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Open Access Journal: Journal of Hebrew Scriptures

[First posted in AWOL 23 October 2009. Updated 29 June 2017]

Journal of Hebrew Scriptures
ISSN: 1203-1542

The Journal of Hebrew Scriptures (JHS) is an international, peer-reviewed, open access, journal established in 1996 to foster scholarly research on the Hebrew Bible, Ancient Israel’s History and cognate fields of studies.
JHS articles are included in the ATLA Religion Database, RAMBI, and BiBIL. The full contents of the journal are archived by Library and Archives Canada and is accessible for consultation and research at the Electronic Collection site maintained by Library and Archives Canada. JHS volumes are published in hard-copy, with a year delay, by Gorgias Press as part of their series Perspectives on Hebrew Scriptures and its Contexts.
The publication of the journal is made possible through collaboration between the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, and the Swiss-French Institute for Biblical Studies in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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Author Title Volume Article Year
Klein, Neriah The Chronicler's Code: The Rise and Fall of Judah's Army in the Book of Chroniclesshow/hide abstract 17 3 2017
Smoak, Jeremy D. From Temple to Text: Text as Ritual Space and the Composition of Numbers 6:24–26show/hide abstract 17 2 2017
Vermeulen, Karolien The Body of Nineveh: The Conceptual Image of the City in Nahum 2–3show/hide abstract 17 1 2017
Berman, Joshua Empirical Models of Textual Growth: A Challenge for the Historical-Critical Traditionshow/hide abstract 16 12 2016
Suriano, Matthew Sheol, the Tomb, and the Problem of Postmortem Existenceshow/hide abstract 16 11 2016
Shalom-Guy, Hava Textual Analogies and Their Ramifications for a Diachronic Analysis of 1 Samuel 13:1–14:46 and Judges 6:1–8:35show/hide abstract 16 10 2016
Uhlenbruch, Frauke (ed.) “Not in the Spaces We Know”: An Exploration of Science Fiction and the Bibleshow/hide abstract 16 9 2016
Schwartz, Sarah Narrative Toledot Formulae in Genesis: The Case of Heaven and Earth, Noah, and Isaacshow/hide abstract 16 8 2016
Mylonas, Natalie, Stephen Llewelyn and Gareth Wearne Speaking to One's Heart: דבר and its Semantic Extensionshow/hide abstract 16 7 2016
Cataldo, Jeremiah W. The Radical Nature of “Return” in Zechariah show/hide abstract 16 6 2016
Athas, George Has Lot Lost the Plot? Detail Omission and a Reconsideration of Genesis 19 show/hide abstract 16 5 2016
Andrason, Alexander The Complexity of Verbal Semantics—An Intricate Relationship Between Qatal and Wayyiqtolshow/hide abstract 16 4 2016
Baranowski, Krzysztof J. The Biblical Hebrew wayyiqtol and the Evidence of the Amarna Letters from Canaan show/hide abstract 16 3 2016
Geobey, Ronald A. The Jeroboam Story in the (Re)Formulation of Israelite Identity: Evaluating the Literary-Ideological Purposes of 1 Kings 11–14 show/hide abstract 16 2 2016
Rezetko, Robert and Martijn Naaijer An Alternative Approach to the Lexicon of Late Biblical Hebrew show/hide abstract 16 1 2016
Macumber, Heather A Monster without a Name: Creating the Beast Known as Antiochus IV in Daniel 7 show/hide abstract 15 9 2015
Lenzi, Giovanni Sequences of Verbal Forms and Taxis in Biblical Hebrew show/hide abstract 15 8 2015
Hutton, Jeremy M. Optimality in the “Grammars” of Ancient Translations show/hide abstract 15 7 2015
Neriya-Cohen, Nava The Reflective Passages as the Core of Qoheleth: Content and Structural Analysis show/hide abstract 15 6 2015
