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Across Space and Time. Papers from the 41st Conference on Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology, Perth, 25-28 March 2013

Across Space and Time. Papers from the 41st Conference on Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology, Perth, 25-28 March 2013

ISBN: 9789089647153 
 e-ISBN: 9789048524433 (pdf)
Publisher: Amsterdam University Press
This volume presents a selection of the best papers presented at the forty-first annual Conference on Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology. The theme for the conference was "Across Space and Time", and the papers explore a multitude of topics related to that concept, including databases, the semantic Web, geographical information systems, data collection and management, and more. 
Table of Contents
9 Preface
15 Across Space and Time
Arianna Traviglia
25 Remote Sensing in Maritime Archaeology, from the Slide Rule to the Supercomputer*
Jeremy N. Green
36 Remote Sensing (Short and Long Range)
36 The Story Beneath the Canopy: an Airborne Lidar Survey Over Angkor, Phnom Kulen
and Koh Ker, Northwestern Cambodia
Damian Evans, Kasper Hanus, Roland Fletcher
45 GeOBIA Approaches to Remote Sensing of Fossil Landscapes: Two Case Studies from
Northern Italy
Armando De Guio, Luigi Magnini and Cinzia Bettineschi
54 Palmyra Revisited from Space – High-Resolution Satellite Prospection of a UNESCO
World Heritage Site
Roland Linck, Jörg W. E. Fassbinder, Stefan Buckreuss
64 Classification of Geophysical Data of Angkor, Cambodia and its Potential as an Online
Till F. Sonnemann
70 Field and Laboratory Data Recording
70 The Accuracy of the Field Survey Results and its Implications in the Correct
Understanding of Past and Present Practices
Luis Antonio Sevillano Perea and Victorino Mayoral Herrera
80 Arbitrary Offline Data Capture on All of Your Androids: The FAIMS Mobile Platform
Adela Sobotkova, Brian Ballsun-Stanton, Shawn Ross, Penny Crook
89 Creating a Paperless Recording System for Pilbara Rock Art
Stafford Smith, Jo McDonald, Jane Balme, Glen MacLaren, Alistair Paterson
97 Beyond Tablet Computers as a Tool for Data Collection: Three Seasons of Processing
and Curating Digital Data in a Paperless World
John Wallrodt, Kevin Dicus, Leigh Lieberman, Gregory Tucker
104 Applying Low Budget Equipment and Open Source Software for High Resolution
Documentation of Archaeological Stratigraphy and Features
Undine Lieberwirth, Bernhard Fritsch, Markus Metz, Markus Neteler, Kerstin Kühnle
120 Old Problems and New Challenges in Archaeological Sites Data Management.
The REVEAL Experience at Ammaia (Portugal)
Cristina Corsi, Eben Gay, Eleftheria Paliou, Donald Sanders
129 The Parnassus Project: Archaeology and Engineering Collaboration for 3D Data
Collection and Analysis
Dina D’Ayala, Penny Copeland, Yasemin Didem Aktas, Graeme Earl, Aykut Erkal, James Miles,
Elizabeth Richley, Victoria Stephenson, Kris Strutt
144 Photogrammetry and RTI Survey of Hoa Hakananai’a Easter Island Statue
James Miles, Mike Pitts, Hembo Pagi, Graeme Earl
156 Some Methodological Considerations and Suggestions for Good Practice in
Diagnosticsand Visualizations of Complex Archaeological Sites: the Experience of
the Radio-Past Project
Frank Vermeulen, Cristina Corsi
169 Reflections Upon 30+ Years of Computing and Field Archaeology in the
Valey of Pickering, North Yorkshire UK. *
Dominic Powlesland
192 Computational Modelling and GIS
192 Competition and Culture Change in Prehistoric Socio-Environmental Systems
Carolin Vegvari, Robert A. Foley
203 Agent-based Modelling and Archaeological Hypothesis Testing: the Case Study of the
European Lower Palaeolithic
Iza Romanowska
215 Sailing the Simulated Seas: a New Simulation for Evaluating Prehistoric Seafaring ⊗
Benjamin Davies, Simon H. Bickler
224 Agricultural Territories and GIS Modelling: the Long-Term Case Study of Menorca
Monica De Cet, Rainer Duttmann, Vicente Lull, Rafael Micó, Johannes Müller, Cristina Rihuete
Herrada, Roberto Risch, Philip Verhagen
239 Systemic Approach and Spatial Organization: from the City to Networks of Cities
Xavier Rodier, Lahouari Kaddouri, Pierre Garmy
249 Detection of Spatio-Morphological Structures 0n the Basis of Archaeological Data
with Mathematical Morphology and Variogaphy. Application to Syrian Archaeological
Johanna Fusco
