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Online Library: PLGO: Bibliotheca Pretiosa.

PLGO: Bibliotheca Pretiosa
LibScribd is a project wich born inside the PLGO Community, looking provide and share with the visitors a well ordinated collection of works, related directly with Patristic/Patrological themes. Taking all the advantages provided by the Scribd' API, the PLGO community has been working in this project since September 2010, and through different steps in the development of such projects, finally the past the May 3, 2014, we merge the Bibliotheca Pretiosa with our former LibScribd Project.
Here you will find all the contents included in our Scribd account, but minimizing to the limit the difficulties to place and access our documents, and displaying none advertisement banners nor pop-ups.
Indexing, organizing and reviewing our contents, we hope still helping the academical community.
We are convinced too that LibScribd/Bibliotheca Pretiosa is a great and useful step to achieve this goal. Our minimal web template allow browse quickly and easily between our contents, and optimizes too the 'full screen' reading, displaying the contents with the best results in any screen.

    CollectionNo. Docs.Links
    Abrégé de l'histoire ecclésiastique de M. l'abbé Fleury (1750) 8Open the Collection.
    Acta Martyrum et sanctorum [Bedjan Ed.]. 6Open the Collection.
    Acta Sanctorum. 1863. 65Open the Collection.
    Analecta Bollandiana. 1882-1908. 27Open the Collection.
    Aramaic related materials. 27Open the Collection.
    Archives d'histoire doctrinale et littéraire du Moyen-âge. 1926-1939. 12Open the Collection.
    Auger. Homélies, discours et lettres choisis de S. Jean Chrysostôme. 1826. 4Open the Collection.
    Aurelius Augustinus Hipponensis: Opera et Studia 56Open the Collection.
    Aurelius Augustinus. Opera Omnia [Des. Eras. Rot. Ed.]. 1528-1529. 20Open the Collection.
    Baer. Textum Masoreticum accuratissime expressit e fontibus Masorea varie illustravit. 1869. 13Open the Collection.
    Bibliothèque choisie des Pères de l'Église grecque et latine, ou, Cours d'éloquence sacrée [1822-1829]. 26Open the Collection.
    Brooke, McLean, Thackeray. The Old Testament in Greek according to the text of Codex vaticanus. 1906. 8Open the Collection.
    Bunsen. Christianity and mankind : their beginnings and prospects. 1854. 7Open the Collection.
    Byzantine Empire 31Open the Collection.
    Caillau. Thesaurus Patrum Floresque Doctorum. 9Open the Collection.
    Ceillier. Histoire générale des auteurs sacrés et ecclésiastiques [Nouvelle Édition].1858. 17Open the Collection.
    Ceillier. Histoire générale des auteurs sacrés et ecclésiastiques. 1729. 23Open the Collection.
    Church history 76Open the Collection.
    Clavis, Indices, Catalogi. 6Open the Collection.
    Clemens Alexandrinus. Opera [Dindorf Ed.]. 1869. 4Open the Collection.
    Clemens Alexandrinus: Opera et Studia 14Open the Collection.
    Codices, Incunabula & Early Editions 52Open the Collection.
    Collectio Selecta SS. Ecclesiæ Patrum. [Caillau, Guillon, Ed.]. 4Open the Collection.
    Corpus Inscriptionum Graecarum. 1828-1877. 13Open the Collection.
    Corpus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Latinorum 65Open the Collection.
    Corpus Scriptorum Historiae Byzantinae 51Open the Collection.
    Cramer. Catenae Graecorum patrum in Novum Testamentum. 1844. 8Open the Collection.
    CSCO 40Open the Collection.
    Cyrillus Alexandrinus: : Opera et Studia. 12Open the Collection.
    Dictionaries, Lexicons, Grammars 110Open the Collection.
    Dictionnaire de la Bible (1912) 12Open the Collection.
    Dods. The works of Aurelius Augustine : a new translation. 1871. 15Open the Collection.
    Dufourcq. Étude sur les Gesta martyrum romains. 1900. 4Open the Collection.
