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Photos of Mosul Museum, Nimrud, Nineveh, Nebi Yunus, and Hatra

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From a posting on the IraqCrisis mailing list
Dear Colleagues,

It is with a heavy heart that I send additional photos to you.  The attached link will take you to a Dropbox set of photos of Hatra, Nimrud, Nineveh and Nebi Yunis (Jonah's Tomb) taken between 2008 - 2010. 

The photos were taken at various times, including visits by Deputy Minister of Tourism and Antiquities representative Qais Rashid, UN/UNESCO representatives Jake Morland, Andrea Recchia, Tamar Teneishvili and Sami Al Khoja, museum expert Stuart Gibson, and numerous journalists including Jane Arraf, Steven Myers, Eros Hoagland, Quil Lawrence, and Alice Fordham, among others. 

LTG Robert Caslen (Superintendent, U.S. Military Academy at West Point) conducted visits to Hatra and Nimrud in 2009 to assess the sites related to looting in his role as Commander of Multi-National Division North (MND-N) and Commander, 25th Infantry Division.  He is shown in several photos, with his permission.

Pictures of our Iraqi colleagues have not been included or are very limited for their safety.  Photos are my own except where noted: MP for Col. Mary Prophit, US Army, and DS for Diane Siebrandt, former US State Department Cultural Heritage advisor. 

I hope these photos help answer questions about the sites' significance, and I would direct you to the Gates of Nineveh blog, where colleague Christopher Jones has done an excellent job identifying objects from the Mosul Museum.  https://gatesofnineveh.wordpress.com/

I have also included a powerpoint and link to the National Museum images of the Nimrud Gold from the Queens' Tomb taken by U.S. Army photographer SFC Noreen Feeney in 2003.  http://www.baghdadmuseum.org/secret/

Please let me know if you have questions and I will do my best to assist.  Many thanks to Chuck Jones and our colleagues on the ground and in harm's way for keeping us up to date.  Ore thoughts are especially with our Iraqi colleagues and friends during these devastating times.

Very respectfully,

Suzanne E. Bott, PhD, AICP
Project Director |Iraq & Afghanistan Heritage Conservation
Drachman Institute
College of Architecture, Planning, Landscape Architecture
The University of Arizona
A follow-up message ads:
Several people have asked if they may use the photos and/or forward the email to others.  Yes to both; these are for educational and public awareness purposes.  Please feel free to use them in whatever capacity, and please provide photo credit to Mary, Diane, or to me.  
As readers might imagine, there has been increased traffic on IraqCrisis recently. Readers of AWOL are invited to joint that list if you are interested in reliable information on threats to cultural property in Iraq.

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