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Open Access Journal: Journal of Conservation and Museum Studies

The Journal of Conservation and Museum Studies
ISSN: 1364-0429
The Journal of Conservation and Museum Studies is fully peer reviewed and Open Access. It contains research on conservation science, artefact studies, restoration, museum studies, environment studies, collection management and curation. Published from the Institute of Archaeology at University College London from 1992 to 2002, the journal is to be relaunched in 2011 in collaboration with the British Library, with a newly constituted international editorial board.

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Vol 11, No 1 (2013)

Allington-Jones The Phoenix: The Role of Conservation Ethics in the Development of St Pancras Railway Station (London, UK)
Cotte Reflections Around the Conservation of Sacred Thangkas
Alexopoulos Living Religious Heritage and Challenges to Museum Ethics: Reflections from the Monastic Community of Mount Athos
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Vol 10, No 2 (2012)

Malkogeorgou Everything Judged on Its Own Merit? Object Conservation and the Secular Museum
Sweek et al.
Architectural Conservation of an Amun Temple in Sudan
Payne Imaging Techniques in Conservation
Viljus & Viljus The Conservation of Early Post-Medieval Period Coins Found in Estonia

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Vol 10, No 1 (2012)

Gravesen Between Humans and Other Things: Conservation as Material Fabric in...
Maximum Intervention: Renewal of a Maori Waka by George Nuku and National...
Voicing the Museum Artefact
Challis Creating Voices: Ancient to Modern at the Petrie Museum
Toop Sounding the Object: A Timebase Archive
Hawkins Whose Story is it Anyway? The Challenges of Conducting Institutional Histories
Sandino For the Record:[un] official voices at the V&A
Maynard Preserving the Audio Arts Archive
Elliman Voices Falling Through the Air
Rodney The Story of a Visit
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Vol 9 (2011)

Hogg Writing about Conservation
Jordano The Plus Oultra writing cabinet of Charles VA Systematic
Garside& Hanson A Systematic Approach to Selecting Inexpensive Conservation Storage Solutions
Bloomfield Tribal Libraries, Archives, and Museums (review)
Christidou"Sustaining a Community of Learners:" VSA 24th Annual Conference 2011 (review)
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Vol 8 (2002)

Boon Nee Loh Decision From Indecision: Conservation of Thangka Significance, Perspectives and Approaches
The Factors Affecting Women's Success in Museum Careers
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Vol 7 (2001)

Baniotopoulou Art for Whose Sake? Modern Art Museums and their Role in Transforming Societies: The Case of Guggenheim Bilbao
Moore Conservation Documentation and the Implications of Digitisation
Whitmarsh"We Will Remember Them" Memory and Commemoration in War Museums
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Vol 6 (1999)

UCL Dissertation Abstracts
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Vol 5 (1998)

UCL Dissertation Abstracts
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Vol 4 (1998)

Brysbaert A Late Bronze Age Sickle from Shinewater Park: The Treatment of a Waterlogged Composite
Cezar Calcium Oxalate: A Surface Treatment for Limestone  
Toledo and Price A Note on Tropical, Hot, and Humid Museums
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Vol 3 (1997)

Faltermeier Testing Corrosion Inhibitors for the Conservation of Archaeological Copper and Copper Alloys
Dirksen The Degredation and Conservation of Leather
Risser A New Technique fo the Casting of Missing Areas in Glass Restoration   
Aslan Protective Structures for the Conservation and Presentation of Archaeological Sites
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Vol 2 (1997)

Cleere L'Innocenza Perduta (Lost Innocence): Conserving a Carrara Marble Statue
Sabin Museums and their Websites
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Vol 1 (1996)

Wellman The Identification and Treatment of a Unique Cache of Organic Artefacts from Menorca's Bronze Age
Peters Our Environment Ruined? Environmental Control Reconsidered as a Strategy for Conservation
Francis The People's Show: A Critical Analysis
Raikes Is Collection Management an "Art" or a "Science"?

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