–170 will continue to be available for purchase until our stock runs out, at which point those issues too will be available for free on the Web.
# Date Author Title Pp Price
271 June 2017 Christopher P. Atwood
University of Pennsylvania
The Textual History of Tao Zongyi’s Shuofu: Preliminary Results of Stemmatic Research on the Shengwu qinzheng lu 70 free
270 June 2017 Olivia Milburn
Seoul National University
The Chinese Mosquito: A Literary Theme 50 free
269 May 2017 Kristen Pearson
University of Pennsylvania
Chasing the Shaman’s Steed: The Horse in Myth from Central Asia to Scandinavia 21 free
268 May 2017 Julie Lee Wei
Palo Alto, California
Translator’s Preface to the English Translation of Mou Zongsan’s Nineteen Lectures on Chinese Philosophy 17 free
267 March 2017 William E. Mierse
University of Vermont
The Significance of the Central Asian Objects in the Shōsōin for Understanding the International Art Trade in the Seventh and Eighth Centuries 52 free
266 Jan. 2017 Eva Shan Chou
Baruch College, City University of New York
The End of Fiction, the Start of Politics: Lu Xun in 1926–1927 29 free
265 Jan. 2017 Peng Peng
Princeton University
A Study on the Origin of Chinese Lost-wax Casting from the Perspectives of Art, Technology, and Social Agency 48 free
264 Dec. 2016 Victor H. Mair, ed.
University of Pennsylvania
Sinitic Language and Script in East Asia: Past and Present vi, 202 free
263 Dec. 2016 Brian R. Pellar
Boston, MA
The Foundation of Myth: A Unified Theory of the Link Between Seasonal/Celestial Cycles, the Precession, Theology, and the Alphabet/Zodiac, Part II x, 186 free
262 Aug. 2016 Chau H. Wu
Northbrook, IL
Patterns of Sound Correspondence between Taiwanese and Germanic/Latin/Greek/Romance Lexicons, Part I 239 free
261 May 2016 André Bueno
Rio de Janeiro State University
Roman Views of the Chinese in Antiquity 21 free
260 Dec. 2015 Lucas Christopoulos
Lausanne, Switzerland
Greek Influences on the Pazyryk-style Wrestling Motif of the Keshengzhuang Bronze Buckles 13 free
259 Nov. 2015 J. P. Mallory
Queen’s University, Belfast
The Problem of Tocharian Origins: An Archaeological Perspective 63 free
258 Oct. 2015 Lyndon A. Arden-Wong
Macquarie University, Sydney
Irina A. Arzhantseva
Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow
Olga N. Inevatkina
State Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow
Reflecting on the Rooftops of the Eastern Uighur Khaganate: A Preliminary Study of Uighur Roof Tiles 72 free
257 May 2015 ZHANG He
William Paterson University
The Terminology for Carpets in Ancient Central Asia 35 free
256 April 2015 Victor H. Mair, ed.
University of Pennsylvania
Language and Ideology in Nationalist and Communist China 72 free
255 Feb. 2015 Jens Østergaard Petersen
The Zuozhuan Story about Qi Xi’s Recommendations and Its Sources 50 free
254 Jan. 2015 Michael Turk
Paradise, California
Majiayao Legacy: A Neolithic Record of Astronomy, Acupuncture, and Midwifery 67 free
253 Dec. 2014 Alessandro Berio
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The Celestial River: Identifying the Ancient Egyptian Constellations 58 free
252 Dec. 2014 L.S. Vasil'ev
Institute of Oriental Studies, Moscow; the Higher School of Economics, Moscow
translated by Rostislav Berezkin
Fudan University, Shanghai
Dao and Brahman: The Phenomenon of Primordial Supreme Unity 33 free
251 Aug. 2014 Yu Taishan
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
The Name “Sakā” 10 free
250 July 2014 Andrew Chittick
Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, Florida
Vernacular Languages in the Medieval Jiankang Empire 25 free
249 June 2014 Jonathan Ratcliffe
Monash University
Arimaspians and Cyclopes: The Mythos of the One-Eyed Man in Greek and Inner Asian Thought 71 free
248 May 2014 Catalin Anghelina
Columbus State Community College
On the Date of the Aryan Religion, and the Minoan Religion of the Bull 16 free
247 April 2014 Yu Taishan
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
The Sui Dynasty and the Western Regions 24 free
246 April 2014 Brian R. Pellar
Boston, Massachusetts
On the Origins of the Alphabet: New Evidence 22 free
245 March 2014 Gaby Bamana
University of Wales
Dogs and Herders: Mythical Kinship, Spiritual Analogy, and Sociality in Rural Mongolia 18 free
244 Jan. 2014 Norman Harry Rothschild
Sichuan University Center for Cooperative and Innovative Research and Development in the Humanities and Sciences, and the University of North Florida
Rhetoric of the Loom: Discursive Weaving Women in Chinese and Greek Traditions 22 free
243 Dec. 2013 Rostislav Berezkin
Fudan University
From Imperial Metaphor to Rebellious Deities: The History and Modern State of Western Studies of Chinese Popular Religion 35 free
242 Nov. 2013 YU Taishan
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
China and the Ancient Mediterranean World: A Survey of Ancient Chinese Sources 268 free
241 Oct. 2013 Catalin Anghelina
Columbus State Community College
On the Nature of the Vedic Gods 198 free
240 Sept. 2013 Miriam Robbins Dexter
Victor H. Mair
University of Pennsylvania
Sacred Display: New Findings 122 free
239 Aug. 2013 Eric P. Hamp
University of Chicago
with Annotation and Comments by Douglas Q. Adams
University of Idaho
The Expansion of the Indo-European Languages: An Indo-Europeanist’s Evolving View 14 free
238 May
Victor H. MairUniversity of Pennsylvania
with contributions by E. Bruce Brooks
University of Massachusetts
Was There a Xià Dynasty? 39 free
237 April
Victor H. Mair and Cheng FangyiUniversity of Pennsylvania and Tsinghua University Kungang (昆岗): The Making of an Imaginary Archaeological Culture 32 free
236 April
Wan Kong AnnTsinghua University Examining the Connection Between Ancient China and Borneo Through Santubong Archaeological Sites 18 free
235 March
Scott A. BarnwellLondon, Ontario, Canada The Evolution of the Concept of De in Early China 83 free
234 March
James M. HargettThe University at Albany, State University of New York 會稽: Guaiji? Guiji? Huiji? Kuaiji? Some Remarks on an Ancient Chinese Place-Name 32 free
