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Open Access Publications of Emek Shaveh

Emek Shaveh: Archaeology in the Shadow of the Conflict

Archaeology in the Shadow of the Conflict
The Mound of Ancient Jerusalem (City of David) in Silwan
The subject of this booklet is archaeology in the heart of Jerusalem, one of the most complex cities in the world. We will focus primarily on the mound of ancient Jerusalem, also known as the City of David, located on a ridge south of the Temple Mount, presently part of Palestinian Silwan, and will examine the relationship between archaeological research and the various interest groups active in the village and the site. Read more...

From Shiloah to Silwan Visitor's Guide
Ancient Jerusalem (City of David) and the village of Silwan
The visitor's guide is based on Emek Shaveh’s archeological tour in the village of Silwan and at the City of David national park. The tour, initiated in 2007, is led by Israeli archeologists in cooperation with Palestinian residents of Silwan. The guide focuses on the remains of past cultures found in the archeological site of ancient Jerusalem (City of David), while acknowledging the Palestinian village of Silwan in which the site is situated. It gives the visitor the tools for an independent appreciation of the variety of cultures and eras represented at the site, with an emphasis on everyday life. Read more...

Between Holiness and Propaganda
Archaeology and political claims over the Old City of Jerusalem
Archaeological excavations are tied to the political conflict in Jerusalem from two distinct aspects: one is the appropriation of land to be excavated, which can be interpreted as a means of control over a certain place or area. The second is the focus on the past, which can be seen as an instrument for appropriating the past to one particular group and its narrative. For these reasons, all archaeological activity in the Old City of Jerusalem is perceived as threatening and political. Nonetheless, the excavations do not all impact on the political situation to the same degree. Some are conducted in light of residents or merchants’ needs, are limited in their range and do not turn into national projects. Read more...

Frequent Questions about Jerusalem's Old City How old is the Old City?
Where is the original Jerusalem?
Are there rules in archaeology?
Is there an archaeogical truth?
Why not have each religion – Jewish, Christian, and Muslim – care for its own heritage?

Read the answers to these questions and more in our FAQ about Jerusalem's Old City.

In the Shadow of King David
A film by Natasha Dudinski (24 min)
Living with King David is no fun. Just ask the people of Silwan, a Palestinian village outside the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem. Read more...

Israeli Archaeological Activity in the West Bank 1967-2007: A Sourcebook
by Dr. Raphael Greenberg and Adi Keinan
This collection includes lists of archaeological sites that were excavated or surveyed in the West Bank and East Jerusalem since 1967 (when the Civil Administration of Judea and Samaria was tasked with oversight of this region). These data are presented through the USC Digital Library through two Google map interfaces. Read more...

From Shiloah to Silwan Newsletter

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