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Partially Open Access Journal: Egyptian Archaeology

Egyptian Archaeology
ISSN: 0962-2837
Egyptian Archaeology is our full-colour magazine, published in spring and autumn, reporting on current excavations, surveys and research in Egypt. Most issues run about eight to ten main articles, written by Egyptologists, archaeologists or curators working in the field, showcasing the work of the EES as well as of other researchers and field directors. Each issue also has a regular ‘Bookshelf’ feature, with reviews of popular Egyptological books, and the ‘Digging Diary’, which summarises some of the many archaeological projects happening in Egypt.
Each issue includes one or more articles available in open access:

Egyptian Archaeology 50

Read it for free: The early temple of Ptah at Karnak, by Guillaume Charloux and Christophe Thiers

Editor: Jan Geisbusch
Editorial advisors: Aidan Dodson, Cédric Gobeil, John J Johnston, Caitlin McCall, Luigi Prada and Alice Stevenson.

Contributors: Interested in submitting an article? See our guidelines.
Advertisers: Please contact the Editor if you would like to advertise in EA. Our current rates can be found here.
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Egyptian Archaeology 49

Read it for free:
Coptos: the sacred precincts in Ptolemaic and Roman times, by Laure Pantalacci and Cédric Gobeil


Egyptian Archaeology 48

Read it for free:
Anna Hodgkinson on Amarna and its glass industry, and what the the application of X-ray fluorescence can tell us about production techniques and provenance.
The EES-funded missions at Zawyet Sultan and Naukratis.

Egyptian Archaeology 47

Read it for free:
Earl Ertman and Otto Schaden, Small is beautiful: the gold coffinette G.6 from KV 63
Ahmed Nekshara, Tanis: rains and ruins

Egyptian Archaeology 46

Read it for free:
Aiman Ashmawy and Dietrich Raue, The temple of Heliopolis: excavations 2012-14
Alice Stevenson and Emma Libonati, Artefacts of excavation


Egyptian Archaeology 45

Read it for free:
Carol Redmount, El-Hibeh: a plundered site
Irene Forstner-Mueller, Avaris, its harbours and the Perunefer problem

Egyptian Archaeology 44

Read it for free:
Hany Abdallah El-Tayeb, The burial chamber of Rashepses at Saqqara

Egyptian Archaeology 43

Read it for free:
Timothy Sandiford, Ptolemaic houses at Abydos
Miroslav Barta, A new family cemetery at Abu Sir South

Egyptian Archaeology 42

Read it for free:
Joanne Rowland and Salima Ikram, The falcon necropolis at Quesna
Hélène Virenque, Letters from the Delta: Edouard Naville and the EEF
José M Galán, The Book of the Dead in Djehuty’s burial chamber

Egyptian Archaeology 41

Read it for free:
David Jeffreys, Egyptian landscapes and environmental archaeology
Margaret Mountford, A day at the races in Byzantine Oxyrhynchus
Kristin Thompson, Significant composite statue fragments from Amarna

Egyptian Archaeology 40

Read it for free:
Kenneth Griffin, The Book of the Dead in the tomb of Karakhamun

Egyptian Archaeology 39

Read it for free:
Faye Kalloniatis, The shroud of Ipu at Norwich Castle Museum

Egyptian Archaeology 38

Read it for free:
Maria Correas-Amador, A survey of the mud-brick buildings of Qena

Egyptian Archaeology 37

 Read it for free:
 M. Baba and S. Yoshimura, Dhashur North: intact Middle and New Kingdom coffins
 Daniela Rosenow, Revealing new landscape features at Tell Basta

Egyptian Archaeology 36

Read it for free:
Chris Naunton, The EES Oral History Project
Will Carruthers, A means to an end: seeking Bryan Emery in archives

PDFs of further selected articles and features can be found here:

Joanne Rowland, and Sonia Zakrzewski, Quesna: the Ptolemaicand Roman cemetery(EA 32, Spring 2008, pp.15-17)
Richard Parkinson, The painted tomb-chapel of Nebamun (EA 33 Autumn 2008 pp.21-24)
Irene Forstner-Muller, Providing a map of Avaris (EA 34 Spring 2009, pp.10-13)


Indexes to EA are published every ten issues and can be downloaded here:
Index to EAs 1-10
Index to EAs 11-20
Index to EAs 21-30
Index to EAs 31-40

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