Jones, Christopher M. Seeking the Divine, Divining the Seekers: The Status of Outsiders Who Seek Yahweh in Ezra 6:21 show/hide abstract 15 5 2015
Feder, Yitzhaq Behind the Scenes of a Priestly Polemic: Leviticus 14 and its Extra-Biblical Parallels show/hide abstract 15 4 2015
Knoppers, Gary N. The Construction of Judean Diasporic Identity in Ezra–Nehemiah show/hide abstract 15 3 2015
Pinker, Aron A New Interpretation of Job 19:26 show/hide abstract 15 2 2015
Korchin, Paul Suspense and Authority amid Biblical Hebrew Front Dislocation show/hide abstract 15 1 2015
Price, J.H. The Biblical Hebrew Feminine Singular Qal Participle: A Historical Reconstruction show/hide abstract 14 9 2014
Holmstedt, Robert D. Analyzing זֶה Grammar and Reading זֶה Texts of Ps 68:9 and Judg 5:5 show/hide abstract 14 8 2014
Sanders, Paul The Ashkar-Gilson Manuscript: Remnant of a Proto-Masoretic Model Scroll of the Torah show/hide abstract 14 7 2014
Silverman, Jason M. Vetting the Priest in Zechariah 3: The Satan between Divine and Achaemenid Administrations show/hide abstract 14 6 2014
Zimran, Yisca “The Lord Has Rejected You As King Over Israel”: Saul' Deposal from the Throneshow/hide abstract 14 5 2014
Wagner, Thomas Recounting חידות מני־קדם in Psalm 78: What Are the “Riddles” About? show/hide abstract 14 4 2014
Chavel, Simeon Prophetic Imagination in the Light of Narratology and Disability Studies in Isaiah 40-48show/hide abstract 14 3 2014
Scolnic, Benjamin Antiochus IV and the Three Horns in Daniel 7show/hide abstract 14 2 2014
Berger, Yitzhak Chiasm and Meaning in 1 Chroniclesshow/hide abstract 14 1 2014
Berman, Joshua Double Meaning in the Parable of the Poor Man's Ewe (2 Sam 12:1–4)show/hide abstract 13 14 2013
Frisch, Amos Malbim's Approach to the Sins of Biblical Personagesshow/hide abstract 13 13 2013
Farber, Zev Jerubaal, Jacob and the Battle for Shechem: A Tradition Historyshow/hide abstract 13 12 2013
Renz, Thomas An Emendation of Hab. 2:4a in the light of Hab 1:5show/hide abstract 13 11 2013
Gadot, Yuval, Yuval Goren and Oded Lipschits A 7th Century BCE Bulla Fragment From Area D3 in The ‘City Of David’/Silwan show/hide abstract 13 10 2013
Gonzalez, Hervé Zechariah 9–14 and the Continuation of Zechariah during the Ptolemaic Period show/hide abstract 13 9 2013
Nilsen, Tina Dykesteen Creation in Collision? Isaiah 40–48 and Zoroastrianism, Babylonian Religion and Genesis 1 show/hide abstract 13 8 2013
Tyson, Craig W. Josephus, Antiquities 10.180-82, Jeremiah, and Nebuchadnezzar show/hide abstract 13 7 2013
Watts, James W. Scripturalization and the Aaronide Dynastiesshow/hide abstract 13 6 2013
Nir, Rivka “It Is Not Right For a Man Who Worships God to Repay His Neighbor Evil For Evil”: Christian Ethics in Joseph and Aseneth (Chapters 22–29)show/hide abstract 13 5 2013
Andrason, Alex An Optative Indicative? A Real Factual Past? Toward A Cognitive-Typological Approach to the Precative Qatalshow/hide abstract 13 4 2013
Harrington, Hannah K. The Use of Leviticus in Ezra-Nehemiahshow/hide abstract 13 3 2013
Rezetko, Robert The Qumran Scrolls of the Book of Judges: Literary Formation, Textual Criticism, and Historical Linguisticsshow/hide abstract 13 2 2013
Cataldo, Jeremiah W. Yahweh’s Breast: Interpreting Haggai’s Temple through Melanie Klein’s Projective Identification Theoryshow/hide abstract 13 1 2013
Cornell, Collin R. God and the Sea in Job 38show/hide abstract 12 18 2012
Winther-Nielsen, Nicolai Stones on Display in Joshua 6: The Linguistic Tree Constructor as a “PLOT” Toolshow/hide abstract 12 17 2012