233 Feb.
Johan ElverskogSouthern Methodist University China and the New Cosmopolitanism 30 free
232 Nov.
Huili ZhengSaint Vincent College Gendering Other: The Representation of Foreigners in Yesou puyan 39 free
231 Oct.
Heleanor FelthamUniversity of New South Wales Encounter with a Tiger Traveling West 29 free
230 Aug.
Lucas ChristopoulosKobe, Japan Hellenes and Romans in Ancient China (240 BC – 1398 AD) 79 free
229 Aug.
Joshua A. FogelYork University, Toronto New Thoughts on an Old Controversy: Shina as a Toponym for China 25 free
228 July
Victor H. Mair, ed.University of Pennsylvania The “Silk Roads” in Time and Space: Migrations, Motifs, and Materials 308 free
227 July
Hans LoeschnerVienna The Stūpa of the Kushan Emperor Kanishka the Great, with Comments on the Azes Era and Kushan Chronology 24 free
226 June
ZHOU YouguangBeijing To Inherit the Ancient Teachings of Confucius and Mencius and Establish Modern Confucianism 21 free
225 June
Patricia Eichenbaum KaretzkyBard College The Image of the Winged Celestial and Its Travels along the Silk Road 45 free
224 May
Victor H. Mair, ed.University of Pennsylvania Developments in Chinese Language and Script During the Twentieth and Twenty-first Centuries 130 free
223 April
Bertrand ArnaudParis Ecole Pratique des Hautes-Etudes Water Management in Jingjue Kingdom: The Transfer of a Water Tank System from Gandhara to Xinjiang in the Third and Fourth centuries C.E. 81 free
222 March
John R. McRae and Jan Nattier, eds.
Buddhism Across Boundaries: The Interplay of Indian, Chinese, and Central Asian Source Materials 260 free
221 Jan.
Conal BoyceCentury College The Dao De Jing Minus Ninety-six Percent: A Troubled Text Relieved of Its Politics and Bloat; and Another Look at the Indic Influence Puzzle 26 free
220 Jan.
Mark BenderOhio State University Ogimawkwe Mitigwaki and “Axlu yyr kut”: Native Tongues in Literatures of Cultural Transition 25 free
219 Jan.
Brian R. PellarBoston, Massachusetts The Foundation of Myth: A Unified Theory on the Link Between Seasonal/Celestial Cycles, the Precession, Theology, and the Alphabet/Zodiac (Part One) 132 free
218 Dec.
Michael TurkParadise, California Magician’s Map 26 free
217 Dec.
Jin GUANUniversity of Pennsylvania Guanxi: The Key to Achieving Success in China 10 free
216 Oct.
ZHANG HeWilliam Paterson University Is Shuma the Chinese Analog of Soma/Haoma? A Study of Early Contacts between Indo-Iranians and Chinese 36 free
215 Sept.
Matthew AndersonUniversity of Pennsylvania An Investigation of Orthographic Variance in Shang Writing 16 free
214 Sept.
Mark A. RiddlePleasant Grove, Utah Tennō (天皇): The Central Asian Origin of Japan’s Solar Kingship 25 free
213 Aug.
Xiang WANUniversity of Pennsylvania Early Development of Bronze Metallurgy in Eastern Eurasia 17 free
212 July
YU TaishanChinese Academy of Social Sciences The Origin of the Kushans 22 free
211 May
ZHOU JixuSichuan Normal University Confucius and Lao Zi: Their Differing Social Foundations and Cultures 18 free
210 April
Mark A. RiddlePleasant Grove, Utah Turkic “Balbal” in Japan 14 free
209 April
Mark A. RiddlePleasant Grove, Utah Japan and Inner Asia: Some Connections 23 free
208 Feb.
Victor H. Mair, ed.University of Pennsylvania Reviews XIII 120 free
207 Oct.
Randolph FordNew York University Barbaricum Depictum: Images of the Germani and Xiongnu in the Works of Tacitus and Sima Qian 31 free
206 Aug.
Heleanor B. FelthamUniversity of New South Wales Lions, Silks and Silver: The Influence of Sasanian Persia 51 free
205 July
Heleanor B. FelthamUniversity of New South Wales Nomad Culture, Greek Style: Steppes Jewellery and Adornment 31 free
204 June
YU TaishanChinese Academy of Social Sciences The Earliest Tocharians in China 78 free
203 June
Donald F. BeaumontSenior University, Georgetown, Texas How the Earth’s Geology Determined Human History 93 free
202 May
David McCrawUniversity of Hawaii An “ABC” Exercise in Old Sinitic Lexical Statistics 42 free
201 May
Hoong Teik TOHJohor, Malaysia Notes on the Earliest Sanskrit Word Known in Chinese 10 free
200 April
Urs AppSwiss National Science Foundation Arthur Schopenhauer and China: A Sino-Platonic Love Affair viii, 164 free
199 March
Tae Hyun KIMBerkeley Other Laozi Parallels in the Hanfeizi: An Alternative Approach to the Textual History of the Laozi and Early Chinese Thought 76 free
198 Feb.
Doug HitchWhitehorse, Yukon Aramaic Script Derivatives in Central Eurasia 18 free
197 Jan.
YU TaishanChinese Academy of Social Sciences The Communication Lines between East and West as Seen in the Mu Tianzi Zhuan 57 free
