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Open Access Journal: Jewish Studies, an Internet Journal (JSIJ)

[First posted in AWOL 4 November 2009. Updated 24 December 2014]

Jewish Studies, an Internet Journal (JSIJ) - Ketav-ʻet eleḳṭroni le-madaʻe Yahadut
JSIJ is a peer-reviewed, electronic journal dealing with all fields of Jewish studies, which is distributed free of charge via the Internet.
By publishing articles electronically via the Internet, JSIJ seeks to disseminate articles much faster than is possible with paper publication, and to make these articles readily and conveniently accessible to a wide variety of readers at all times.

Indeed, we hope that the use of this new technology will eventually allow JSIJ to develop in ways not available with conventional, printed journals, including the possibility of computerized full-text searching and the use of hyperlinks to other texts.

JSIJ will include articles in both Hebrew and English. To render these articles accessible to as wide a variety of users as possible, regardless of computer program or platform, we offer two modes of "publication": via PDF files (universally accessible) and Word 97 files.

JSIJ is initially scheduled to appear twice a year, although preliminary versions of articles will be made available on our site as soon as articles are accepted for publication and copyedited.
Current Articles
Author Title Microsoft Word Acrobat Reader
Rabin Shushtri Two Geniza Documents from Chapter Lulav Hagazul: A Testament to the Antiquity of the Western Text (Heb.)
Nachman Levine On Talmudic Name Wordplay: A Literary Device and its Significance (Heb.)
Daniel Sperber Minora (Heb.)
Shimon Fogel Samson as Messiah - Another Look (Heb.)
Jonathan Jacobs Books Encountered by Ramban After He Arrived in the Land of Israel (Heb.)
Israel Ben Simon The Origins of the Meiri’s Commentary on the Book of Proverbs and the Concept of “Nations Bound by the Ways of Religion" (Heb.)
Shalom Sadik Freedom of Choice in the Thought of Rabbi Josef Albo (Heb.)
Haggai Dagan The Transformations of a Liminal Jew: Myth and Literature in Some Modern Literary Variations of the R. Joseph della Reina Story (Heb.)
Tzvi Novick Din and Debate: Some Dialectical Patterns in Tannaitic Texts
Ari Ackerman Hasdai Crescas and His Circle on the Infinitely Expanding Torah
David Stern The Hebrew Bible in Europe in the Middle Ages: A Preliminary Typology
Lily Okalani Kahn Biblical Grammatical Elements in the Nineteenth-Century Hasidic Hebrew Tale
James A. Diamond A Kabbalistic Reinvention of Maimonides' Legal Code: R. Abraham Isaac Kook's Commentary on Sefer Hamada
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