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Pyle: A Gateway to Greek Manuscripts

[First posted in AWOL 22 April 2012, updates 12 June 2015]

Pyle:  A Gateway to Greek Manuscripts

Pyle is a collaborative tool for teaching and scholarly research in the field of Greek palaeography and codicology; it aims to collect scattered resources from various individuals and institutions, gradually adding new information, materials and services.

Pyle also aims to promote interaction among scholars, students and all other persons interested in ancient and medieval Greek manuscript books, providing a place to share knowledge, ideas, projects and news.

Lake online

Lake, Dated Greek Minuscule Manuscripts to the Year 1200, edited by Kirsopp Lake and Silva Lake, I-X, Boston (Massachusetts), The American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1934-1939 - Lake online

Lefort – Cochez online

Lefort – Cochez
Lefort – Cochez, L. Th. Lefort — J. Cochez, Album palaeographicum codicum Graecorum minusculis litteris saec. IX et X certo tempore scriptorum, accedunt quaedam exempla codicum saec. XI-XVI, Leuven, beheer van Philologische Studiën, 1932 (Katholieke Universiteit te Leuven, Philologische Studiën, Albumreeks, n° 1) - Lefort – Cochez online

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