196 Dec.
Brian R. PellarSan Diego, California On the Origins of the Alphabet 46 free
195 Dec.
John L. SorensonBrigham Young University A Complex of Ritual and Ideology Shared by Mesoamerica and the Ancient Near East 134 free
194 Nov.
Heleanor B. FelthamUniversity of New South Wales Justinian and the International Silk Trade 40 free
193 Nov.
edited and with a foreword by Victor H. MairUniversity of Pennsylvania Women and Men, Love and Power: Parameters of Chinese Fiction and Drama 180 free
192 Sept.
John C. DidierColorado State University In and Outside the Square: The Sky and the Power of Belief in Ancient China and the World, c. 4500 BC – AD 200 (3 volumes)
  1. The Ancient Eurasian World and the Celestial Pivot
  2. Representations and Identities of High Powers in Neolithic and Bronze China
  3. Terrestrial and Celestial Transformations in Zhou and Early-Imperial China
c. 1000 free
191 July
Urs AppSwiss National Science Foundation William Jones’s Ancient Theology 125 free
190 June
Pita KeleknaNew York City The Politico-Economic Impact of the Horse on Old World Cultures: An Overview 31 free
189 June
Li Chen, Genevieve Y. Leung, Matthew A. Marcucci, and Kenneth Yeh; with a foreword by Victor H. Mair.University of Pennsylvania Sinographic Languages: The Past, Present, and Future of Script Reform 101 free
188 May
Geoff WadeInstitute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore The Polity of Yelang (夜郎) and the Origins of the Name ‘China’ 26 free
187 April
Xiuqin ZhouUniversity of Pennsylvania Zhaoling: The Mausoleum of Emperor Tang Taizong 380 free
186 March
Doug Hitch
The Special Status of Turfan 61 free
185 Nov.
Jan RomgardStockholm University and the University of Nottingham Questions of Ancient Human Settlements in Xinjiang and the Early Silk Road Trade, with an Overview of the Silk Road Research Institutions and Scholars in Beijing, Gansu, and Xinjiang 118 free
184 Oct.
Xiang LiSeattle, Washington Irony Illustrated: A Cross-Cultural Exploration of Situational Irony in China and the United States 59 free
183 Oct.
Chunwei SongPeking University Heroes Brought Buddhism to the East of the Sea: A Fully Annotated Translation of The Preface of Haedong Kosŭng Chŏn 38 free
182 Sept.
Aurelia Campbell, Jeffrey Rice, Daniel Sungbin Sou, and Lala ZuoUniversity of Pennsylvania The Cult of the Bodhisattva Guanyin in Early China and Korea 117 free
181 Aug.
Matteo ComparetiVenice, Italy Traces of Buddhist Art in Sogdiana 42 free
180 April
Amber R. Woodward A Survey of Li Yang Crazy English 71 free
179 Feb.
Julie M. GrovesHong Kong Baptist University Language or Dialect — or Topolect? A Comparison of the Attitudes of Hong Kongers and Mainland Chinese towards the Status of Cantonese 103 free
178 Feb.
Victor H. MairUniversity of Pennsylvania Soldierly Methods: Vade Mecum for an Iconoclastic Translation of Sun Zi bingfa, with a complete transcription and word-for-word glosses of the Manchu translation by H. T. Toh xvi, 195 free
177 Aug.
Beverley DavisMerit, Texas Timeline of the Development of the Horse 186 free
176 May
Eric HenryUniversity of North Carolina The Submerged History of Yuè 36 free
175 Dec.
Zhou JixuCenter for East Asian Studies, University of Pennsylvania; Chinese Department, Sichuan Normal University The Rise of Agricultural Civilization in China: The Disparity between Archeological Discovery and the Documentary Record and Its Explanation 38 free
174 Nov.
Mariko Namba Walter Sogdians and Buddhism 66 free
173 Oct.
Taishan YUChinese Academy of Social Sciences A Study of the History of the Relationship Between the Western and Eastern Han, Wei, Jin, Northern and Southern Dynasties and the Western Regions 166 free
172 Aug.
Deborah Beaser The Outlook for Taiwanese Language Preservation 18 free
171 June
John DeFrancisUniversity of Hawaii The Prospects for Chinese Writing Reform 24, 3 figs. free
Prior to issue no. 171, Sino-Platonic Papers was originally published in hard-copy form.
170 Feb.
Amber R. WoodwardUniversity of Pennsylvania Learning English, Losing Face, and Taking Over: The Method (or Madness) of Li Yang and His Crazy English 18 PDF: free;hard copy: $9.50
169 Jan.
Victor H. MairUniversity of Pennsylvania Conversion Tables for the Three-Volume Edition of the Hanyu Da Cidian i, 284 PDF: free;hard copy: $25.00
168 Dec.
Judith A. LernerNew York City Aspects of Assimilation: the Funerary Practices and Furnishings of Central Asians in China 51, v, 9 plates PDF: free;hard copy: $35.00
167 Dec.
ZHOU JixuSichuan Normal University Old Chinese ‘*tees’ and Proto-Indo-European ‘*deus’: Similarity in Religious Ideas and a Common Source in Linguistics 17 PDF: free;hard copy: $9.50
166 suppl. Nov.
