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Open Access Journal: NEO-LITHICS: The Newsletter of Southwest Asian Neolithic Research

NEO-LITHICS: The Newsletter of Southwest Asian Neolithic Research
ISSN: 1434-6990


Neo-Lithics 1/94
  • Editorial
  • G.O. Rollefson, H.G. Gebel, and S.K. Kozlowski: On Cooperation in Southwest Asian Neolithic Lithics Research
  • H.G. Gebel and G.O. Rollefson: Protocols of the First Workshop on PPN Chipped Lithics Industries, Berlin, 29 March - 2 April 1993
  • G.O. Rollefson: Continued Threat to ‘Ain Ghazal: Open Letter to Near Eastern Prehistorians
  • Notes and News

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Editorial Note
  • Eric Coqueugniot: Jacques Cauvin (1930-2001) et le Néolithique du Levant Nord
  • Ran Barkai: Towards a methodology of Neolithic and Chalcolithic bifacial tool analysis
  • Phillip C. Edwards and Ghattas Sayej: Was the Hagdud Truncation a hafted Micro-Adze?
Field Reports
  • Phillip C. Edwards, John Meadows, Mary C. Metzger and Ghattas Sayej: results from the first season at Zahrat adh-Dhra, 2: a new Pre-Pottery Neolithic A site in the Dead Sea Plain in Jordan
  • Lea Rehhoff Kaliszan, Bo Dahl Hermansen, Charlott Hoffmann Jensen, Tim B.B. Skuldbøl, Mikkel Bille, Pernille Bangsgaard, Anna Ihr, Mette Low Sørensen, and Bente Markussen: Shaqarat Mazyad - the village on the edge
  • Alan Simmons and Mohammad Najjar: Preliminary report of the Tell Wadi Feinan Neolithic Testing Project
  • Gary O. Rollefson and Matthew C. Parker: Craft specialization at al-Basît, Wadi Musa, Southern Jordan
  • Klaus Schmidt: Göbekli Tepe - Southeastern Turkey. The seventh campagne 2001.
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Neo-Lithics 2/02

Neo-Lithics 1/03
  • G.A. Clark: Robert John Braidwood (1907-2003) & Linda Schreiber Braidwood (1909.2003)
Field Reports
  • D. Stordeur: Tell Aswad. Resultats préliminaire des campagnes 2001 et 2002
  • D. Cropper, C. Foley, and Urve Linnamae: Resultats from the Preliminary Investigations at Umm Meshrat I and II
  • A.H. Simmons and K. O'Horo: A Preliminary Note on the Chipped Stone Assemblage from Kritou Marottou Ais Yiorkis, an Aceramic Neolithic Site in Western Cyprus
  • K. Pustovoytov: Weathering Rinds at Exposed Surfaces of Limestone Rocks at Göbekli Tepe
Lab Reports
  • G. O. Rollefson: A Brief Note on the Tabulation of Debitage
  • L.A. Quintero, P.J. Wilke, and G.O. Rollefson: Lithic Studies at the Lithic Technology Laboratory, Departement of Anthropology, UC-Riverside
  • Michael Gregg: Biomolecular Research Into The Origins of Dairy Foods in Southwest Asia (PhD Dissertation Project)
  • Hans Georg K. Gebel and Gary Rollefson, bibliotheca neolithica Asia meridionalis et occidentalis
New Publications and Thesis
  • 5th Workshop on PPN Chipped Stone Industries, Fréjus (French Riviera), March 1st-5th 2004

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Neo-Lithics 1/10
  • Lee Clare and Hans Georg K. Gebel Introduction: Conflict and Warfare in the Near Eastern Neolithic
  • Ofer Bar-Yosef Warfare in Levantine Early Neolithic. A Hypothesis to be Considered
Comments and Contributions
  • Reinhard Bernbeck Prehistoric Wars, A Scholastic Fallacy
  • Lee Clare Pastoral Clashes: Conflict Risk and Mitigation at the Pottery Neolithic Transition in the Southern Levant
  • Hans Georg K. Gebel Conflict and Conflict Mitigation in Early Near Eastern Sedentism
  • Leore Grosman Prehistoric Warfare – Cause and Visibility
  • Jean Guilaine Neolithic Warfare: Comments
  • Steven A. LeBlanc Early Neolithic Warfare in the Near East and its Broader Implications
  • Bernd Müller-Neuhof Comment to Ofer Bar Yosef‘s Keynote: Warfare in Levantine Early Neolithic. A Hypothesis to be Considered
  • Mehmet Özdoğan The Neolithic Medium: Warfare Due to Social Stress or State of Security Through Social Welfare
  • Keith F. Otterbein Early Warfare in the Near East
  • Mirjana Roksandic Commentary on “Warfare in Levantine Early Neolithic. A Hypothesis to be Considered”
  • Gary O. Rollefson Violence in Eden: Comments on Bar-Yosef’s Neolithic Warfare Hypothesis
  • Paul Roscoe War, Community, and Environment in the Levantine Neolithic
  • David A. Warburton Warfare in the Neolithic? Methodological Considerations Reply
  • Ofer Bar-Yosef Warfare in Levantine Early Neolithic. Response Ofer Bar-Yosef
Other Contributions
  • Çiğdem Köksal-Schmidt and Klaus Schmidt The Göbekli Tepe “Totem Pole“. A First Discussion of an Autumn 2010 Discovery (PPN, Southeastern Turkey)
  • Makoto Arimura, Ruben Badalyan, Boris Gasparyan, and Christine Chataigner Current Neolithic Research in Armenia
  • Michael P. Neeley TBAS 102: A Late Natufian Site in West-Central Jordan
  • Karin Bartl Shir, West Syria
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