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Open Access Journal: Cloelia

[First posted in AWOL 7 May 2011. Updated 5 December 2011]

Cloelia: Newsletter of the Women's Classical Caucus

2012 is the 40th Anniversary of the Women’s Classical Caucus. As part of the 40th Anniversary volume of Cloelia, many members of the WCC have joined together to help digitize the WCC Newsletter and related archival material. This page is the beginning of this project.
For Sally MacEwan, who helped move Cloelia into the digital age.
A great debt is owed to the following (if your name is not mentioned here, it is an error and please let me know): Chris Ann Matteo and Lisl Walsh for their work on the website; Allison Glazebrook and the other members of the WCC SC for supporting this initiative and helping drive it forward; Janet M. Martin for her careful and rigorous work as the WCC Archivist; Barbara Gold and Amelia Gowans for the careful and generous volunteer work of scanning the archival material into PDF; Marilyn Skinner and Barbara McManus for their comments on the archives (and for saving so many items and passing them on); Amy Richlin for finding lost issues at the last minute; and all the other members of the WCC who have contributed their paper to the archives.
Below, you will find a list of Cloelia volumes in reverse chronological order (together with supplemental material when available). Some volumes are still missing. If a volume is not linked, it is either missing or in the process of being added. If you think you might have one of the missing volumes, please contact Janet M. Martin, the current WCC Archivist (jmmartin@princeton.edu). If there are errors on this page, please contact the Editor of Cloelia, Alison Jeppesen-Wigelsworth (Cloelia.WCC@gmail.com).

2012N.S. Volume 2 40th Anniversary
2011N.S. Vol. 1; Supplement (Results of Teaching Women Survey)
2010No volume or numbers were issued.  Given the rising costs of print publication, a specialized committee discussed the direction of Cloelia as a non-print publication, and this team effort produced the Editorial Mandate for Cloelia. This can be read at http://wccaucus.org/cloeli/editorial-mandate-for-cloelia/.
200737:1 [sic] “In Memoriam: Corinne Crawford. 35 Years of Bringing Women to Classics”
200637:1 [sic] “Life in Classics”
2005336:1 [sic] “Classics and Activism”
200432:2 (Fall 2004) “In Memoriam: Shilpa Raval”

32:1 (Spring 2004)
2003Unknown Status

Unknown Status
200231.1 (Fall 2002)

30.2 (Spring 2002)
200130.1 (Fall 2001)
200029:1 (Fall 2000)

28:2 (Spring 2000)
199928.1 (Fall 1999)

27 (1999 Spring)
1998Unknown Status

Unknown Status
199725 (Fall 1997)

25 (Spring 1997)
199624 (Fall 1996)

24 (Spring 1996)
199523 (Fall 1995)

23 (Spring 1995)
199422 (Fall 1994)

21 (Spring 1994)
199321 (Fall 1993)

20 (Spring 1993)
199219 (Fall 1992): 20th Anniversary Issue

17 (Spring 1992)
199117 (Fall 1991):“Racism in Classical Studies?” (David H. Kelley, Shelley H. Haley). “Ethics Watch” (Carl A. Rubino). “Review of Classics: A Discipline and Profession in Crisis?” (Susan Ford Wiltshire).

16 (Spring 1991)
199015 (Spring 1990):“Kathryn Gutzwiller vs. The University of Cincinnati.”

15 (Fall 1990):“Editorial” (Shelley Haley). “Court Case Updates” (Kathryn Gutzwiller, Hugh Lee).
198914 (Spring 1989)

14 (Fall 1989)
198813 (Spring 1988): Is Classics Dead? (15th Anniversary Year.)

13 (Fall 1988): Survival
198712 (Spring 1987)

Winter WCC Task Force

WCC Presents Responses to the APA Election Questionnaire [1987].

12 (Fall 1987): 15th Anniversary Year

Special APA Issue, December 1987: What Is the Women’s Classical Caucus?
198611 (Fall 1986)

Jennifer Roberts. “Season’s Greetings” (poem). Leaflet printed on red paper. Not yet linked.

10 (Spring 1986):“New Procedures for the APA Program Committee.”
198510 (Fall 1985) [sic]

9 (Spring 1985)
19849 (Fall 1984) [sic]

8 (Fall 1984) [sic]
19838 (Spring 1983) [sic]. “Summary of Report on Status of Women and Minorities.” (10th Anniversary Year.)
19827 (Fall 1982): 10th Anniversary Year
19816 (Fall 1981)

6 (Spring 1981)
19805 (Spring 1980)

5 (Fall 1980)
19794 (Spring 1979)

4 (Fall 1979)
19783 (Spring 1978): 5th Anniversary Year

Letter of Marilyn B. Skinner to WCC members about proposal to move 1980 meeting from New Orleans (11.28.1978).

Fall 1978 (No Number)
1977Spring 1977 (No Number)

5:2 (Fall 1977) 5th Anniversary Year
1976Spring 1976 (No Volume Number)

Fall 1976 (No Volume Number)

August 1, 1976: Membership List for the WCC
1975Unknown Status
1974Unknown Status
1973Unknown Status
1972Unknown Status
Unknown DateWCC Bylaws

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