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Open Access Journal: Cuneiform Digital Library Bulletin

[First posted in AWOL 31 August 2009.  Most recently updated 25 August 2014]

Cuneiform Digital Library Bulletin
ISSN: 1540-8760
The Cuneiform Digital Library Bulletin is an electronic journal constituted in conjunction with the organization and work of the Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative to afford contributors to that effort the opportunity to make known to an international community the results of their research into topics related to those of the CDLI. 

The CDLB is a refereed e-journal for Assyriology and is conceived as a sister publication of the Cuneiform Digital Library Journal. While the latter journal seeks substantive contributions dealing with the major themes of the Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative, that is, with text analyses of 4th and 3rd millennium documents (incorporating text, photographs, data, drawings, interpretations), early language, writing, paleography, administrative history, mathematics, metrology, and the technology of modern cuneiform editing are welcome, articles in the Bulletin should be short notes of at most five pages that deal with specific topics, collations, etc., and do not attempt to offer synthetic treatments of complex subjects.

The editorial board of the Cuneiform Digital Library Bulletin consists of representatives from leading universities, research institutions and museums around the world, including the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin, the CNRS, Paris, the CSIS, Madrid, the Hermitage, St. Petersburg, the Johns Hopkins University, the University of Michigan, Cornell University, UC Berkeley and UCLA. The Journal is hosted by the Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative, LA/Berlin, and is managed by Robert K. Englund, and maintained by Madeleine Fitzgerald. Without the guidance and support of a number of other people, it is unlikely that the journal would be in its present form. We should mention particularly Judith Winters, chief editor of Internet Archaeology, for her kind permission allowing us to "lift" from her site many of the policy and guideline statements now a part of these pages.
No. Author Title Date
2002:1 Dahl, J. L. Proto-Elamite Sign Frequencies (PDF) 2002/04/29
2002:2 Englund, R. K. Notes on SET 274 (PDF) 2002/05/03
2002:3 Lafont, B. The Toponym Ligriki (PDF) 2002/09/11
2003:1 Englund, R. K. Worcester Slaughterhouse Account (PDF) 2003/01/28
2003:2 Fitzgerald, M. A. pisan dub-ba and the Direction of Cuneiform Script (PDF) 2003/02/24
2003:3 Taylor, J. J. Collations to ED Lu C and D (PDF) 2003/02/25
2003:4 Nathan, D. L. A "New" Proto-Cuneiform Tablet (PDF) 2003/03/28
2003:5 Dahl, J. L. A Note on Ur III Text Duplicates (PDF) 2003/06/30
2003:6 Veldhuis, N. Entering the Netherworld (PDF) 2003/09/02
2004:1 Wunsch, C. An Early Achaemenid Administrative Text from Uruk (PDF) 2004/04/05
2004:2 Johnson, C. Two Ur III Tablets from the Tulare County Library (PDF) 2004/06/14
2004:3 Monaco, S. Revisiting Jemdet Nasr Texts: IM 55580+ (PDF) 2004/09/01
2004:4 Veldhuis, N. HI-(še3) la2 (PDF) 2004/12/20
2006:1 Monaco, S. N16 in the Archaic Texts (PDF) 2006/01/02
2006:2 Veldhuis, N. Another Early Dynastic Incantation (PDF) 2006/04/23
2007:1 Adams, R. McC. The Limits of State Power on the Mesopotamian Plain (PDF) 2007/12/25
2007:2 Allred, L. & Gadotti, A. The Cuneiform Collection of the Clinton Historical Society (PDF) 2007/12/30
2010:1 Metcalf, Ch. Six Ur III Tablets from the Hulin Collection in Oxford (PDF) 2010/04/15
2011:1 Abrahami, P. Masculine and Feminine Personal Determinatives before Women’s Names at Nuzi: A Gender Indicator of Social or Economic Independence? (PDF) 2011/02/19
2011:2 Brumfield, S. The Term ab2-RI-e in Ur III Sources (PDF) 2011/03/09
2012:1 Abrahami, P. & Lion, B. Remarks to W. Mayer’s Catalogue of the Nuzi Palace Texts (PDF) 2012/06/16
2012:2 Liu, Ch. Six Ur III Tablets from the Special Collections of the University of Missouri-Columbia (PDF) 2012/09/20
2012:3 Notizia, P. & Ludovico, A. A New Ur III Letter-Order from the Semitic Museum at Harvard University (PDF) 2012/11/23

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