Julie Lee WeiLondon Index to Chinese Characters in Sino-Platonic Papers nos. 161–166 21 PDF: free;
166 Nov.
Julie Lee WeiLondon
Hodong Kim
Seoul National University
and David Selvia and the Editor
both of the University of Pennsylvania
Reviews XII i, 63 PDF: free;hard copy: $15.00
165 Oct.
Julie Lee WeiLondon DAO and DE: An Inquiry into the Linguistic Origins of Some Terms in Chinese Philosophy and Morality 51 PDF: free;hard copy: $14.00
164 Oct.
Julie Lee WeiLondon Shang and Zhou: An Inquiry into the Linguistic Origins of Two Dynastic Names 62 PDF: free;hard copy: $15.00
163 Oct.
Julie Lee WeiLondon Huangdi and Huntun (the Yellow Emperor and Wonton): A New Hypothesis on Some Figures in Chinese Mythology 44 PDF: free;hard copy: $14.00
162 Sept.
Julie Lee WeiLondon Counting and Knotting: Correspondences between Old Chinese and Indo-European 71, map PDF: free;hard copy: $16.50
161 Sept.
Julie Lee WeiLondon The Names of the Yi Jing Trigrams: An Inquiry into Their Linguistic Origins 18 PDF: free;hard copy: $9.00
160 Sept.
Matteo ComparetiVenice Literary Evidence for the Identification of Some Common Scenes in Han Funerary Art 14 PDF: free;hard copy: $9.50
159 Aug.
Jens Østergaard PetersenUniversity of Copenhagen The Zuozhuan Account of the Death of King Zhao of Chu and Its Sources 47 PDF: free;hard copy: $14.50
158 Aug.
Mark Edward LewisStanford University Writings on Warfare Found in Ancient Chinese Tombs 15 PDF: free;hard copy: $8.50
157 Aug.
Ralph D. SawyerIndependent Scholar Paradoxical Coexistence of Prognostication and Warfare 13 PDF: free;hard copy: $8.00
156 July
Abolqasem EsmailpourShahid Beheshti University, Tehran Manichean Gnosis and Creation 157 PDF: free;hard copy: $32.50
155 July
Denis MairSeattle Janus-Like Concepts in the Li and Kun Trigrams 8 PDF: free;hard copy: $5.00
154 July
Serge PapillonBelfort, France Mythologie sino-européenne 174, 1 plate PDF: free;hard copy: $24.50
153 July
Alan PiperLondon (UK) The Mysterious Origins of the Word “Marihuana” 17 PDF: free;hard copy: $9.50
152 June
Denis MairSeattle The Dance of Qian and Kun in the Zhouyi 13, 2 figs. PDF: free;hard copy: $6.00
151 June
Jane Jia SIUniversity of Pennsylvania The Genealogy of Dictionaries: Producers, Literary Audience, and the Circulation of English Texts in the Treaty Port of Shanghai 44, 4 tables PDF: free;hard copy: $15.50
150 May
Dolkun KamberiWashington, DC Uyghurs and Uyghur Identity 44 PDF: free;hard copy: $14.00
149 May
Kimberly S. Te WinkleUniversity College, London A Sacred Trinity: God, Mountain, and Bird: Cultic Practices of the Bronze Age Chengdu Plain ii, 103 (41 in color) PDF: free;hard copy: $55.00
148 April
Lucas ChristopoulosBeijing Sports University Le gréco-bouddhisme et l’art du poing en Chine 52 PDF: free;hard copy: $16.00
147 March
Hoong Teik TohAcademia Sinica Chinese Qiong ~ Tibetan Khyung; Taoism ~ Bonpo — Some Questions Related to Early Ethno-Religious History in Sichuan 18 PDF: free;hard copy: $9.50
146 Feb.
Hoong Teik TohAcademia Sinica The -yu Ending in Xiongnu, Xianbei, and Gaoju Onomastica 24 PDF: free;hard copy: $9.50
145 Aug.
the editor
Reviews XI 2, 41 PDF: free;hard copy: $13.50
144 July
RONG XinjiangPeking University Land Route or Sea Route? Commentary on the Study of the Paths of Transmission and Areas in which Buddhism Was Disseminated during the Han Period 32 PDF: free;hard copy: $12.50
143 July
Victor H. MairUniversity of Pennsylvania Sleep in Dream: Soporific Responses to Depression in Story of the Stone 99 PDF: free;hard copy: $20.00
142 July
Katheryn Linduff, ed.University of Pittsburgh Silk Road Exchange in China 64 PDF: free;hard copy: $16.00
141 July
Yinpo TschangNew York City Chaos in Heaven: On the Calendars of Preclassical China 30 PDF: free;hard copy: $12.00
140 June
Yinpo TschangNew York City Shih and Zong: Social Organization in Bronze Age China 28 PDF: free;hard copy: $11.50
139 June
Taishan YuChinese Academy of Social Sciences A Hypothesis on the Origin of the Yu State 20 PDF: free;hard copy: $10.50
138 June
Julie Lee WeiSan Jose and London Dogs and Cats: Lessons from Learning Chinese 17 PDF: free;hard copy: $9.50
137 June
Hoong Teik TohHarvard University Some Classical Malay Materials for the Study of the Chinese Novel Journey to the West 64 PDF: free;hard copy: $15.00
136 May
Serge PapillonMouvaux, France and Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Influences tokhariennes sur la mythologie chinoise 47 PDF: free;hard copy: $14.50
135 May
John J. EmersonPortland, Oregon The Secret History of the Mongols and Western Literature 21 PDF: free;hard copy: $9.50
134 May
Xieyan HinchaNeumädewitz, Germany Two Steps Toward Digraphia in China i, 22 PDF: free;hard copy: $10.00
133 April
John L. SorensonBrigham Young University
Carl L. Johannessen
University of Oregon
Scientific Evidence for Pre-Columbian Transoceanic Voyages 48, 166, 19, 15 plates PDF: free;CD-ROM: $15.50
132 April
Kim HayesSydney On the Presence of Non-Chinese at Anyang 11 PDF: free;hard copy: $6.50
131 March
Taishan YuChinese Academy of Social Sciences A History of the Relationship between the Western and Eastern Han, Wei, Jin, Northern and Southern Dynasties and the Western Regions iii, 378 PDF: free;hard copy: $55.00
130 Feb.
Bede FaheyFort St. John, British Columbia Mayan: A Sino-Tibetan Language?A Comparative Study 61 PDF: free;hard copy: $15.00
129 Dec.
Michael WitzelHarvard University Linguistic Evidence for Cultural Exchange in Prehistoric Western Central Asia 70 PDF: free;hard copy: $16.90
