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The Trendall Research Centre for Ancient Mediterranean Studies Extensible Database

The Trendall Research Centre for Ancient Mediterranean Studies
The Trendall Research Centre has the following objectives:
  • To maintain and extend both the library and the archive through the acquisition of books and periodicals relating to the general area of Greek and Roman culture, and of photographs of South Italian red-figure vases.
  • To make available, at the Director's discretion, the resources of the Centre to all scholars and graduate students, whether from Australia or overseas, who wish to use the library and archive.
  • To promote research in the general area of Ancient Mediterranean studies, particularly in the archaeology of South Italy and Sicily during the Classical period.
  • To disseminate within the general community in Australia the results of the latest research in Greek and Roman art and archaeology through the sponsorship of conferences, lectures and seminars.

Trendall Research Centre Extensible Database (XDB)

You may only use the Trendall Research Centre databases for academic / research purposes.
No part of the database whether image, text or program may be reproduced for any purpose.
Use of the database is logged and monitored regularly.
Trendall Research Centre, La Trobe University holds copyright on all data presented here.
Images have been protected by registration software (Netimage, France) and digital fingerprinting (Datamark, UK and IBM, US).
Attempting to reproduce or alter an image in any way is an offence punishable under international law.
You may continue to search the Trendall Research Centre databases without logging in or if you want to preserve your Photograph Album for future sessions you may register and login to your account.
Please note, you must have cookies enabled on your browser in order for this site to operate correctly.
In order to see the images you must also enable JAVA and ensure that any firewall you have allows both ports 80 and 81 through.
If you wish to suggest additions or corrections to the database, please contact the Database Director, Mark Kosten.
Email: m.kosten@latrobe.edu.au
Tel: 03 9479 3348
Trendall Research Centre is not able to reply to requests for photographs of objects,
nor can it give permission for images to be reproduced in any form.
Such requests must be directed to the museum or collection owning the object.

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