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The Oriental Institute's Publications on Medinet Habu

Medinet Habu Final Reports

 Excavations at Medinet Habu

Medinet Habu Preliminary Reports

  • Medinet Habu 1928-29. Part 1: The Architectural Survey. By Uvo Hölscher Part 2: The Language of the Historical Texts Commemorating Ramses III. By John A. Wilson Originally published in 1930.  
  • Medinet Habu 1924-28. Part 1: The Epigraphic Survey of the Great Temple of Medinet Habu (Seasons 1924-25 To 1927-28). By Harold H. Nelson, Part 2: The Architectural Survey of the Great Temple and Palace of Medinet Habu (Season 1927-28). By Uvo Hölscher.
  • Medinet Habu Reports – Third Preliminary Report. Part 1. The Epigraphic Survey, 1928-31. By Harold H. Nelson Part 2. The Architectural Survey, 1929/30. By Uvo Hölscher Originally published in 1931.

Medinet Habu Studies

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