128 Nov.
Yinpo TschangNew York City On Proto-Shang 18 PDF: free;hard copy: $10.00
127 Oct.
Sundeep S. JhuttiPetaluma, California The Getes 125, 8 color plates PDF: free;hard copy: $37.50
126 Aug.
Tim MillerUniversity of Washington A Southern Min Word in the Tsu-t’ang chi 14 PDF: free;hard copy: $8.00
125 July
ZHOU JixuSichuan Normal University
Shanghai Normal University
Correspondences of Cultural Words between Old Chinese and Proto-Indo-European 19 PDF: free;hard copy: $10.00
124 Aug.
Fredrik T. HiebertUniversity of Pennsylvania
John Colarusso
McMaster University
The Context of the Anau Seal

Remarks on the Anau and Niyä Seals
PDF: free;hard copy: $16.50
123 Aug.
Paul R. Goldin and the editor Reviews X 30 PDF: free;hard copy: $11.00
122 July
Julie WilenskyYale Univesity The Magical Kunlun and “Devil Slaves”: Chinese Perceptions of Dark-skinned People and Africa before 1500 51, 3 figs. PDF: free;hard copy: $17.00
121 July
Mark Edward LewisStanford University Dicing and Divination in Early China 22, 7 figs. PDF: free;hard copy: $10.50
120 July
Anne BirrellUniversity of Cambridge, Clare Hall Female-Gendered Myth in the Classic of Mountains and Seas 47 PDF: free;hard copy: $16.50
119 July
WU ZhenXinjiang Museum, Ürümchi “Hu” Non-Chinese as They Appear in the Materials from the Astana Graveyard at Turfan 21, 5 figs. PDF: free;hard copy: $18.00
118 June
Justine T. SnowPort Townsend, WA Evidence for the Indo-European Origin of Two Ancient Chinese Deities ii, 75, 1 color, 1 b-w print PDF: free;hard copy: $18.00
117 May
SHANG WeiColumbia University Baihua, Guanhua, Fangyan and the May Fourth Reading of Rulin Waishi 10 PDF: free;hard copy: $5.50
116 May
LIU YongquanInstitute of Linguistics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences On the Problem of Chinese Lettered Words 13 PDF: free;hard copy: $6.00
115 April
ZHOU JixuSichuan Normal University Correspondences of Basic Words Between Old Chinese and Proto-Indo-European 8 PDF: free;hard copy: $5.00
114 March
Ramnath SubbaramanUniversity of Chicago Beyond the Question of the Monkey Imposter: Indian Influence on the Chinese Novel, The Journey to the West 35 PDF: free;hard copy: $12.50
113 Aug.
Ray CollinsChepachet, RI
David Kerr
Melbourne, FL
Etymology of the Word “Macrobiotic:s” and Its Use in Modern Chinese Scholarship 18 PDF: free;hard copy: $9.50
112 July
Victor H. MairUniversity of Pennsylvania Notes on the Anau Inscription xi, 93 PDF: free;hard copy: $18.00
111 Nov.
Victor H. MairUniversity of Pennsylvania The Need for a New Era 10 PDF: free;hard copy: $5.00
110 Oct.
Toh Hoong TeikHarvard University Shaykh ’Alam: The Emperor of Early Sixteenth-Century China 20 PDF: free;hard copy: $9.50
109 Oct.
Conán Dean CareyStanford University In Hell the One without Sin is Lord ii, 60 PDF: free;hard copy: $14.50
108 Sept.
Ruth H. ChangUniversity of Pennsylvania Understanding Di and Tian: Deity and Heaven From Shang to Tang vii, 54 PDF: free;hard copy: $14.50
107 Sept.
Jacques deLisle, Adelheid E. Krohne, and the editor Reviews IX 148 + map PDF: free;hard copy: $25.00
106 Sept.
Yu TaishanChinese Academy of Social Sciences A Hypothesis about the Sources of the Sai Tribes i, 3, 200 PDF: free;hard copy: $30.00
105 Aug.
Anne BirrellCambridge University Postmodernist Theory in Recent Studies of Chinese Literature 31 PDF: free;hard copy: $12.50
104 July
David W. PankenierLehigh University Popular Astrology and Border Affairs in Early China 19 + 1 color plate PDF: free;hard copy: $9.50
103 June
Carrie E. ReidMiddlebury College Early Chinese Tattoo 52 PDF: free;hard copy: $15.00
102 March
Theresa JenBryn Mawr College
Ping Xu
Baruch College
Penless Chinese Character Reproduction 15 PDF: free;hard copy: $9.00
101 March
C. Michele ThompsonSouth Connecticut State University The Viêt Peoples and the Origins of Nom 71, 1 PDF: free;hard copy: $18.50
100 Feb.
Wayne AltCommunity College of Baltimore County (Essex) Zhuangzi, Mysticism, and the Rejection of Distinctions 29 PDF: free;hard copy: $11.50
99 Feb.
Anthony Barbieri-LowPrinceton University Wheeled Vehicles in the Chinese Bronze Age (c. 2000–741 BC) v, 98 + 5 color plates PDF: free;hard copy: $33.50
98 Jan.
Peter Daniels, Daniel Boucher, and other authors Reviews VIII 108 PDF: free;hard copy: $18.00
97 Dec.
LI ShuichengPeking University A Discussion of Sino-Western Cultural Contacts and Exchange in the Second Millennium B.C. Based on Recent Archaeological Discoveries iv, 29 PDF: free;hard copy: $13.00
96 June
E. Bruce BrooksUniversity of Massachusetts Alexandrian Motifs in Chinese Texts 14 PDF: free;hard copy: $7.00
95 May
Victor H. MairUniversity of Pennsylvania A Medieval, Central Asian Buddhist Theme in a Late Ming Taoist Tale by Feng Meng-lung 27 PDF: free;hard copy: $11.50
94 March
Julie Lee WeiHoover Institute Correspondences Between the Chinese Calendar Signs and the Phoenician Alphabet 65 + 6 PDF: free;hard copy: $16.00
