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Open Access Monograph Series: Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Monographs

Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Monographs
Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Monographs 
1. G. L. Huxley, Anthemius of Tralles: A Study in Later Greek Geometry.  1959. [Link]
2. Emerson Buchanan, Aristotle’s Theory of Being. 1962. [Link]
3. Jack L. Benson, Ancient Leros. 1963. [Link]
4. William M. Calder III, The Inscription from Temple G at Selinus. 1963. [Link]
5. Mervin R. Dilts, ed., Heraclidis Lembi Excerpta Politiarum.  1971. [Link]
6. Eric G. Turner, The Papyrologist at Work.  1973. [Link]
7. Roger S. Bagnall, The Florida Ostraka: Documents from the Roman Army in Upper Egypt.  1976. [Link]
8. Graham Speake, A Collation of the Manuscripts of Sophocles’ Oedipus Coloneus.  1978.
9. Kevin K. Carroll, The Parthenon Inscription.  1982. [Link]
10. Studies Presented to Sterling Dow.  1984. [Link]
11. Michael H. Jameson, David R. Jordan, and Roy D. Kotansky, A Lex Sacra from Selinous.  1993.

Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Scholarly Aids
1. Index of Passages Cited in Herbert Weir Smyth Greek Grammar.  Compiled under the direction of Walter A. Schumann.  1961. [Link]
2. Sterling Dow, Conventions in Editing.  1969. [Link]

Out of series
A Generation of Antiquities: The Duke Classical Collection 1964-1994 (1994). [Link]

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