    Eusebius Sophronius Hieronymus: Opera et Studia. 11Open the Collection.
    Exposition du dogme catholique (1873-1890). 21Open the Collection.
    External materials 41Open the Collection.
    Gfrörer. Pabst Gregorius VII und sein Zeitalter. 1859. 10Open the Collection.
    Gifford. Eusebiou tou pamphilou euaggelikes proparaskeues. 1903. 5Open the Collection.
    Giles. Saint Bede, The Complete Works of Venerable Bede, 8 vols. 1843. 8Open the Collection.
    Giry, Guérin. Les petits Bollandistes. 1888. 17Open the Collection.
    Greek ecclesiastical historians of the first six centuries of the Christian era. 1843. 12Open the Collection.
    Griechische Christliche Schriftsteller 47Open the Collection.
    Histoire des conciles d'après les documents originaux 21Open the Collection.
    Histoire des conciles d'après les documents originaux [1869]. 12Open the Collection.
    Histoire littéraire de l'Afrique chrétienne depuis les origines jusqu'à l'invasion arabe [1901]. 6Open the Collection.
    Individual Works, Studies, Monographies 502Open the Collection.
    Jeannin. Saint Jean Chrysostome. OEuvres Complètes. 1887. 11Open the Collection.
    Joannes Chrysostomus. Opera Omnia Quæ Exstant [Montfaucon, Ed.]. 1839. 12Open the Collection.
    Jstor Patristic/Patrological contents before 1923 year. 3Open the Collection.
    Klostermann. Eusebius Werke [GCS Ed.]. 1902. 9Open the Collection.
    Koetschau. Origenes Werke [GCS Ed.]. 1899. 7Open the Collection.
    La Sainte Bible Polyglotte (1900) 9Open the Collection.
    Lightfoot. The Apostolic Fathers : a revised text with introductions, notes, dissertations, and translations. 1890. 5Open the Collection.
    Luchaire. Innocent III. 1906-1908. 6Open the Collection.
    Mai. Patrum Nova Bibliotheca. 1843-1854. 8Open the Collection.
    Mai. Spicilegium romanum. 1839. 10Open the Collection.
    Migne. Patrologiae Cursus Completus, Series Latina. [PIMS Digitazion]. 220Open the Collection.
    Miscellanea 129Open the Collection.
    Montalembert. Les moines d'Occident depuis Saint Benoít jusqu'a Saint Bernard/The monks of the West, from St. Benedict to St. Bernard 14Open the Collection.
    Moroni. Dizionario di erudizione storico-ecclesiastica da S. Pietro sino ai nostri giorni. 1840. 109Open the Collection.
    Mourret. Histoire générale de l'Église. 1921. 9Open the Collection.
    Opera Spuria, Apocrypha, Gnostica seu Haeretica. 50Open the Collection.
    Origen. Opera omnia quae graece vel latine tantum exstant [La Rue, Lommatzsch Eds.]. 1831. 25Open the Collection.
    Patres Quarti Ecclesiæ Sæculi: Ambrosius. Opera Omnia. [Caillau, Guillon Ed.]. 1836. 10Open the Collection.
    Patres Quarti Ecclesiæ Sæculi: Basilius. Opera Omnia. [Caillau, Guillon Ed.]. 1833. 5Open the Collection.
    Patres Quarti Ecclesiæ Sæculi: Eusebius. Opera Omnia. [Caillau, Guillon Ed.]. 1830. 6Open the Collection.
    Patres Quarti Ecclesiæ Sæculi: Gregorius Theologus. Opera Omnia. [Caillau, Guillon Ed.]. 1835. 5Open the Collection.
    Patres Quarti Ecclesiæ Sæculi: S. Athanasius. Opera Omnia. [Caillau, Guillon Ed.]. 1830. 4Open the Collection.
    Patres Quarti Ecclesiæ Sæculi: S. Ephræm. Opera Omnia. [Caillau, Guillon Ed.]. 1832. 8Open the Collection.