93 Jan.
David S. NivisonStanford University The Key to the Chronology of the Three Dynasties: The “Modern Text” Bamboo Annals iv + 68 PDF: free;hard copy: $15.50
92 Jan.
Christine Louise LinDartmouth College The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan and the Advocacy of Local Autonomy xiii + 136 PDF: free;hard copy: $26.00
91 Jan.
Victor H. MairUniversity of Pennsylvania Phonosymbolism or Etymology: The Case of the Verb “Cop” 28 PDF: free;hard copy: $11.00
90 Jan.
Victor H. Mair et al Reviews VII [including review of The Original Analects] 2, 38 PDF: free;hard copy: $12.00
89 Jan.
Alvin LinYale University Writing Taiwanese: The Development of Modern Written Taiwanese 4 + 41 + 4 PDF: free;hard copy: $14.50
88 Dec.
Saroj Kumar ChaudhuriAichi Gakusen University Siddham in China and Japan 9, 124 PDF: free;hard copy: $27.00
87 Nov.
Victor H. MairUniversity of Pennsylvania Canine Conundrums: Eurasian Dog Ancestor Myths in Historical and Ethnic Perspective 74 PDF: free;hard copy: $16.50
86 Oct.
Jidong YangUniversity of Pennsylvania Siba: Bronze Age Culture of the Gansu Corridor 18 PDF: free;hard copy: $9.00
85 Oct.
Mariko Namba WalterUniversity of New England Tokharian Buddhism in Kucha: Buddhism of Indo-European Centum Speakers in Chinese Turkestan before the 10th Century C.E. 30 PDF: free;hard copy: $11.50
84 Oct.
Ulf JägerGronau/Westfalen, Germany The New Old Mummies from Eastern Central Asia: Ancestors of the Tocharian Knights Depicted on the Buddhist Wallpaintings of Kucha and Turfan? Some Circumstantial Evidence 9 PDF: free;hard copy: $8.50
83 Oct.
Minglang ZhouUniversity of Colorado at Boulder Tense/Aspect markers in Mandarin and Xiang dialects, and their contact 20 PDF: free;hard copy: $9.50
82 Sept.
I. S. GurevichRussian Academy of Sciences A Fragment of a pien-wen(?) Related to the Cycle “On Buddha’s Life” 15 PDF: free;hard copy: $8.50
81 Sept.
Hera S. WalkerUrsinus College (Philadelphia) Indigenous or Foreign?: A Look at the Origins of the Monkey Hero Sun Wukong iv + 110 PDF: free;hard copy: $24.50
80 July
Taishan YuChinese Academy of Social Sciences A Study of Saka History ii + 225 PDF: free;hard copy: $32.00
79 March
Dennis GrafflinBates College A Southeast Asian Voice in the Daodejing? 8 PDF: free;hard copy: $5.50
78 Feb.
NarsuInner Mongolia College of Agriculture & Animal Husbandry
Kevin Stuart
Qinghai Junior Teachers’ College
Practical Mongolian Sentences (With English Translation) iii + 49 + ii + 66 PDF: free;hard copy: $23.00
77 Jan.
Daniel HsiehPurdue University The Origin and Nature of the “Nineteen Old Poems” 49 PDF: free;hard copy: $14.00
76 Feb.
Patricia Eichenbaum KaretzkyBard College The Evolution of the Symbolism of the Paradise of the Buddha of Infinite Life and Its Western Origins 28 PDF: free;hard copy: $11.00
75 Feb.
Haun SaussyStanford University The Prestige of Writing: Wen2, Letter, Picture, Image, Ideography 40 PDF: free;hard copy: $13.00
74 Jan.
David MoserUniversity of Michigan & Beijing Foreign Studies University Covert Sexism in Mandarin Chinese 23 PDF: free;hard copy: $9.50
73 June
ZHANG Juan, et al., and Kevin StuartQinghai, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Henan, Liaoning Blue Cloth and Pearl Deer; Yogur Folklore iii, 76 PDF: free;hard copy: $18.00
72 May
E. Bruce BrooksUniversity of Massachusetts The Life and Mentorship of Confucius 44 PDF: free;hard copy: $13.50
71 March
Erik ZürcherLeiden University
Seishi Karashima
Soka University
Huanming Qin
Tang Studies Hotline
Vernacularisms in Medieval Chinese Texts 31 + 11 + 8 PDF: free;hard copy: $15.00
70 Feb.
David Utz, Xinru Liu, Taylor Carman, Bryan Van Norden, and the EditorPhiladelphia, Vassar, etc. Reviews VI 93 PDF: free;hard copy: $20.00
69 Jan.
Dpal-ldan-bkra-shis, Keith Slater, et al.Qinghai, Santa Barbara, etc. Language Materials of China’s Monguor Minority: Huzhu Mongghul and Minhe Mangghuer xi, 266 PDF: free;hard copy: $40.00
68 May
Ke Peng, Yanshi ZhuUniversity of Chicago and Tokyo, Japan New Research on the Origin of Cowries Used in Ancient China i, 26 PDF: free;hard copy: $10.00
67 April
David McCrawUniversity of Hawaii Pursuing Zhuangzi as a Rhymester: A Snark-Hunt in Eight Fits 38 PDF: free;hard copy: $10.50
66 March
ZHU QingzhiSichuan University and Peking University Some Linguistic Evidence for Early Cultural Exchange Between China and India 7 PDF: free;hard copy: $5.00
65 Feb.
Penglin WangChinese University of Hong Kong Indo-European Loanwords in Altaic 28 PDF: free;hard copy: $11.00
64 Jan.
Arne ØstmoeBangkok, Thailand, and Drøbak, Norway A Germanic-Tai Linguistic Puzzle 81, 6 PDF: free;hard copy: $17.00
63 Dec.
Sarah M. NelsonUniversity of Denver The Development of Complexity in Prehistoric North China 17 PDF: free;hard copy: $7.00
