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Open Access Journal: Internet Archaeology

[First posted in AWOL 21 March 2012. Updated 28 May 2015]

Internet Archaeology 
ISSN: 1363-5387
Internet Archaeology has been publishing on the web since 1996 and is the premier e-journal for archaeology. Internet Archaeology is an open access, independent, not-for-profit journal. It publishes quality academic content and explores the potential of electronic publication through the inclusion of video, audio, searchable data sets, full-colour images, visualisations, animations and interactive mapping. Internet Archaeology is international in scope, a true journal without borders, and all content is peer-reviewed. Internet Archaeology is hosted by the Department of Archaeology at the University of York and digitally archived by the Archaeology Data Service.

Issue 39. Critical Blogging in Archaeology

Introduction: Critical Blogging in Archaeology - Colleen Morgan and Judith Winters
Full text
Theme proposal received/accepted: Feb 2014; Drafts received: October 2014; Published: May 2015
Mapping the Structure of the Archaeological Web
Shawn Graham (with comments by Andrew Bevan)

Micro-blogging and Online Community
Lorna-Jane Richardson (with comments by Gareth Beale)

Vlog to Death: Project Eliseg's Video-Blogging
Joseph Tong, Suzanne Evans, Howard Williams, Nancy Edwards and Gary Robinson (with comments by Seren Griffiths, Mark Hall, Ben Marwick and Katy Meyers Emery)

Online Resistance to Precarious Archaeological Labour
Sam Hardy (with comments by Paul Mullins)

Bones, Bodies, and Blogs: Outreach and Engagement in Bioarchaeology
Katy Meyers Emery and Kristina Killgrove (with comments by Scott D. Haddow and Lisa-Marie Shillito)

Crime, Controversy and the Comments Section: Discussing archaeological looting, trafficking, and the illicit antiquities trade online
Meg Lambert and Donna Yates (with comments by Neil Asher Silberman)

From Blogs to Books: Blogging as Community, Practice and Platform
William Caraher and Andrew Reinhard (with comments by Suzanne E. Pilaar Birch and Michael E. Smith)

Blogging the Field School: Teaching Digital Public Archaeology
Terry P. Brock and Lynne Goldstein (with comments by Whitney Battle-Baptiste)

Changing the Way Archaeologists Work: Blogging and the development of expertise
Sara Perry (with comments by Whitney Battle-Baptiste and Stuart Jeffrey)

A Figurine and its Scale, a Scale and its Figurine
Fotis Ifantidis (with comments by Jesse W. Stephen and Steven P. Ashby)

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