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Newly Open Access Journal: Kadmos

ISSN: 1987-8788
Kadmos is a peer-reviewed multi-disciplinary academic journal, published by Ilia State University (Tbilisi), which aims to challenge, provoke and excite thinking in the areas of the classics, literature and orature, linguistics, philosophy, cultural anthropology (ethnography, ethnology and mythology) and history (archeology). The journal appears annually and is sponsored by the Ilia State University. The editors welcome original contributions in the form of articles, reviews, notes from scholars in the humanities that will promote and foster its aims. The Journal’s Polemics section is intended to enhance debate between authors and the wider community. Polemics pieces can be mainly considered as responses to a published article, a shorter research note or report, or a commentary on research issues or professional practices. The Journal also contains a Reviews section.
The journal seeks to achieve the following objectives:
  • To promote inter-disciplinary research in all areas of the humanities.
  • To assist researchers at the pre-and post-doctorate levels, with a wealth of new and original material.
  • To make ideas, topics, and processes in the humanities accessible to the interested public.
All research articles published in Research Section of the journal have undergone double-blind peer review, based on initial editor screening and anonymized refereeing by at least two anonymous referees. Where a call for papers is issued for Special Issues, submissions passed for review by the Issue Editor are subject to the same double-blind review process as submissions to Research Section.
All papers are expected to be original contributions and not previously published nor currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. The reviewing lasts at least 4 weeks and the final approval or rejection will be send to authors by the end of October.
Papers should be 10 to 21 type written pages in English or Georgian, including endnotes (see For Authors)
For more information please contact Scientific Secretary of the Journal, Elene Tatishvili at elene.tatishvili@iliauni.edu.ge

No 5 (2013): Kadmos

Table of Contents


Saint George the Hagiorite and the Roman Church PDF
David Tinikashvili
The Humboldtian Concept of Language and Discourse as a Creative Act PDF
Eliso Odikadze
Odysseus’s Journey to Georgia: On Translating Heroism PDF
Ketevan Gurchiani
In Search of the Origins of Bronze Openwork Buckles from Georgia PDF
Mariam Gabashvili
The Category of Version in Georgian Sign Language PDF
Tamar Makharoblidze
Jocular Verbal Contests within a Group of Georgian Boys PDF
Miranda Gobiani


Synchronic Zurab Kiknadze PDF
Gigi Tevzadze
Professor Shushana Putkaradze’s Contribution to the Linguocultural Study of the Historical South-Western Part of Georgia PDF
Iza Chantladze
Zurab Kiknadze PDF
Nino Doborjginidze, Gigi Tevzadze, Iza Chantladze
“Thy youth is renewed like the eagle’s” PDF
Nino Doborjginidze


Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani and the Teachings of the Catholic Church PDF
Merab Ghaghanidze
What Celebration is Otsoba? PDF
Tamaz Kochlamazashvili
William Shakespeare’s Cymbeline: Literary and Oral Narratives PDF
Elene Gogiashvili


A New Apology of Job PDF
Zurab Kiknadze
The 20th Century Georgian Orthodox Church PDF
Nugzar Papuashvili
Do We Acquire or Lose? Reflections on Gigi Tevzadze's Pseudo-Baudrillard PDF
Paata Chkheidze
Mother Tongue as the Basis of National Identity in Professor Guram Ramishvili’s Energeistic Theory of Language PDF
Konstantin Bregadze
The Classics of the Philosophy of Freedom From Plato to Heidegger PDF
Maka Lashkhia


Report of an Archeological Exploration in Zeda Tsikhesoluri Village of Vani Municipality PDF
Guram Kipiani, Madona Mshvildadze
Ethnomusicological Expedition to Dedoplistskaro PDF
Tamaz Gabisonia


The Online Corpus of The Knight in the Panther’s Skin PDF
Irina Lobzhanidze


Gottfried Merzbacher, On the Ethnography of Eastern Georgian Highlands PDF
Khvtiso Mamisimedishvili
Gigi Khornauli. The Realm of Sunny Belief (Folklore materials reflecting beliefs and services to icons and shrines), Intellect, Tbilisi, 2013, 607 pp. PDF
Khvtiso Mamisimedishvili
Irine Asatiani. Laz Dictionary, Artanuji publishers, Tbilisi, 2012, 402 pp. PDF
Maia Lomia
Irine Asatiani. Laz (Chan) Texts, Artanuji publishers, Tbilisi, 2012, 40 pp. PDF
Maia Lomia
Maia Lomia. Rusudan Gersamia. Interlinear Morpheme-by-Morpheme Glossing (morphological analysis of Mingrelian texts), 168 pp. PDF
Zurab Kiknadze
Maia Lomia, Rusudan Gersamia, Mingrelian Texts, 199 pp. PDF
Zurab Kiknadze
Nugzar Papuashvili. Aus der jüngsten Vergangenheit der georgischen orthodoxen Kirche – Die Erneuerung der Autokephalie und die Reformen. Drei kirchenhistorische Studien mit einführendem Aufsatz und Beilagen PDF
Tamar Chumburidze
Konstantine Bregadze. Georgian Modernism, Tbilisi, Meridiani, 2013, 435 pp. PDF
Gaga Lomidze
Kakha Katsitadze. Existence and Madness, Georgian Biographical Centre, Tbilisi, 2013, 262 pp. PDF
Zurab Kiknadze
Joseph Naveh. The Development of the Aramaic Script. Translated from English, introduced and commented by Elene Giunashvili. Ilia PDF
Levan Kiknavelidze


Karl Horst Schmidt (1929-2012) PDF
Winfried Boeder
Ariane Chanturia (1925-2013) PDF
Zurab Kiknadze

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