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Open Access Journal: The Petronian Society Newsletter

The Petronian Society Newsletter
Welcome to the website of the Petronian Society Newsletter.
From this volume on, PSN will be published in PDF format. If you click on the link below, PSN will be opened in your Acrobat Reader.
Previous volumes are available as follows:
Volumes 31-37 Volume 31-37 are published in html-format (as websites). Please follow the links below to find them.

Volumes 1 and 26-30
Volumes 1 and 26-30, also published in html-format, can be found athttp://www.chss.montclair.edu/classics/petron/PSNNOVEL.HTML
a website maintained by Jean Alvares.
Volumess 2-25
Volumes 2-25 are available as scans, also published by Jean Alvares. Follow the link above, and then find the link to the scans; or follow this direct link to the scans:  http://www.chss.montclair.edu/classics/petron/PSNSCAN.HTML.

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