Charney, Davida Keeping the Faithful: Persuasive Strategies in Psalms 4 and 62show/hide abstract 12 16 2012
Knohl, Israel Psalm 68: Structure, Composition and Geographyshow/hide abstract 12 15 2012
Gottlieb, Isaac B. Medieval Jewish Exegesis on Dual Incipitsshow/hide abstract 12 14 2012
Avioz, Michael The “Spring of the Year” (2 Chronicles 36:10) and the Chronicler's Sourcesshow/hide abstract 12 13 2012
Assis, Elie The Structure of Zechariah 8 and its Meaningshow/hide abstract 12 12 2012
Cox, Benjamin D. and Susan Ackerman Micah's Teraphimshow/hide abstract 12 11 2012
de Jong, Matthijs J. The Fallacy of ‘True and False’ in Prophecy Illustrated by Jer 28:8–9show/hide abstract 12 10 2012
Hutton, Jeremy M. and Safwat Marzouk The Morphology of the tG-Stem in Hebrew and tirgaltî in Hos 11:3show/hide abstract 12 9 2012
Andrason, Alexander Making It Sound—The Performative Qatal and its Explanation show/hide abstract 12 8 2012
Chapman, Cynthia R. “Oh that you were like a brother to me, one who had nursed at my mother’s breasts” Breast Milk as a Kinship-Forging Substanceshow/hide abstract 12 7 2012
Oswald, Wolfgang Foreign Marriages and Citizenship in Persian Period Judahshow/hide abstract 12 6 2012
Evans, Paul S. History in the Eye of the Beholder? Social Location and Allegations of Racial/Colonial Biases in Reconstructions of Sennacherib’s Invasion of Judahshow/hide abstract 12 5 2012
Lipschits, Oded Archaeological Facts, Historical Speculations and the Date of the LMLK Storage Jars: A Rejoinder to David Ussishkinshow/hide abstract 12 4 2012
Berge, Kåre Literacy, Utopia and Memory: Is There a Public Teaching in Deuteronomy?show/hide abstract 12 3 2012
Bridge, Edward J. Female Slave vs Female Slave: אָמָה and שִׁפְחָה in the HBshow/hide abstract 12 2 2012
Wolters, Al The Meaning of ṢANTĔRÔT (Zech 4:12)show/hide abstract 12 1 2012
Stackert, Jeffrey Compositional Strata in the Priestly Sabbath: Exodus 31:12-17 and 35:1-3show/hide abstract 11 15 2011
Holmstedt, Robert D. The Typological Classification of the Hebrew of Genesis: Subject-Verb or Verb-Subject?show/hide abstract 11 14 2011
Sutskover, Talia Lot and His Daughters (Gen 19:30–38). Further Literary and Stylistic Examinationsshow/hide abstract 11 13 2011
Finkelstein, Israel, Ido Koch and Oded Lipschits The Mound on the Mount: A Possible Solution to the “Problem with Jerusalem”show/hide abstract 11 12 2011
Shalom-Guy, Hava The Call Narratives of Gideon and Moses: Literary Convention or More?show/hide abstract 11 11 2011
Wallace, Robert E. The Narrative Effect of Psalms 84–89show/hide abstract 11 10 2011
van Wolde, Ellen and Robert Rezetko Semantics and the Semantics of ברא: A Rejoinder to the Arguments Advanced by B. Becking and M. Korpelshow/hide abstract 11 9 2011
Andrason, Alexander Biblical Hebrew Wayyiqtol: A Dynamic Definitionshow/hide abstract 11 8 2011
Frisch, Amos Comparison With David as a Means of Evaluating Character in the Book of Kingsshow/hide abstract 11 7 2011
Ganzel, Tova The Shattered Dream. The Prophecies of Joel: A Bridge between Ezekiel and Haggai?show/hide abstract 11 6 2011
Garsiel, Moshe David’s Elite Warriors and Their Exploits in the Books of Samuel and Chroniclesshow/hide abstract 11 5 2011
Bachmann, Veronika The Book of The Watchers (1 Enoch 1–36): An Anti-Mosaic, Non-Mosaic, or Even Pro-Mosaic Writing?show/hide abstract 11 4 2011
Campos, Martha E. Structure and Meaning in the Third Vision of Amos (7:7–17)show/hide abstract 11 3 2011
