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Open Access Journal: Revue des études grecques

[First posted in AWOL 30 May 2012. Updated 4 September 2014]

Revue des études grecques
The Revue des Études grecques was created in 1888 by the Association pour l'Encouragement des Études grecques en in France. It has been since published without interruption, first quarterly then biannualy, and covers all areas of Hellenism: philology, archeology, epigraphy, papyrology, history, philosophy, linguistics. The REG publishes the proceedings of the Association and two types of articles that form the largest part of the periodical: the articles themselves and the "variétés" focusing on more specialized topics. The Revue also regularly publishes thematic bulletins providing a systematic and critical analysis of the recent literature in a particular field of research. The most frequent of them is the "Bulletin épigraphique" presenting each year all the publications about the recently discovered inscriptions and the secondary literature in the field of the epigraphy, classified by geographic areas. The Revue also publishes in each volume short reviews of the books received. It gives priority to the articles written in French, but in relevant cases, it accepts texts written in other languages.
Volumes of REG are appearing online at Persée. As of 4 September 20134 the following issues are accessible (171 Issues, 9867 Articles, 1927 -2010):


Back issues (out of copyright) are also available:

Revue des études grecques : publication trimestrielle de l'Association pour l'encouragement des études grecques [Early volumes]
La Revue des études grecques (abrégée en REG) est une revue savante française créée en 1888 et consacrée à l'étude de la Grèce antique. Elle est publiée à Paris par l'Association pour l'encouragement des études grecques en France (AEEGF), et sa diffusion est assurée par Les Belles Lettres. La REG est actuellement semestrielle.[Wikipedia]
126 issues available from Gallica.  Also available at the Internet Archive.

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