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Open Access Journal: Egypt Exploration Society

[First posted in AWOL 12/2/09. Most recently updated 1 December 2012]

EES Newsletters

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The Society’s paper newsletter is mailed to members three times a year, usually in March, July and October. The Society’s events are announced here first and the newsletter also includes details of new publications, fundraising campaigns, sales of second-hand books on eBay, and governance related issues such as the election of Trustees etc.
News & Events Summer 2008 (540kb)
News & Events Autumn / Winter 2008 (272kb)
News & Events Spring 2009 (270kb)
News & Events Summer 2009 (776kb)
News & Events Autumn / Winter 2009 (777kb)
News & Events Spring / Summer 2010 (252kb)
News & Events Summer 2010 (590kb)
News & Events Autumn / Winter 2010-11 (399kb)
The EES Newsletter Issue 1 (Spring 2011) (1,773kb)
The EES Newsletter Issue 2 (Summer 2011) (1,936kb)
The EES Newsletter Issue 3 (Autumn/Winter 2011-12) (2.690kb)

The EES Newsletter Issue 4 (Spring 2012) (2109kb)
The EES Newsletter Issue 5 (Summer 2012) (2620kb)
The EES Newsletter Issue 6 (Autumn 2012) (3914kb)


The Society’s occasional e-newsletter is sent to approximately 2,000 members and other friends of the Society approximately three to four times each year. It includes various items of news relating to the Society’s fieldwork and research, publications, events etc. and links to new content on the Society’s website and other online pages at Flickr, Youtube, eBay etc. If you do not already receive the e-newsletter but would like to be added to the mailing list please contact the Society (anyone joining the Society through subscription (see here) is automatically added to the list).
e-newsletter #1 June 2008 (56kb)
e-newsletter #2 Sept 2008 (146kb)
e-newsletter #3 Feb 2009 (159kb)
e-newsletter #4 May 2009 (149kb)
e-newsletter #5 Sept 2009 (105kb)
e-newsletter #6 Dec 2009 (211kb)
e-newsletter #7 Apr 2010 (195kb)e-newsletter #8 Nov 2010 (299kb)
e-newsletter #9 Dec 2010 (146kb)
e-newsletter #10 Feb 2011 (138kb)
e-newsletter #11 May 2011 (307kb)
e-newsletter #12 Aug 2011 (446kb)
e-newsletter #13 Feb 2012 (328kb)

e-newsletter #14 June 2012 (1,178kb)

The EES Newsletter (1987-1990)

The Society circulated six issues of its original newsletter to members and friends between 1987 and 1990. The newsletter was the precursor to Egyptian Archaeology which superseded it in 1991. The newsletter contained short articles on the Society’s fieldwork and related research and also a fascinating series on the Society’s dig-houses, at Amarna (issue #1), Armant (#3), Qasr Ibrim (#4), and Sesebi and Amara (#5).
The EES Newsletter No 1 November 1987 (1,467kb)
The EES Newsletter No 2 March 1988 (1,619kb)
The EES Newsletter No 3 October 1988 (1,656kb)
The EES Newsletter No 4 March 1989 (1,160kb)
The EES Newsletter No 5 October 1989 (1,831kb)
The EES Newsletter No 6 October 1990 (2,469kb)

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