62 Dec.
William C. HannasGeorgetown University Reflections on the “Unity” of Spoken and Written Chinese and Academic Learning in China 5 PDF: free;hard copy: $5.00
61 Dec.
Kevin Stuart and Li XueweiQinghai Junior Teachers College, Xining, Kokonor (Qinghai) Tales from China’s Forest Hunters: Oroqen Folktales iv, 59 PDF: free;hard copy: $14.00
60 Dec.
Kevin Stuart, Li Xuewei, and ShelearQinghai Junior Teachers College, Xining, Kokonor (Qinghai) China’s Dagur Minority: Society, Shamanism, and Folklore vii, 167 PDF: free;hard copy: $26.50
59 Dec.
Kevin StuartQinghai Junior Teachers College;
Qinghai Medical College Attached Hospital, Xining, Kokonor (Qinghai)
China’s Monguor Minority: Ethnography and Folktales i, I, 193 PDF: free;hard copy: $28.50
58 Nov.
Üjiyediin Chuluu (Chaolu Wu)University of Toronto Introduction, Grammar, and Sample Sentences for Baoan 28 PDF: free;hard copy: $8.50
57 Nov.
Üjiyediin Chuluu (Chaolu Wu)University of Toronto Introduction, Grammar, and Sample Sentences for Monguor 31 PDF: free;hard copy: $9.00
56 Nov.
Üjiyediin Chuluu (Chaolu Wu)University of Toronto Introduction, Grammar, and Sample Sentences for Dagur 36 PDF: free;hard copy: $9.50
55 Nov.
Üjiyediin Chuluu (Chaolu Wu)University of Toronto Introduction, Grammar, and Sample Sentences for Dongxiang 34 PDF: free;hard copy: $9.00
54 Nov.
Üjiyediin Chuluu (Chaolu Wu)University of Toronto Introduction, Grammar, and Sample Sentences for Jegün Yogur 34 PDF: free;hard copy: $9.00
53 Nov.
XU WenkanEditorial Offices of the Hanyu Da Cidian Shanghai Guanyu Tuhuoluoren de Qiyuan he Qianxi Wenti [On the Problem of the Origins and Migrations of the Tocharians] 11 PDF: free;hard copy: $5.00
52 Nov.
Warren A. ShiblesUniversity of Wisconsin Whitewater Chinese Romanization Systems: IPA Transliteration 20 PDF: free;hard copy: $7.00
51 Nov.
HAN KangxinInstitute of Archeology Chinese Academy of Social Sciences The Study of Ancient Human Skeletons from Xinjiang, China 9 + 4 figs. PDF: free;hard copy: $6.00
50 Nov.
YIN BinyongState Language Commission and Institute for Applied Linguistics (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) Diyi ge Lading Zimu de Hanyu Pinyin Fang’an Shi Zenyang Chansheng de? [How Was the First Romanized Spelling System for Sinitic Produced?] 7 PDF: free;hard copy: $4.00
49 Oct.
Ludo RocherUniversity of Pennsylvania Orality and Textuality in the Indian Context 28 PDF: free;hard copy: $7.00
48 Sept.
Victor H. MairUniversity of Pennsylvania Introduction and Notes for a Complete Translation of the Chuang Tzu xxxiv, 110 PDF: free;hard copy: $21.50
47 Aug.
Robert S. BauerMahidol University Salaya Nakornpathom, Thailand Sino-Tibetan *kolo “Wheel” 11 PDF: free;hard copy: $5.00
46 July
various Reviews (V) 2, 155 PDF: free;hard copy: $24.00
45 May
Mark HansellCarleton College The Sino-Alphabet: The Assimilation of Roman Letters into the Chinese Writing System 28 PDF: free;hard copy: $8.00
44 Jan.
Dolkun KamberiColumbia University The Three Thousand Year Old Charchan Man Preserved at Zaghunluq 15 PDF: free;hard copy: $7.50
43 Dec.
MA Quanlin, MA Wanxiang, and MA ZhichengXining
Edited by Kevin Stuart
Salar Language Materials 72 PDF: free;hard copy: $16.50
42 Nov.
Renchin-Jashe YulshulTibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Kokonor (Qinghai)
and Kevin Stuart
Institute of Foreign Languages, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Kham Tibetan Language Materials 39 PDF: free;hard copy: $9.50
41 Oct.
Paul GoldinHarvard University Miching Mallecho: The Zhanguo ce and Classical Rhetoric 27 PDF: free;hard copy: $7.50
40 Sept.
Michael CarrCenter for Language Studies, Otaru University of Commerce Tiao-Fish through Chinese Dictionaries 68 PDF: free;hard copy: $15.50
39 Aug.
Jordan PaperYork University A Material Case for a Late Bering Strait Crossing Coincident with Pre-Columbian Trans-Pacific Crossings 17 PDF: free;hard copy: $6.50
38 April
Victor H. MairUniversity of Pennsylvania The Linguistic and Textual Antecedents of The Sutra of the Wise and the Foolish 95 PDF: free;hard copy: $18.00
37 March
Tanya StorchUniversity of New Mexico Chinese Buddhist Historiography and Orality 16 PDF: free;hard copy: $6.00
36 Feb.
XU WenkanHanyu Da Cidian editorial offices, Shanghai Hanyu Wailaici de Yuyuan Kaozheng he Cidian Bianzuan (Philological Research on the Etymology of Loanwords in Sinitic and Dictionary Compilation) 13 PDF: free;hard copy: $5.00