    Patres Quinti Ecclesiaæ Sæculi: S. Augustinus. Opera Omnia. [Caillau, Guillon Ed.]. 1835. 41Open the Collection.
    Patres Quinti Ecclesiæ Sæculi: Joannes Chrysostomus. Opera Omnia. [Caillau, Guillon Ed.]. 1835. 26Open the Collection.
    Patres Tertii Ecclesiæ Sæculi: Origenes. Opera Omnia. [Caillau, Guillon Ed.]. 1829. 7Open the Collection.
    Patrologia Graeca [Googlebooks]. 307Open the Collection.
    Patrologia Graeca [Internet Archive]. 16Open the Collection.
    Patrologia Latina [BNF/Gallica]. 181Open the Collection.
    Patrologia Latina [Googlebooks]. 286Open the Collection.
    Patrologia Orientalis [BNF/Gallica Digitazion]. 35Open the Collection.
    Patrologia Orientalis [PIMS Digitazion]. 16Open the Collection.
    Patrologia Orientalis [University of Toronto Digitazion]. 24Open the Collection.
    Patrologia Orientalis [University of Toronto Digitazion]. 24Open the Collection.
    Philo of Alexandria. Opera Omnia. 1828. 8Open the Collection.
    Poujoulat, Raulx. Saint Augustin. OEuvres Complètes. 1864. 13Open the Collection.
    Poujoulat. Lettres de Saint Augustin. 1858. 4Open the Collection.
    Res aliena 512Open the Collection.
    Res aliena: Iudaica. 88Open the Collection.
    Res Curiosa & Rara. 2Open the Collection.
    Revue de l'Orient Chrétien 30Open the Collection.
    Revue de l'Orient Latin 9Open the Collection.
    Revue des études byzantines. 1943-2005. 244Open the Collection.
    Riches de Levante. The hexaglot Bible : comprising the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments in the original tongues. 1906. 6Open the Collection.
    Roberts, Donaldson. Ante-Nicene Christian library : translations of the writings of the Fathers down to A. D. 325. 1867. 24Open the Collection.
    Robinson. Texts and studies : contributions to Biblical and Patristic literature. 1891. 11Open the Collection.
    Rohrbacher, Dufour. Histoire universelle de l'Église Catholique. 1842-1849. 30Open the Collection.
    Routh. Reliquiae sacrae. 1846. 5Open the Collection.
    S. Isidorus Hispalensis. Opera Omnia. [Franciscus Lorenzana Ed.]. 1797. 7Open the Collection.
    S. P. C. K. 24Open the Collection.
    Sacra Scriptura 159Open the Collection.
    Sacrorum conciliorum nova et amplissima collectio [H. Welter, Ed. 1901-1927] 14Open the Collection.
    Saint Basil. Opera omnia quae exstant [Julianus Garnier Ed.]. 1839. 6Open the Collection.
    Saint Bernard. Oeuvres Complètes [Charpentier, Trad.]. 1865. 7Open the Collection.
    Schaff, Wace. A Select library of Nicene and post-Nicene fathers of the Christian church. Second series. 1890-1900. 14Open the Collection.
    Schaff. A Select library of the Nicene and post-Nicene fathers of the Christian church. First series. 1886. 14Open the Collection.
    Scriptorum Veterum Nova Collectio 10Open the Collection.
    Sevestre. Dictionnaire de Patrologie. 1851. 4Open the Collection.
    Sic vos, non vobis 2Open the Collection.
    SMSR 41Open the Collection.
    Texte und Untersuchungen zur Geschichte der altchristlichen Literatur. 1883. 41Open the Collection.
    The Fathers of the Church 31Open the Collection.
    The history of the popes, from the close of the middle ages 40Open the Collection.
    Tischendorf. Novum Testamentum graece. 1869. 7Open the Collection.
    Vivien. Tertullianus praedicans. 1856. 6Open the Collection.
    Whiston. Primitive Christianity reviv'd : in four volumes. 1711. 4Open the Collection.
    XXXIII. 33Open the Collection.

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