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Karnak Hypostyle Hall Project News: Complete photographic coverage

From Peter Brand on EEF (not archived - links added)
The Karnak Hypostyle Hall Project is pleased to announce thatwe have now updated our website to include complete photographiccoverage of all the interior wall scenes from the Hypostyle Hall inaddition to the Sety I war scenes.

Our homepage:  http://www.memphis.edu/hypostyle/

For the interior wall scenes please see:

For the Sety I war scenes please see:

All users are free to examine and download hundreds of high resolutionimages of the wall scenes.

In the coming months we plan to include similar coverage of the warscenes of Ramesses II on the south exterior wall, the inscriptions onthe gateways and on the 134 columns.

Best regards

Peter Brand

Dr. Peter J. Brand
Dunavant Professor of Ancient History
Department of History
University of Memphis
Memphis TN 38152
tel: 901 678-2521
fax: 901 678-2720

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