Doak, Brian R. “Some Worthless and Reckless Fellows”: Landlessness and Parasocial Leadership in Judgesshow/hide abstract 11 2 2011
Assis, Elie Zechariah 8 and its Allusions to Jeremiah 30–33 and Deutero-Isaiahshow/hide abstract 11 1 2011
Finkelstein, Israel Archaeology as a High Court in Ancient Israelite History: A Reply to Nadav Na’amanshow/hide abstract 10 19 2010
Samet, Nili “The Tallest Man Cannot Reach Heaven; the Broadest Man Cannot Cover Earth” – Reconsidering the Proverb and its Biblical Parallelsshow/hide abstract 10 18 2010
Melvin, David P. Divine Mediation and the Rise of Civilization in Mesopotamian Literature and in Genesis 1–11show/hide abstract 10 17 2010
Frankel, David El as the Speaking Voice in Psalm 82:6–8show/hide abstract 10 16 2010
Assis, Elie Zechariah 8 As Revision and Digest of Zechariah 1–7show/hide abstract 10 15 2010
Vermeulen, Karolien Eeny Meeny Miny Moe. Who Is The Craftiest To Go?show/hide abstract 10 14 2010
Miller, Marvin Lloyd Nehemiah 5: A Response to Philippe Guillaumeshow/hide abstract 10 13 2010
Hutzli, Jürg Tradition and Interpretation in Gen 1:1–2:4ashow/hide abstract 10 12 2010
Landy, Francis Three Sides of a Coin: In Conversation with Ben Zvi And Nogalski, Two Sides of a Coinshow/hide abstract 10 11 2010
Andrason, Alexander The Panchronic Yiqtol: Functionally Consistent and Cognitively Plausibleshow/hide abstract 10 10 2010
Olyan, Saul M. (ed.) In Conversation With Joshua A. Berman, Created Equal: How the Bible Broke With Ancient Political Thought (Oxford University Press, 2008).show/hide abstract 10 9 2010
Guillaume, Philippe Nehemiah 5: No Economic Crisisshow/hide abstract 10 8 2010
Hobson, Russell Jeremiah 41 and the Ammonite Allianceshow/hide abstract 10 7 2010
Shemesh, Yael “And Many Beasts” (Jonah 4:11): The Function and Status of Animals in the Book of Jonahshow/hide abstract 10 6 2010
Garsiel, Moshe The Book of Samuel: Its Composition, Structure and Significance as a Historiographical Sourceshow/hide abstract 10 5 2010
Kletter, Raz and Gideon Solimani Archaeology and Professional Ethical Codes in Israel in the mid 80s: The Case of the Association of Archaeologists in Israel and Its Code of Ethicsshow/hide abstract 10 4 2010
Becking, Bob and Marjo C.A. Korpel To Create, to Separate or to Construct: An Alternative for a Recent Proposal as to the Interpretation of ברא in Gen 1:1–2:4ashow/hide abstract 10 3 2010
Broida, Marian Closure in Samsonshow/hide abstract 10 2 2010
Amar Zohar, Ram Bouchnick and Guy Bar-Oz The Contribution of Archaeozoology to the Identification of the Ritually Clean Ungulates Mentioned in The Hebrew Bibleshow/hide abstract 10 1 2010
Van Seters, John A Response to G. Aichelle, P. Miscall and R. Walsh, “An Elephant in the Room: Historical-Critical and the Postmodern Interpretations of the Bible”show/hide abstract 9 26 2009
Savran, George Multivocality in Group Speech in Biblical Narrativeshow/hide abstract 9 25 2009
Finkelstein, Israel Persian Period Jerusalem and Yehud: A Rejoindershow/hide abstract 9 24 2009
Renz, Thomas A Perfectly Broken Acrostic in Nahum 1?show/hide abstract 9 23 2009
Vermeulen, Karolien To See or Not To See. The Polysemy of the Word עין in the Isaac Narratives (Gen 17–35)show/hide abstract 9 22 2009
Pinker, Aron Intrusion of Ptolemaic Reality on Cultic Practices in Qoh 4:17show/hide abstract 9 21 2009
Lipschits, Oded Persian Period Finds from Jerusalem: Facts and Interpretationsshow/hide abstract 9 20 2009
Holmstedt, Robert D. אני ולבי-The Syntactic Encoding of the Collaborative Nature of Qohelet's Experimentshow/hide abstract 9 19 2009