261 Least Cost Path Analysis for Predicting Glacial Archaeological Site Potential in Central
Stephanie R. Rogers, Claude Collet, Ralph Lugon
276 Spatial Statistic Analysis of Dating Using Pottery: an Aid to the Characterization of
Cultural Areas in West Central France
Lise Bellanger, Philippe Husi, Yassine Laghzali
283 Scale Dependent Patterns in South-Eastern Norway
Mieko Matsumoto, Espen Uleberg
289 Estimation of Archaeological Potential with a Page Rank Based Predictive Model:
the Urban Area of Pisa
Nevio Dubbini, Gabriele Gattiglia
298 Kolmogorov-Smirnov Statistics in the Context of Centuriation
John William Michael Peterson
303 Data Management and Analysis
303 Integration of CIDOC CRM with OGC Standards to Model Spatial Information
Gerald Hiebel, Martin Doerr, Øyvind Eide
311 Reality Bites: Reviewing a Decade of Online Collaboration
Susan Hamilton, Peter McKeague
319 An Empirical Approach to the Analysis of Archaeological Discourse
Patricia Martín-Rodilla
326 Expressing Temporal and Subjective Information about Archaeological Entities
Cesar Gonzalez-Perez, Patricia Martín-Rodilla, Rebeca Blanco-Rotea
336 From dBase III+ to the Semantic Web: Twenty-Five Years of the Coin Hoards of the
Roman Republic Database
Ethan Gruber, Kris Lockyear
347 Higeomes: Distributed Geodatabases in an Archaeological Joint Research Project
Frank Boochs, Kai-Christian Bruhn, Christophe Cruz, Ashish Karmacharya, Tobias Kohr
358 The Archaeological Resource Cataloging System (ARCS): A Better Way of Working
with Digital Archives
Jon M. Frey, Timothy E. Gregory, Lita Tzortzopoulou-Gregory
367 Reimagining Archaeological Publication for the 21st Century *
Eric C. Kansa
379 3D Modelling and Visualisation
379 Playing Angkor: Exploring the Historical and Archaeological Themes of the Khmer
Empire through Game Engine Technologies
Tom Chandler
386 The Virtual Archaeology Project - Towards an Interactive Multi-scalar 3D Visualisation
in Computer Game Engines
Arian Goren, Kay Kohlmeyer, Thomas Bremer, Arie Kai-Browne, Wiebke Bebermeier, Dennis
Öztürk, Stefan Öztürk, Tobias Müller
401 A Roman Street at the Time of Constantine: Interactive Visit with Access to Ancient
Source Materials
Philippe Fleury, Sophie Madeleine, Nicolas Lefèvre
408 Fortress City Saarlouis: Development of an Interactive 3D City Model Using Web
Kristian Sons, Georg Demme, Wolfgang Herget, Philipp Slusallek
415 An Interactive Virtual Roaming System for Beijing Hutong
Guoguang Du, Zhongke Wu, Mingquan Zhou, Kang Wang, Chongbin Xu, Ziyang Li, Pengfei Xu,
Dongcan Jiang and Xingce Wang
423 A Documentation System for Digital Reconstructions with References to the
Mausoleum of the Tang-Dynasty at Zhaoling, in Shaanxi Province, China
Mieke Pfarr-Harfst
430 3D Modelling Technologies in Humanities. A Literature-Based Survey about
Reconstruction and Visualisation of Historic Objects
Sander Münster, Thomas Köhler, Stephan Hoppe
442 A 3D Assessment Tool for Precise Recording of Ceramic Fragments Using Image
Processing and Computational Geometry Tools
Fernando Zvietcovich, Benjamin Castaneda, Luis Jaime Castillo, Julio Saldana
453 Eigen Paicas: A 3D Reconstruction of Entire Vessels Using Information of a Single
Fragment and a Database
Fernando Zvietcovich, Benjamin Castaneda, Luis Jaime Castillo, Julio Saldana
463 Towards the Automatic Classification of Pottery Sherds: Two Complementary
Chiara Piccoli, Prashant Aparajeya, Georgios Th. Papadopoulos, John Bintliff, Frederic Fol
Leymarie, Philip Bes, Mark van der Enden, Jeroen Poblome, Petros Daras
475 Shape and Technological Organisation of Lithic Solutrean Points from Iberia:
a Computational Approach for Exploring the Diversity of Shapes
Isabell Schmidt, Vincent Mom
482 Cultural Heritage Management and Interpretation
482 Is the use of GIS in Cultural Heritage Outdated?
Claire Reeler
488 The End Game: As Scotland’s Historic Land-Use Assessment Project Reaches
Completion What Have We Learned?
Kirsty Millican and Mike Middleton
494 A 21st Century Record: Maintaining a Modern Monuments Record
Susan Hamilton
501 Preserving Lost Industrial Heritage: Newcastle Australia
Tessa Morrison, Helen Giggins, Nicholas Foulcher
508 Uncovering the Missing Routes: an Algorithmic Study on the Illicit Antiquities Trade
Christos Tsirogiannis, Constantinos Tsirogiannis
*: Keynote Address
⊗: Nick Ryan Award

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