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The British Institute for the Study of Iraq Books Online

[First posted in AWOL 9 April 2013, updated 2 December 2014]

The British Institute for the Study of Iraq Books Online
All of BISI's books are available for free download from these pages.

Many of the volumes on Nimrud, including Cuneiform Texts from Nimrud vols. 1-5 and Ivories from Nimrud 1-6, as well as several of our other publications, were digitised for us by the AHRC-funded Nimrud project.

The books in the series of Abu Salabikh Excavations, Tell Brak Excavations and Iraq Archaeological Reports were digitised by the Archive of Mesopotamian Archaeological Reports at Stony Brook University Digital Library.

Read the full list of  BISI/BSAI fieldwork reports and publications, dating from 1935 to 2012.

Terms of Use: These pdfs are only to be distributed from the BISI’s website. Individuals, libraries, institutions, and others may download one complimentary copy for their own personal use. © The British Institute for the Study of Iraq. Links to the Institute’s website are welcomed.
At the moment, the following 36 books are available for download:

Cuneiform Texts from Nimrud

Title Author Year
The Nimrud Wine Lists J.V. Kinnier Wilson 1972
The Governor’s Palace Archive J.N. Postgate 1973
The Tablets from Fort Shalmaneser S. Dalley & J.N. Postgate 1984
Literary Texts from the Temple of Nabû D.J. Wiseman & J.A. Black 1996
The Nimrud Letters, 1952 H.W.F. Saggs 2001

Ivories from Nimrud

Title Author Year
Equestrian Bridle-Harness Ornaments: Catalogue & Plates J.J. Orchard 1967
Ivories in the Assyrian Style M.E.L. Mallowan & L.G. Davies 1970
Furniture from SW 7, Fort Shalmaneser M.E.L. Mallowan & G. Herrmann 1974
Ivories from Room SW 37, Fort Shalmaneser, part I G. Herrmann 1986
Ivories from Room SW 37, Fort Shalmaneser, part 2 G. Herrmann 1986
The Small Collections from Fort Shalmaneser G. Herrmann 1992
Ivories from the North West Palace (1845-1992) G. Herrmann, S. Laidlaw & H. Coffey 2009
Ivories from Rooms SW11/12 and T10 Fort Shalmaneser, parts 1-2 G. Herrmann and S. Laidlaw 2013

Abu Salabikh Excavations

Title Author Year
The West Mound Surface Clearance J.N. Postgate 1983
Graves 1 to 99 H.P. Martin, J. Moon & J.N. Postgate 1985
Catalogue of Early Dynastic Pottery Jane Moon 1987
The 6G Ash-Tip and its Contents: Cultic and Administrative Discard from the Temple? A.N. Green 1993

Tell Brak Excavations

Tell Brak Excavations are jointly published with the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, University of Cambridge

Samarra Studies

Title Author Year
Samarra I: The Historical Topography of Samarra Alastair Northedge 2008

Iraq Archaeological Reports

Title Author Editor Year
Excavations at 'Āna: Qal'a Island A. Northedge et al.
Excavations at Tell Rubeidheh: an Uruk Village in the Jebel Hamrin T. Cuyler Young et al. R.G. Killick 1988
Settlement Development in the North Jazira, Iraq: a Study of the Archaeological Landscape T.J. Wilkinson & D.J. Tucker
The Excavations at Tell al Rimah: The Pottery C. Postgate, D. Oates & J. Oates
Artefacts of Complexity: Tracking the Uruk in the Ancient Near East
J.N. Postgate 2002
Secrets of the Dark Mound: Jemdet Nasr 1926-1928 Roger Matthews

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