Knauf, Ernst Axel Observations on Judah's Social and Economic History and the Dating of the Laws in Deuteronomyshow/hide abstract 9 18 2009
Person Jr., Raymond F. (ed.) In Conversation With Thomas Römer, The So-Called Deuteronomistic History: A Sociological, Historical And Literary Introduction (London: T. & T. Clark, 2005).show/hide abstract 9 17 2009
Guillaume, Philippe Lamentations 5: The Seventh Acrosticshow/hide abstract 9 16 2009
Becking, Bob God-Talk for a Disillusioned Pilgrim in Psalm 121show/hide abstract 9 15 2009
Olyan, Saul M. The Ascription of Physical Disability as a Stigmatizing Strategy in Biblical Iconic Polemicsshow/hide abstract 9 14 2003
Gow, Andrew C. The Contested History of a Book: The German Bible of the Later Middle Ages and Reformation in Legend, Ideology, and Scholarshipshow/hide abstract 9 13 2009
Kennedy, James M. Psalm 29 as Semiotic System: A Linguistic Readingshow/hide abstract 9 12 2009
Boda, Mark J. (ed.) In Conversation with Steven Schweitzer, Reading Utopia in Chronicles (LHBOTS, 442; London: T. & T. Clark International, 2007)show/hide abstract 9 11 2009
Gilmour, Rachelle Suspense and Anticipation in 1 Samuel 9:1–14show/hide abstract 9 10 2009
Timmer, Daniel The Intertextual Israelite Jonah Face À L'empire: The Post-Colonial Significance of The Book's Cotexts and Purported Neo-Assyrian Contextshow/hide abstract 9 9 2009
Spronk, Klaas Jonah, Nahum, and the Book of the Twelve: A Response to Jakob Wöhrleshow/hide abstract 9 8 2009
Wöhrle, Jakob A Prophetic Reflection on Divine Forgiveness: The Integration of the Book of Jonah into the Book of the Twelveshow/hide abstract 9 7 2009
Guillaume, Philippe Rhetorical Reading Redundant: A Response to Ehud Ben Zvishow/hide abstract 9 6 2009
Ben Zvi, Ehud Jonah 4:11 and the Metaprophetic Character of the Book of Jonahshow/hide abstract 9 5 2009
Bolin, Thomas M. Eternal Delight and Deliciousness: The Book of Jonah After Ten Yearsshow/hide abstract 9 4 2009
Guillaume, Philippe Arguing under the Qiqayon: An Introduction to a Set of Articles on Jonahshow/hide abstract 9 3 2009
Athas, George In Search of the Seventy ‘Weeks’ of Daniel 9show/hide abstract 9 2 2009
Christian, Mark A. Priestly Power that Empowers: Michel Foucault, Middle-tier Levites, and the Sociology of “Popular Religious Groups” in Israelshow/hide abstract 9 1 2009
Young, Ian Late Biblical Hebrew And The Qumran Pesher Habakkukshow/hide abstract 8 25 2008
Na'aman, Nadav Shaaraim - The Gateway To The Kingdom Of Judahshow/hide abstract 8 24 2008
Steinmann, Andrew E. Letters of Kings about Votive Offerings, The God of Israel and the Aramaic Document in Ezra 4:8–6:18show/hide abstract 8 23 2008
Garfinkel, Yosef and Saar Ganor Khirbet Qeiyafa: Sha`arayimshow/hide abstract 8 22 2008
Na'aman, Nadav In Search of the Ancient Name of Khirbet Qeiyafashow/hide abstract 8 21 2008
Dobbs-Allsopp, F. W. Psalm 133: A (Close) Readingshow/hide abstract 8 20 2008
Assis, Elie The Temple in the Book of Haggaishow/hide abstract 8 19 2008
Avioz, Michael Saul as a Just Judge in Josephus' Antiquities of the Jewsshow/hide abstract 8 18 2008
Kline, Moshe “The Editor was Nodding” A Reading of Leviticus 19 in Memory of Mary Douglasshow/hide abstract 8 17 2008
Jacobs, Jonathan Characterizing Esther from the Outset: The Contribution of the Story in Esther 2:1–20show/hide abstract 8 16 2008
Römer, Thomas Moses Outside the Torah and the Construction of a Diaspora Identityshow/hide abstract 8 15 2008
