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Open Access Journal: MELA Notes The Journal of the Middle East Librarians Association

[First posted in AWOL 5 November 2009. Updated 23 December 2013]

MELA Notes: The Journal of the Middle East Librarians Association
ISSN 0364-2410

It is the purpose of the Middle East Librarians' Association to facilitate communication among members through meetings and publications; to improve the quality of area librarianship through the development of standards for the profession and education of Middle East library specialists; to compile and disseminate information concerning Middle East libraries and collections and to represent the judgment of the members in matters affecting them; to encourage cooperation among members and Middle East libraries, especially in the acquisition of materials and the development of bibliographic control; to cooperate with other library and area organizations in projects of mutual concern and benefit; to promote research in and development of indexing and automated techniques as applied to Middle East materials.

Tables of Contents and Text of Earlier Numbers of MELA Notes, no. 1- (1973-) 

The text of the back issues is in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format. The files are larger than a megabyte in size. You are advised to download them to your computer's hard disk, rather than attempt to view in your browser. To download, RIGHT-CLICK on the PDF file link, and save the file to a local drive. 

John Eilts deserves credit for producing the scanned images of the text of MELA Notes from which the PDF files are produced.

Occasional Papers & Other Publications from MelaNotes Middle East Librarians Association Occasional Papers in Middle Eastern Librarianship, No. 1 (1981). Edited by David Partington. [This PDF file is very large: 5MB]
Guide to Using Carl Brockelmann's Geschichte der arabischen Litteratur (brockelmann.pdf. Originally published in MELA Notes Nr. 3 (1974) as Basic Reference Outline Series Nr. 1)
Guide to Graf's Geschichte der Christlichen Arabischen Literatur (Printable file in PDF) (Originally published in MELA Notes Nr. 69-70 (2000) as MELA Basic Reference Outline Series ; Number 2)
Statement of Purpose of MELA Notes from the First Number (Fall 1973) (James W. Pollock, Editor)

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