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Encyclopedia Mythica Online

Encyclopedia Mythica

Please enter the award-winning internet encyclopedia of mythology, folklore, and religion. Here you will find everything from A-gskw to Zveda Vechanyaya, with plenty in between.
The mythology section is divided to six geographical regions: AfricaAmericasAsiaEuropeMiddle East, and Oceania. Each region has many clearly defined subdivisions that will ease your search.
The Folklore section contains general folkloreArthurian legends, and fascinating folktales from many lands.
In addition, we feature special interest areas to enhance and refine your research. A Bestiarylegendary heroes, an image gallery, and genealogical tables of various pantheons and prominent houses.
To bring our entities to life, we have created an image gallery, where you will find hundreds of images of all kinds of deities, heroes, and strange creatures of every description.
The encyclopedia will serve the serious researcher, the student, and the casual reader with equal success. Come in and enjoy!

MythologyThe mythology area is divided in 6 geographical regions: AfricaAmericasAsiaEuropeMiddle East, and Oceania.
Special areas: Other mythologies and All mythologies.FolkloreFolklore from all over the world, including cryptozoology.
Contains general folkloreArthurian legend, and folktales.
Bestiarybestiary with legendary and mythical creatures.
HeroesThe most famous heroes and heroines from many cultures, among which Greek, Japanese, and Norse.
Image galleryHundreds of images of deities, heroes, and creatures from many mythologies.
GenealogyThe genealogy tables of various pantheons and prominent Houses.
Featured itemsArea with various interesting mythology and folklore related items, such as Witchcraft and the Arabian Nights.

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