Basser, Herb Did Rashi Notice a Janus Parallelism in Ezek 20:37?show/hide abstract 8 14 2008
Scatolini Apóstolo, Silvio Sergio Imagining Ezekielshow/hide abstract 8 13 2008
Wright, David P. Deciphering a Definition: The Syntagmatic Structural Analysis of Ritual in the Hebrew Bibleshow/hide abstract 8 12 2008
Schmitt, Rüdiger The Problem of Magic and Monotheism in the Book of Leviticusshow/hide abstract 8 11 2008
Olyan, Saul M. Mary Douglas's Holiness/Wholeness Paradigm: Its Potential for Insight and its Limitationsshow/hide abstract 8 10 2008
Marx, Alfred The Relationship between the Sacrificial Laws and the Other Laws in Leviticus 19show/hide abstract 8 9 2008
Hendel, Ronald Mary Douglas and Anthropological Modernismshow/hide abstract 8 8 2008
Hendel, Ronald and Saul M. Olyan Beyond Purity and Danger: Mary Douglas and The Hebrew Bibleshow/hide abstract 8 7 2008
Pinker, Aron The Doings of the Wicked in Qohelet 8:10show/hide abstract 8 6 2008
Shemesh, Yael Elisha Stories as Saints' Legendsshow/hide abstract 8 5 2008
Shemesh, Yael Elisha and The Miraculous Jug of Oil(2 Kgs 4:1–7)show/hide abstract 8 4 2008
Cook, John A. The Vav-Prefixed Verb Forms in Elementary Hebrew Grammarshow/hide abstract 8 3 2008
Kletter, Raz The Friends of Antiquities (in Heb. נאמני עתיקות): The Story of an Israeli Volunteer Group and Comparative Remarksshow/hide abstract 8 2 2008
Stein, David E. S. The Noun אִישׁ ('îš) in Biblical Hebrew: A Term of Affiliationshow/hide abstract 8 1 2008
Guillaume, Philippe A Reconsideration of Manuscripts Classified as Scrolls of the Twelve Minor Prophets (XII)show/hide abstract 7 16 2007
Guillaume, Philippe The Unlikely Malachi-Jonah Sequence (4QXIIa)show/hide abstract 7 15 2007
Ben Zvi, Ehud (ed.) Rereading Oracles of God: Twenty Years After John Barton, Oracles of God: Perceptions of Prophecy in Israel after the Exile (London: Darton, Longman and Todd, 1986)show/hide abstract 7 14 2007
Bodner, Keith Crime Scene Investigation: A Text-Critical Mystery and the Strange Death of Ishboshethshow/hide abstract 7 13 2007
Knoppers, Gary N. (ed.) Revisiting the Composition of Ezra-Nehemiah: In Conversation with Jacob Wright's Rebuilding Identity: The Nehemiah Memoir and its Earliest Readers (BZAW, 348; Berlin: de Gruyter, 2004)show/hide abstract 7 12 2007
Assis, Elie Composition, Rhetoric and Theology in Haggai 1:1–11show/hide abstract 7 11 2007
Leuchter, Mark (ed.) Scribes Before and After 587 BCE: A Conversationshow/hide abstract 7 10 2007
Van Seters, John Author or Redactor?show/hide abstract 7 9 2007
Pinker, Aron A Goat to Go to Azazelshow/hide abstract 7 8 2007
Knoppers, Gary N. (ed.) Expatriates, Repatriates, and the Question of Zion's Status – In Conversation with Melody D. Knowles, Centrality Practiced: Jerusalem in the Religious Practices of Yehud and the Diaspora in the Persian Period (Atlanta, SBL, 2006).show/hide abstract 7 7 2007
Boer, Roland Keeping It Literal: The Economy of the Song of Songsshow/hide abstract 7 6 2007
Sneed, Mark "White Trash” Wisdom: Proverbs 9 Deconstructedshow/hide abstract 7 5 2007
Noegel, Scott B. “Word Play” in Qohelethshow/hide abstract 7 4 2007
Fried, Lisbeth S. Did Second Temple High Priests Possess the Urim and Thummim?show/hide abstract 7 3 2007
Vanderhooft, David (ed.) In Conversation with Oded Lipschits, The Fall and Rise of Jerusalem (Winona Lake, Ind.: Eisenbrauns, 2005)show/hide abstract 7 2 2007
Henige, David Found But Not Lost: A Skeptical Note on the Document Discovered in the Temple Under Josiahshow/hide abstract 7 1 2007
