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Open Access Journal: Acta Tulliana (formerly Gazette Tulliana)

Acta Tulliana (formerly Gazette Tulliana)

Gazetteand Acta Tulliana

For Cicero’s Friends, Tulliana.eu provides a Gazette, which is online, free and open for all, and the Acta Tulliana, a bimonthly report. 


Our Gazette, published as a .pdf file, is more a newsletter than an academic review. Papers and notes written by scientific members are not a paid work, and are monitored by the scientific editor, Andrea Balbo.
The main purpose of the Gazette is:
  • a stage for information: open-ed, notes about our organization and the site, books and issues, schedules for conferences coming soon, announcements about ongoing projects or in the next future, etc.
  • a spot for ideas and debates: curiosities and interviews from all points of views (philology, major texts, history, philosophy, rhetorics, linguistics, iconography, and more)
  • an open place: learning and teaching, personal interest ("My Cicero") etc.
The Gazette is published in the three official languages of Tulliana.eu  and in Spanish (in the section Documents > Hispanica).

01. Gazette 2009, 1 :
Français - English - Italiano - Español

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