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Open Access Journal: Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean

 [First posted in AWOL 1 September 2010. Most recently updated 4 February 2017]

Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean. Reports
ISSN: 1234-5415
Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean. Reports, appears annually, in English, presenting the full extent of archaeological, geophysical, restoration and study work carried out by expeditions from the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw. The PCMA is present in the Near East and northeastern Africa (Egypt, Sudan, Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Iran and Kuwait, formerly also in Iraq). Projects cover all periods from prehistory and protohistory through the Islamic age, emphasizing in particular broadly understood Greco-Roman culture and Early Christianity in the southern and eastern parts of the Mediterranean.
Spisy treści:
Research (PAM XXV)
Special Studies (PAM XXIV/2)
Research (PAM XXIV/1)
Special Studies (PAM XXIII/2)
Research 2011 (PAM XXIII/1)
Research 2010 (PAM XXII)
Research 2009 (PAM XXI)
Research 2008 (PAM XX)
Reports 2007 (PAM XIX)
Reports 2006 (PAM XVIII)
Reports 2005 (PAM XVII)
Reports 2004 (PAM XVI)
Reports 2003 (PAM XV)
Reports 2002 (PAM XIV)
Reports 2001 (PAM XIII)
Reports 2000 (PAM XII)
Reports 1999 (PAM XI)
Reports 1998 (PAM X)
Reports 1997 (PAM IX)
Reports 1996 (PAM VIII)
Reports 1995 (PAM VII)
Reports 1994 (PAM VI)
Reports 1993 (PAM V)
Reports 1992 (PAM IV)
Reports 1991 (PAM III)
Reports 1990 (PAM II)
Reports 1988-1989 (PAM I)

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