Holmstedt, Robert D. Issues in the Linguistic Analysis of a Dead Language, with Particular Reference to Ancient Hebrewshow/hide abstract 6 11 2006
Wöhrle, Jakob The Formation and Intention of the Haggai-Zechariah Corpusshow/hide abstract 6 10 2006
Gilders, William K. Why Does Eleazar Sprinkle the Red Cow Blood? Making Sense of a Biblical Ritualshow/hide abstract 6 9 2006
Pinker, Aron Nahum and the Greek Tradition on Nineveh's Fallshow/hide abstract 6 8 2006
Scatolini Apóstolo, Silvio Sergio On The Elusiveness and Malleability of “Israel”show/hide abstract 6 7 2006
Tebes, Juan Manuel “You Shall Not Abhor an Edomite, for He is Your Brother”: The Tradition of Esau and the Edomite Genealogies from an Anthropological Perspectiveshow/hide abstract 6 6 2006
Benun, Ronald Evil and the Disruption of Order: A Structural Analysis of the Acrostics in the First Book of Psalmsshow/hide abstract 6 5 2006
Carr, David M. (ed.) The State of the Field of Hebrew Bible Study: In Conversation with John J. Collins, The Bible After Babel: Historical Criticism in a Postmodern Age (Eerdmans, 2005)show/hide abstract 6 4 2006
Kim, Yung Suk Lex Talionis in Exod 21:22–25: Its Origin and Contextshow/hide abstract 6 3 2006
Knoppers, Gary N. (ed.) Chronicles and the Chronicler: A Response to I. Kalimi, An Ancient Israelite Historian: Studies in the Chronicler, his Time, Place and Writingshow/hide abstract 6 2 2006
Pinker, Aron The Core Story in the Prologue-Epilogue of the Book of Jobshow/hide abstract 6 1 2006
Knowles, Melody D. (ed.) New Studies in Chronicles: A Discussion of Two Recently-Published Commentariesshow/hide abstract 5 20 2005
Assis, Elie “The Hand of a Woman”: Deborah and Yael (Judges 4)show/hide abstract 5 19 2005
Knoppers, Gary N. (ed.) In Conversation with W. M. Schniedewind, How the Bible Became a Book: The Textualization of Ancient Israel (Cambridge, 2003)show/hide abstract 5 18 2005
Davies, Philip. R. The Origin of Biblical Israelshow/hide abstract 5 17 2005
Avioz, Michael Could Saul Rule Forever? A New Look at 1 Samuel 13:13–14show/hide abstract 5 16 2005
Britt, Brian Death, Social Conflict, and the Barley Harvest in the Hebrew Bibleshow/hide abstract 5 15 2005
Kummerow, David Job, Hopeful or Hopeless? The Significance of גם in Job 16:19 and Job's Changing Conceptions of Deathshow/hide abstract 5 14 2005
Guillaume, Philippe Tracing the Origin of the Sabbatical Calendar in the Priestly Narrative (Genesis 1 to Joshua 5)show/hide abstract 5 13 2005
Pinker, Aron On the meaning of קשת נחושהshow/hide abstract 5 12 2005
Landy, Francis A Rejoinder to A. Brenner, “Regulating ‘Sons’ and ‘Daughters’ in the Torah and in Proverbs: Some Preliminary Insights”show/hide abstract 5 11 2005
Brenner, Athalya Regulating ‘Sons’ and ‘Daughters’ in the Torah and in Proverbs: Some Preliminary Insightsshow/hide abstract 5 10 2005
Guillaume, Philippe New Light on the Nebiim from Alexandria: A Chronography to Replace the Deuteronomistic Historyshow/hide abstract 5 9 2004
Noegel, Scott Geminate Ballast and Clustering: An Unrecognized Literary Feature in Ancient Semitic Poetryshow/hide abstract 5 8 2004
Pinker, Aron The Hard "Sell” in Nah 3:4show/hide abstract 5 7 2004
Schniedewind, William M. Prolegomena for the Sociolinguistics of Classical Hebrewshow/hide abstract 5 6 2004
Doudna, Greg Ostraca KhQ1 and KhQ2 from the Cemetary of Qumran: A New Editionshow/hide abstract 5 5 2004
Grayson, A. Kirk Shalmaneser III and the Levantine States: The Damascus Coalition Rebellion"show/hide abstract 5 4 2004
Haase, Ingrid M. Uzzah's Rebellionshow/hide abstract 5 3 2004