35 Nov.
Victor H. MairUniversity of Pennsylvania
with an added note by Edwin G. Pulleyblank
Reviews (IV) 37 PDF: free;hard copy: $12.00
34 Oct.
Victor H. MairUniversity of Pennsylvania Two Papers on Sinolinguistics
  1. A Hypothesis Concerning the Origin of the Term fanqie (“Countertomy”)
  2. East Asian Round-Trip Words
13 PDF: free;hard copy: $5.00
33 Sept.
FENG Lide and Kevin StuartChuankou No. 1 Middle School and Qinghai Education College Interethnic Contact on the Inner Asian Frontier: The Gangou People of Minhe County, Qinghai 34 PDF: free;hard copy: $10.00
32 Aug.
David McCrawUniversity of Hawaii How the Chinawoman Lost Her Voice 27 PDF: free;hard copy: $6.50
31 Oct.
various Reviews (III) 68 PDF: free;hard copy: $14.00
30 Oct.
M. V. SofronovInstitute of Far Eastern Studies, Academy of Sciences, Moscow Chinese Philology and the Scripts of Central Asia 10 PDF: free;hard copy: $4.50
29 Sept.
Victor H. MairUniversity of Pennsylvania What Is a Chinese “Dialect/Topolect”? Reflections on Some Key Sino-English Linguistic Terms Also available as a PDF.) 31 PDF: free;hard copy: $8.00
28 Sept.
ZHOU YouguangState Language Commission, Peking The Family of Chinese Character-Type Scripts: Twenty Members and Four Stages of Development (Also available as a 650 KB PDF.) 11 PDF: free;hard copy: $4.00
27 Aug.
Victor H. Mair, ed.University of Pennsylvania Schriftfestschrift: Essays in Honor of John DeFrancis on His Eightieth Birthday ix, 245 PDF: free;hard copy: $35.00
26 Sept.
JAO Tsung-iChinese University of Hong Kong Questions on the Origins of Writing Raised by the Silk Road 10 PDF: free;hard copy: $4.50
25 Aug.
Jean DeBernardiUniversity of Alberta Linguistic Nationalism: The Case of Southern Min 22 + 3 figs. PDF: free;hard copy: $6.00
24 Aug.
David A. UtzUniversity of Pennsylvania Language, Writing, and Tradition in Iran 24 PDF: free;hard copy: $6.50
23 April
Victor H. MairUniversity of Pennsylvania Tracks of the Tao, Semantics of Zen 10 PDF: free;hard copy: $3.50
22 March
David MoserUniversity of Michigan Slips of the Tongue and Pen in Chinese 45 PDF: free;hard copy: $8.50
21 Dec.
Philippa Jane BensonCarnegie Mellon University Two Cross-Cultural Studies on Reading Theory 9, 13 PDF: free;hard copy: $8.50
20 Oct.
Victor H. MairUniversity of Pennsylvania [The] File [on the Cosmic] Track [and Individual] Dough[tiness]: Introduction and Notes for a Translation of the Ma-wang-tui Manuscripts of the Lao Tzu 68 PDF: free;hard copy: $13.50
19 June
Bosat ManNalanda Backhill/Peking/Beijing 6 PDF: free;hard copy: $2.50
18 May
Victor H. MairUniversity of Pennsylvania Two Non-Tetragraphic Northern Sinitic Languages
  1. Implications of the Soviet Dungan Script for Chinese Language Reform
  2. Who Were the Gyámi?
28 PDF: free;hard copy: $7.00
17 April
Heather PetersUniversity Museum of Philadelphia Tattooed Faces and Stilt Houses: Who Were the Ancient Yue? 28 PDF: free;hard copy: $4.50
16 March
Victor H. MairUniversity of Pennsylvania Three Brief Essays Concerning Chinese Tocharistan 16 PDF: free;hard copy: $5.50
15 Jan.
George CardonaUniversity of Pennsylvania On Attitudes Toward Language in Ancient India 19 PDF: free;hard copy: $3.50
14 Dec.
various Reviews (II) 69 PDF: free;hard copy: $7.50
13 Oct.
Jiaosheng WangShanghai The Complete Ci-Poems of Li Qingzhao: A New English Translation xii, 122 PDF: free;hard copy: $18.00
12 Aug.
Victor H. MairUniversity of Pennsylvania The Contributions of T’ang and Five Dynasties Transformation Texts (pien-wen) to Later Chinese Popular Literature 71 PDF: free;hard copy: $12.00
11 July
Edward ShaughnessyUniversity of Chicago Western Cultural Innovations in China, 1200 BC 8 PDF: free;hard copy: $2.00
10 June
Pratoom AngurarohitaChulalongkorn University Bangkok Buddhist Influence on the Neo-Confucian Concept of the Sage (Also available in PDF format.) 31 PDF: free;hard copy: $6.00
9 Dec.
Soho MachidaDaitoku-ji, Kyoto Life and Light, the Infinite: A Historical and Philological Analysis of the Amida Cult 46 PDF: free;hard copy: $7.50
8 Feb.
various Reviews (I) ii, 39 PDF: free;hard copy: $7.50
7 Jan.
Chang Tsung-tungGoethe-Universität Indo-European Vocabulary in Old Chinese i, 56 PDF: free;hard copy: $10.00
6 Jan.
J. Marshall UngerUniversity of Hawaii Computers and Japanese Literacy: Nihonzin no Yomikaki Nôryoku to Konpyûta. This is a parallel text in Japanese (in romanization) and English. The English text alone is available in HTML: Computers and Japanese Literacy. 13 PDF: free;hard copy: $3.00
5 Dec.
Eric A. HavelockVassar College Chinese Characters and the Greek Alphabet (Also available in PDF format.) 4 PDF: free;hard copy: $2.00
4 Nov.
Robert M. SandersUniversity of Hawaii The Four Languages of “Mandarin” (Also available in PDF format) 14 PDF: free;hard copy: $2.00
3 March
Victor H. MairUniversity of Pennsylvania A Partial Bibliography for the Study of Indian Influence on Chinese Popular Literature iv, 214 PDF: free;hard copy: $20.00
2 Dec.
Andrew JonesHiroshima The Poetics of Uncertainty in Early Chinese Literature 45 PDF: free;hard copy: $3.00
1 Feb.
Victor H. MairUniversity of Pennsylvania The Need for an Alphabetically Arranged General Usage Dictionary of Mandarin Chinese: A Review Article of Some Recent Dictionaries and Current Lexicographical Projects 31 PDF: free;hard copy: $2.50
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