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EAGLE Mediawiki

EAGLE Mediawiki
EAGLE aims to build a multi-lingual online collection of millions of digitised items from European museums, libraries, archives and multi-media collections, which deal with inscriptions from the Greek and Roman World. The aim of the network is to make available the vast majority of the surviving inscriptions of the Greco-Roman world, complete with the essential information about them and with a series of peer-reviewed translations in several European languages. These are notoriously unavailable for inscriptions, as photos.
This Mediawiki is designed to give a tool to anyone interested in bridging this gap and contributing translations of inscriptions, either by providing groups of translations or providing new ones. Mediawiki is the software installed on the EAGLE website, and it uses the additional extension Wikibase to produce seamlessly for users, machine readable data.
This space specifically is intended to be our multilingual wiki and performs these functions:
  • gathers in one place all available translations of inscriptions online;
  • allows a simplified way to directly contribute data with no
technical infrastructure or support locally;
  • allows comparison, multiple interpretations and solutions;
  • supports multiple languages and authorships;
  • fosters the addition and simplified creation in a unified database
of more translations of selected inscriptions;
  • easily links images already available on Wikimedia Commons (for example these ones) to translations;
  • demonstrates the usefulness for the general public of translated
document, the challenges of an uneasy task and the opportunities offered by this content when well interlinked;
  • guarantees best possible integration with the EAGLE portal.
Please, get started browsing the translations by subset, by identifier, or by language. Or use the search box to search for relevant references.

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