Linville, James R. Letting the “Bi-word” “Rule” in Joel 2:17show/hide abstract 5 2 2004
Najm, S. & Ph. Guillaume Jubilee Calendar Rescued from The Flood Narrativeshow/hide abstract 5 1 2004
Malul, Meir Ledabbēr baššelî (2 Sam. 3:27) "to Talk Peace”show/hide abstract 4 8 2002
Pinker, Aron Upon an Attack in Nahum 2:2show/hide abstract 4 7 2002
Leuchter, Mark Something Old, Something Older: Reconsidering 1 Sam. 2:27–36show/hide abstract 4 6 2002
Kletter, Raz A Very General Archaeologist - Moshe Dayan and Israeli Archaeologyshow/hide abstract 4 5 2002
Liss, Hanna Undisclosed Speech: Patterns of Communication in the Book of Isaiahshow/hide abstract 4 4 2002
Mitchell, Christine Accession in Chronicles: Transformations in Meaning: Solomon's Accession in Chroniclesshow/hide abstract 4 3 2002
Heard, R. Christopher Echoes of Genesis in 1 Chronicles 4:9–10: An Intertextual and Contextual Reading of Jabez's Prayershow/hide abstract 4 2 2002
Lipschits, Oded “Jehoiakim Slept with His Fathers…” - Did He?show/hide abstract 4 1 2002
Boda, Mark J. Oil, Crowns and Thrones: Prophet, Priest and Kingin Zechariah 1:7–6:15show/hide abstract 3 10 2001
Cohn Eskenazi, Tamara Nehemiah 9–10: Structure and Significanceshow/hide abstract 3 9 2001
Scatolini, Silvio Sergio Delimiting the Countours of Israel in Ezek 12:21–15 and 12:26–28show/hide abstract 3 8 2001
Huddlestun, John R. Unveiling the Versions: The Tactics of Tamar in Genesis 38:15show/hide abstract 3 7 2001
de Caën, Vincent Hebrew Linguistics and Biblical Criticism: A Minimalist Programmeshow/hide abstract 3 6 2001
Bauer, Uwe F. W. A Metaphorical Etiology in Judges 18:12show/hide abstract 3 5 2001
Knoppers, Gary N. “Great Among His Brothers,” but Who is He? Heterogeneity in the Composition of Judah?show/hide abstract 3 4 2000
Jenkins, Allan K. Erasmus' Commentary on Psalm 2show/hide abstract 3 3 2000
Wesselius, Jan-Wim Towards a New History of Israelshow/hide abstract 3 2 2000
Lemche, Niels Peter On the Problems of Reconstructing Pre-Hellenistic Israelite (Palestinian) Historyshow/hide abstract 3 1 2000
Rendsburg, Gary A. Confused Language as a Deliberate Literary Device in Biblical Hebrew Narrativeshow/hide abstract 2 6 1999
Landy, Francis Leviticus, Deconstruction and the Bodyshow/hide abstract 2 5 1999
Bergen, David A. Bakhtin Revisits Deuteronomy: Narrative Theory and the Dialogical Event of Deut 31:2 and 34:7show/hide abstract 2 4 1999
Linville, James R. On the Nature of Rethinking Prophetic Literature: Stirring a Neglected Stew (A Response to David L. Petersen)show/hide abstract 2 3 1999
Bauer, Uwe F. W. Anti-Jewish Interpretations of Psalm 1 in Luther and in Modern German Protestantismshow/hide abstract 2 2 1998
Sweeney, Marvin A. A Form-Critical Rereading of Hoseashow/hide abstract 2 1 1998
Lee, Bernon A Specific Application of the Proverb in Ecclesiastes 1:15show/hide abstract 1 6 1997
Davies, Philip R Loose Canons. Reflections on the Formation of the Hebrew Bibleshow/hide abstract 1 5 1997
Fox, Michael V. What Happens in Qohelet 4:13–16?show/hide abstract 1 4 1997
de Tillesse, Caetano Minette The Conquest of Power: Analysis of David and Solomon's Accession Historiesshow/hide abstract 1 3 1997
Miller, Cynthia L., Kenneth M. Craig Jr. and Raymond F. Person Jr. Conversation Analysis and the Book of Jonah:A Conversationshow/hide abstract 1 2 1997
Utzschneider, Helmut Text - Reader - Author. Towards a Theory of Exegesis: Some European Viewsshow/hide abstract 1 1 1996

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