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New Open Access Journal: Indian Journal of Archaeology

Indian Journal of Archaeology
ISSN: 2455-2798
Indian Journal of Archaeology (ISSN 2455-2798) has multi disciplinary approach to Archaeological and Historical researches. It promotes educational research platform providing individuals ideal opportunity to present the data and ideas they have accumulated. It is designed to bring people, studying and doing research in Archaeology,around the globe,on one platform and work in the direction of resolving the core issues by collating and analyzing hard empirical data.

Our Objectives...

I- We want to make the new data, with all minute details, available to the academia by publishing research papers and studies of Scholars. The Scholars may be anybody from academician to self-taught person who is not pursuing a career in teaching or research. II- To address vital issues related to Indian Archaeology and to evolve the new techniques and methodologies in archaeological and historical researches.
III- To organize and impart training and guidance to persons keenly interested in the field of Archaeology and History.
IV- To prepare a forum where archaeological data of individual sites can be placed for wider circulation and discussion.
V- The Organization entitled “National Trust for Promotion of Knowledge” which is publishing the journal (IJA) is dedicated to disseminate state-of-the-art knowledge among the people. It aims at making the catchment area from where we pick up the Researchers, larger. The purpose is making their creative participation in the process of evolution and generation of knowledge.

Current Issue

April,2016Download Complete Issue

S.No. Title Author Page No. Posted On Abstract
1 Editorial Chief Editor ii 15/04/2016
2 Excavations at Hetapatti 2011, Exploration and analysis J. N. Pal 1-7 15/04/2016
3 Excavations at Naimisharanya D. P. Tewari 8-64 15/04/2016
4 Searching footprints of Buddha: Archaeological Investigations at Nalanda Dr. G.K. Lama 65-81 15/04/2016
5 Coins of District Sitapur and Banda Yashwant Singh Rathore 82-118 15/04/2016
6 Archeological Gazetteer of District Sitapur (Part-1) Vijay Kumar 119-329 15/04/2016
7 Temple remains from District Chitrakut Rajendra Yadav 330-344 15/04/2016
8 Lal Mahal at Bari, Rajasthan Dr. M.K. Pundhir 345-360 15/04/2016
9 Lucknow Monuments, Problems & Solutions Roshan Taqui 361-377 15/04/2016


January,2016Download Complete Issue
S.No Title Author PageNo Posted On Abstract
1 Editorial Chief Editor ii 15/01/2016
2 Copper Hoard Antiquities in Kailash Deep Shikhar Sangrahalaya Meerut Satish Jain 1-28 15/01/2016
3 Copper Hoard Antiquities in Shahjad Rai Research Institute Amit Jain 29-59 15/01/2016
4 Coins from District Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh Prashant Srivastva & Shamoon Ahmad 60-89 15/01/2016
5 New Kaliñjar Inscriptions Vijay Kumar, Alok Ranjan & Krishna Murti 90-99 15/01/2016
6 Nilkaṇṭha Temple Kāliñjara Vijay Kumar 100-372 15/01/2016
7 A Mosque in the fort of Ranthambhor, A Study in Lodi Structure Dr. M.K. Pundhir 373-381 15/01/2016
8 A Mughal Bridge of Saharanpur District Dr. Husam Haider 382-389 15/01/2016

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