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Amanuensis V1.4.2: Amanuensis is a search tool for the juristic sources of Latin Antiquity

by Günther Rosenbaum & Peter Riedlberger
Romtext database by courtesy of Hofrat Dr. Josef Menner
1) Where can I download Amanuensis?
Right here: Download Amanuensis V1.4.2 for Windows. Or download Amanuensis Mac V1.4.2 for Apple. Or download Amanuensis iOS V1.4 for iPad/iPhone.

2) What is Amanuensis?
Amanuensis is a search tool for the juristic sources of Latin Antiquity, including the Corpus Iuris Civilis, the Codex Theodosianus, many pre-Justinianic authors and several Germanic law codes. Amanuensis uses, by courtesy of Hofrat Dr. Josef Menner, an enhanced, capitalized Romtext database. Note that most juristic sources are absent from PHI and LLT, so it is indeed worthwhile to have Amanuensis on your desktop.

3) How do I use it?
Install the program. You’ll find an instruction file that explains its use in all detail.
If you're just curious about what Amanuensis can do for you, you can have a peek at the instructions here:
Amanuensis V1.4 instructions

4) What are the advantages of Amanuensis when compared to earlier Romtext search software?
Besides other things:
  • Works on modern operating systems
  • Very fast searches
  • Updated database: includes capitalization and, for Greek passages, polytonic Greek
  • Complex searches using logical and truncation operators such as +, -, *
  • Automatic handling of prefix assimilation ("exerat" finds both "exserat" and "exerat") and attached -que/-ve
  • Hits are highlighted in color
  • A double-click takes you to the context

5) Is there a Mac version of Amanuensis?
Good news, everyone: as of 21 June 2014, there is a Mac version! (The download link is in no. 1 above.)
Copy the download to your Mac computer. Double-click it in order to mount it. Then drag Amanuensis.app to your program directory.
Please give feedback about any problems/errors encountered!

6) Whom can I contact in case of  problems/questions/bug reports/feature requests?
Peter Riedlberger, peter@riedlberger.de                              Last update: 1 August 2014

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