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DART-Europe E-theses Portal

DART is producing very interesting findsets, examples follow:
A search for "cuneiform" yields the following:

Mark Title Author YearCurrently sorted in descending order University Collection
The Emar Lexical Texts Gantzert, Merijn 2011 Leiden University NARCIS
A descriptive grammar of Sumerian Jagersma, Abraham Hendrik 2010 Leiden University NARCIS
The source as object: studies in Hittite diplomatics Waal, Willemijn Janneke Iris 2010 Leiden University NARCIS
Τα αρωματικά έλαια και οι πρακτικές χρήσεις τους στη Μυκηναϊκή Ελλάδα και την Ανατολική Μεσόγειο (14ος-13ος αι. π.Χ.)
Perfumed oils and practices of use in mycenaean Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean (14th-13th centuries B.C.)
Φάππας, Ιωάννης 2009 Aristotle University Of Thessaloniki (AUTH) HEDI
The Hittite inherited lexicon Kloekhorst, Alwin 2007 Leiden University NARCIS
The pots and potters of Assyria: technology and organization of production, ceramics sequence and vessel function at Late Bronze Age Tell Sabi Abyad, Syria Duistermaat, Kim 2007 Leiden University NARCIS
Terpander: the invention of music in the orientalizing period Franklin, J.C. 2002 UCL (University College London) UCL Discovery
An investigation of some contemporary problems in astronomy and astrophysics by way of early astronomical records Yau, Kevin Kam Ching 1988 Durham University Durham e-Theses
Mycenaean and Near Eastern economic archives Uchitel, A. 1985 UCL (University College London) UCL Discovery
A study of diet in Mesopotamia (c.3000 - 600 BC) and associated agricultural techniques and methods of food preparation Ellison, ER 1978 UCL (University College London) UCL Discovery

A search for "Herodotus" yields the following:

Mark Title Author YearCurrently sorted in descending order University Collection
Bacchylides and the emergence of the lyric canon Hadjimichael, T.A. 2011 UCL (University College London) UCL Discovery
L'organizzazione per il corporate foresight: evidenza da casi studio multipli nel settore delle telecomunicazioni Battistella, Cinzia 2011 University of Padova PLEIADI
Poétismes et poétique de la prose d’Hérodote : étude linguistique et philologique
Poetisms and poetics of Herodotus’ prose : a linguistic and philological study
Mansour, Karim 2009 Université Paris-Sorbonne - Paris IV STAR
"Les Ethiopiques" d'Héliodore : document historique sur Méroé ou fiction romanesque
"Aethiopika" of Heliodorus : historical document on Meroe or fiction
Ndione, Joseph 2009 Université Nancy II STAR
Speech and authority in Herodotus' Histories Bakker, de, M.P. 2007 University of Amsterdam NARCIS
The noun phrase in Ancient Greek : a functional analysis of the order and articulation of NP constituents in Herodotus Bakker, Stéphanie Josette 2007 Rijksuniversiteit Groningen NARCIS
Beyond the Foreigner: representations of non-roman individuals and communities in latin historiography, from Sallust to Ammianus Marcellinus Chlup, James Thomas 2004 Durham University Durham e-Theses
In search of Xerxes: images of the Persian king Clough, Emma Elizabeth 2004 Durham University Durham e-Theses
Gender-bending the Histories. Narrative reconfigurations of Herodotus' women. Hazewindus, M.W. 2001 University of Amsterdam NARCIS
Megaturbidites and the late Quaternary regional sedimentology of the eastern and central Mediterranean Sea Reeder, M.S. 2000 University of Southampton ePrints Soton
ΠΑΠΑΣΤΥΛΟΥ-ΦΙΛΙΟΥ, ΖΩΗ 1989 University of Ioannina HEDI
The aspectual usage of the dynamic infinitive in Herodotus Stork, Peter 1982 Rijksuniversiteit Groningen NARCIS

A search for "Epigraphy" yields the following:

Mark Title Author YearCurrently sorted in descending order University Collection
The pursuit of power and security: the influence of natural resources and geography on Athenian foreign policy Sergidis, Kristis 2012 University of Nottingham Nottingham eTheses
‘Hunting for hidden meaning’: an analysis of the history, interpretation and presentation of seventeenth-century plasterwork at St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall La Borde, Karen Margaret 2012 University of Birmingham University of Birmingham
Money and Power in the Viking Kingdom of York, c.895 – 954 GOOCH, MEGAN,LAURA 2012 Durham University Durham e-Theses
L'ultime message : étude des monuments funéraires de la Bourgogne ducale XIIe - XVIe siècles
The ultimate message : a study of medieval tombstones in ducal Burgundy : 12th-16th centuries
Grillon, Guillaume 2011 Université de Bourgogne STAR
Les musiciens professionnels au service de la cité (fin de la République – Haut-Empire) Vincent, Alexandre 2011 Université de Provence - Aix-Marseille I STAR
The transition between late antiquity and the early medieval period in north Etruria (400-900 AD) Petra, T.F. 2011 UCL (University College London) UCL Discovery
Late period stelae from Saqqara. A socio-cultural and religious investigation Labudek, Joanna 2010 University of Birmingham University of Birmingham
Studio archeometrico dell'evoluzione tecnologica della produzione ceramica del sito di Tayma (Arabia Saudita) in quasi 2000 anni di storia Giannetta, Mirko 2010 University of Padova PLEIADI
Du monde des vivants au monde des morts en Nabatène, entre le 2ème siècle avant J.-C. et le 4ème siècle après J.-C : approche archéo-anthropologique des tombes de Khirbet Edh-Dharih, Pétra (Jordanie) et de Madâ'in Saleh (Arabie Saoudite) Delhopital, Nathalie 2010 Université Sciences et Technologies - Bordeaux I STAR
Epigraphie et histoire culturelle. Apport des inscriptions médiévales à l'histoire de la liturgie et des mentalités religieuses (espace belge, v. 500-v. 1300)/ Epigraphy and cultural history. Contribution of the medieval inscriptions to history of the liturgy and of the religious mentalities (Belgian space, c. 500-c. 1300) Lambot, Stéphanie 2009 Universite Libre de Bruxelles BICTEL/e
Late Roman precious metal deposits, c. AD 200-700: changes over time and space Hobbs, R. 1997 UCL (University College London) UCL Discovery
The southern area of the amirate of Mecca (3-7/9-13 centuries), its history, archaeology and epigraphy. Al-Zaylai, A U. 1983 Durham University Durham e-Theses

And see also ETHoS: Electronic Thesis Online Service,  a single point of access to all theses produced by UK Higher Education.

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