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Alpheios Latin, Greek, and Arabic Enhanced Texts

[First posted in AWOL  10 March 2010. Most recently updated 7 March 2014]

The goal of the Alpheios project is to help people learn how to learn languages as efficiently and enjoyably as possible, and in a way that best helps them understand their own literary heritage and culture, and the literary heritage and culture of other peoples throughout history.
Our initial focus will be on classical literature in languages no longer spoken, such as Latin and ancient Greek. The influence of these classics, like the river Alpheios, still runs like a subterranean stream deep beneath the contemporary world, as artists and thinkers continue to draw inspiration from them.
We hope that Alpheios will eventually include a wide variety of languages, ancient and modern. By utilizing contemporary technology that is both flexible and adaptive, Alpheios should make language learning both easier and more immediately rewarding. By sharing these tools and the source code in which they are written freely on the Web, the Alpheios Project also hopes to encourage their collaborative development.
The software is currently in Beta release, with all the caveats normally associated with that level of development.

Alpheios Texts

Text Enhancements:
  • TEI with Syntax Diagrams
  • TEI with Translation

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